Divorce Lawyers: Episodes 36-40 Recap


Alright, time to catch up and finish off this series! I have a new Chinese drama that I’m looking forward too called Tiger Mom, and before it premieres on DramaFever I want to finish recapping Divorce Lawyers so I can get a fresh start!

Episode 36

Out of anger and sadness, Yan Yan goes on a major shopping spree and then declares that she’ll marry Yue Qun. Poor guy is super happy they’ll finally have a wedding. Just wait til he finds out what her true motives for a wedding are…

Hai Dong tries to apologize to Luo Li, but also hopes that she can understand his awkward situation. But she wants answers first, particularly on what their relationship actually is. She wants to know right now if he has any intentions of marrying her… and unfortunately Hai Dong keeps waffling while fiddling with his bachelor ring. Before he can escape without giving an answer, Wen Hui arrives at Luo Li’s apartment with evidence of his recent divorce with his wife. He’s done it! Commence “puffing of chests” as each man tries to claim a stake in Luo Li’s heart. Eventually Hai Dong leaves, and Wen Hui is left alone to finally propose to Luo Li.

Luo Li isn’t very impressed, especially when he admits to hiring Xiao Gang because he thought the kid was Luo Li’s new boyfriend and he had hoped to see her visit his office often. Wen Hui’s really weird but also very persistent, which puts Luo Li in an awkward place. Here she has a guy she no longer truly loves but is willing to marry her, and another guy whom she really wants but doesn’t want to get married. What to do?!

But firstly, she must go help Mei Yu, who needs her help with the baby. She ends up not being home all night, much to Hai Dong’s consternation. Mei Yu is still very bitter about her husband, and when she hears that Wen Hui got a divorce to be with Luo Li, she asks, “Don’t you feel guilty about stealing another woman’s husband?” What an unfair question to ask your best friend! Thank goodness Luo Li forgives her and blames that impertinent question to Mei Yu’s exhaustion.

The following day they all get ready to meet at Luo Li’s office to talk about Mei Yu and Qian Kun’s divorce case. On the way, Mei Yu purchases a lotto ticket to get change to pay for the taxi. She is disappointed to discover that Qian Kun did not come and sees Hai Dong on her husband’s behalf. Distraught, she runs out while Luo Li’s in the middle of receiving a delivery, and nearly gets run over by a large van.

Mei Yu faints, and suddenly the delivery man, Meng Xian, is enlisted to help take her to the hospital. Hai Dong and Luo Li are left behind with the baby, and Meng Xian is forced to leave without receiving payment for the delivery. Thankfully they exchange information so that she can deposit money to his account at a later date. Hai Dong notifies Qian Kun about Mei Yu’s accident, and then the two lawyers decide to take care of the child while she rests in the hospital.

It’s pretty cute to see the two godparents get along for once and try to amuse the baby so he’d go to sleep. Luo Li cleans up after the baby the most, so she decides to leave Hai Dong in charge while she goes out for dinner. And yep, her date is with Wen Hui. During dinner she gets a call from Mei Yu about the baby’s milk bottles, which look exactly like the soy milk bottles for adults only. Luo Li worries that Hai Dong may get the wrong bottle for the baby and leaves him multiple messages, all of which go unanswered. Unable to handle it anymore, she cuts dinner short and Wen Hui offers to give her lift to Mei Yu’s home.

I love that she worries about Hai Dong while with another man.

Episode 37

Luo Li returns home to find Hai Dong surrounded by diapered stuffed animals – he had been practicing and fell asleep! She sees a soy milk bottle and freaks out that Hai Dong gave the baby the wrong milk, but he calmly replies, “Why can’t I have soy milk after taking care of the baby all night?” Yep – he got the right milk sorted out! On top of that, he put a huge bun on the bottle nipple so that it would replicate the sensation of breast feeding and the baby would finish the milk a lot faster. Brilliant!

The following morning the two godparents get ready to take the baby to their apartments. When Hai Dong’s phone rings and he can’t reach it, he has Luo Li pick it up for him. Unfortunately, it’s Yan Yan on the phone. She’s immediately suspicious and accuses him of lying about his whereabouts (she clearly hasn’t heard about her cousin Mei Yu’s divorce or hospitalization). But Yan Yan’s purpose in this call is to just tell him she’s getting married. Sadly it doesn’t have the intended effect as Hai Dong is too busy to care and hangs up on her. Yue Qun’s face darkens when he learns that Yan Yan is in a bad mood about the possibility of Hai Dong having a baby with another woman. He cuts up an apple with a knife and starts feeding it to her – using the knife as a fork. I’ve never been more scared in my life that he’ll just cut her mouth open…

Hai Dong and Luo Li keep the baby at Luo Li’s place, but he is forced to come over and help cheer up the baby as it can’t stop crying. The two are almost like parents themselves as they do everything it takes to make the baby sleep so that they can get some shut-eye as well.

