Choi Kwon and Sun Ah – Stealing the Producer Spotlight


After watching the Producer Special episode again today, I think it is safe to say that Choi Kwon and Kim Sun Ah (no, not that one) managed to steal the spotlight from their better known cast mates. I’ve been curious about them, and while I may have seen them before (Choi in King 2 Hearts and Sun Ah in Answer Me 1997), I didn’t really remember them. There were other people in those shows that stole my heart.

However, it’s now safe to say that if I see them again, I’ll forever remember their roles in Producer. The two managed to make very small roles into very special ones, and the rest of the drama would not have been the same without them.

Choi Kwon


The actor’s been in the industry for over 10 years already, having appeared in the movie Tube as early as 2003 and his first drama appearance in A Love to Kill, as well as plays and musicals. Despite acting for so long, he only got small roles here and there and periodically took breaks from acting – sometimes not by choice. But now that his life has reached a turning point with his role in Producer (with people recognizing him as ‘Cindy’s Manager’) he no longer wants to take breaks from acting. He is looking into his next projects, whether film or drama without much concern on what the role may be. He is willing to take any role, and wouldn’t even mind being a villain.

I could see him being someone like Kim Sung Oh and take on a really evil character; the two of them could pull off looking really sinister or looking really goofy. Though he was quite adorable as Cindy’s naive manager, my favorite moment was when he finally yelled at Cindy and said that she should have just backed down for once instead of challenging CEO Byun to the point where she got ousted from the agency. He bowed and groveled every single day for her, so why couldn’t she just do it once? That was the most powerful moment I had seen from him, and Choi Kwon pulled it off brilliantly.

(Kim) Sun Ah


Meanwhile, Sun Ah has not acted in many projects since Answer Me 1997. As the dour maknae writer, she always managed to upstage Ye Jin and her coworkers with her sass and knowledge of the K-pop industry. In reality, she’s known to be bright and bubbly, which is a nice change compared to her generally gloomy appearance on the show.

In an interview that she had with Star News, she goes over some of her more memorable scenes, including one where she gave Ye Jin (Gong Hyo Jin) some advice on love. Her character is known to be a lady killer (though in reality she says she isn’t as she has never dated or been in love with a man once; she is only twenty years old), and she gives some real heartfelt advice about picking a guy most suited for her. Usually I feel little sympathy for a person who constantly dates around, but she certainly made the audiences connect with her. After all, being stuck in a love triangle is stuff that feels like would only happen in K-dramas, but she made it seem like a very real situation where you could relate to her – even if you yourself have never been in a love triangle. Her other memorable scene was when Baek Seung Chan (Kim Soo Hyun) dropped off a gift for Ye Jin, and she was hurt to discover that for the first time a rookie male producer is not there to give her anything. It was a blow to her ego, but it was also clear that she learned from that experience.

Most of these scenes were just small moments in the scope of the drama, but in the few minutes she was onscreen, Sun Ah managed to make you feel for her character Da Jung and understand the emotions she went through with very little lines and changes to her facial expressions. She wishes that she’ll be remembered as an actress more than for her body (which was pretty much the focus of her role in Producer), and I think it’s possible if she continues picking up these small meaty roles. Da Jung could easily have been a vacuous character that did nothing but fill space, but Sun Ah gave her more life than the other actors on Ye Jin’s Music Bank team.

Sun Ah and Choi Kwon seem to want to reprise their roles for the next season of Producer, of which I wouldn’t mind seeing them again but actually really hope there is no second season of the show. But I would look forward to seeing what they do next, and hopefully they’ll play against type in their next roles: she as a bubbly young 20-something, and he as a sinister criminal.

sources: sports seoul, star news


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