Yan Yan gets ready to visit her cousin in the hospital, but Yue Qun irrationally (or not too irrationally) suspects her of going to see Hai Dong instead. He insists quite forcefully that she go register their marriage with him that day instead, despite her unwillingness. She really is having second thoughts about marrying him… They go to the office and it appears Yue Qun got everything ready already, bringing her divorce certificate and a photoshopped photo of the two of them against a red background. The official can’t accept that photo though and says they have to take another picture; Yan Yan can barely bring a genuine smile to her face for the photo.

It’s finally time for Mei Yu to be released from the hospital and she and Luo Li have some girl talk where they discuss who’s a better fit for Luo Li. Mei Yu believes that Wen Hui will provide the better life; after all, it’s not just about love anymore, as she’s learned from experience. She does also affirm that she doesn’t want to divorce Qian Kun unless he comes to her and says face to face that he no longer loves her anymore.

Yan Yan and Yue Qun come by to visit, as Yue Qun wants to show off the fact that they’re now a couple and must do everything together. They invite her to the wedding, and at that moment Meng Xian, arrives to receive his payment from Luo Li. He overhears about wedding plans and pitches his fiancee, Wen Jing, to be their wedding planner. When Wen Jing meets with them, we learn that Yan Yan is practically an orphan and has no one to send her down the aisle. So Yue Qun, in a really twisted way, suggests Hai Dong to walk her down the aisle.

It turns out Meng Xian is actually a middle manager at his company who happened to be doing a delivery during a particularly busy day. He’s well liked by all and eager to please, but works long hours much to Wen Jing’s displeasure. He apologizes and then adds that he has a general manager friend getting married next month and recommended her as well. Wen Jing says it’s nearly impossible to book a hotel at this point, unless they give their own wedding date up to them. Meng Xian refuses; his grandfather picked the date especially for them and so they have to get married next month!

Later Meng Xian’s mom calls and as he chats with her, he goes on Wen Jing’s computer. That’s when he notices that she’s flirting with another man online. Uh oh… This also explains why we paid so much attention to this character in the past couple of episodes. When Wen Jing emerges from her shower, her husband is gone.

Episode 38

Meng Xian doesn’t return home until the following morning, leaving Wen Jing to worry all night. She wakes up to find him packing up a suitcase, and then telling his friend over the phone that he can have his booking for the wedding. Wen Jing is confused as to why he’s canceling their wedding for seemingly no reason, and he finally blows up. He saw everything – her flirting online while he worked so hard to earn money for the both of them. She’s angry that he read through her messages, but really, she shouldn’t even be mad about that.

He doesn’t want to hear her explanations and gets ready to leave for their new house. That’s when she says he can’t go because it’s technically her house since it’s under her name – even though Meng Xian’s parents bought it for him. Too tired to argue with her anymore he leaves, and she insists that she will get married the next month on the eighth to him, no matter what.

With nowhere to go, Meng Xian ends up at Luo Li’s office, where Hai Dong is present as well to settle Mei Yu and Qian Kun’s case. When they hear his story, they can’t offer much comfort because all properties purchased before marriage will belong to the person whose name is on the deed or registration. However Hai Dong does offer the possibility that if Meng Xian can prove the house was a betrothal gift from the parents, then he can claim ownership back. He offers his card and services when Luo Li pulls him out and asks what the hell he thinks he’s doing. Heh. But the two realize that Meng Xian and Wen Jing’s problems are less serious than Mei Yu and Qian Kun’s, and that they ought to try to bring the couple back together. After all, they haven’t heard Wen Jing’s side of the story. So instead of stealing each other’s clients, the two of them work together to reunite the couple – with Hai Dong talking to Meng Xian and Luo Li visiting Wen Jing.

Hai Dong tells Meng Xian his own divorce story, which provides some perspective. Luo Li learns from Wen Jing that she didn’t want to give up the house because she didn’t want to break up. The reason she spoke to men online was because she was lonely so often. Meng Xian worked overtime too much, and put all of his coworkers and friends before her. He never got to spend the holidays or special occasions with her, and he never went to dinner with her on the dates that they’d set aside each month. So it was no wonder that she just flirted, even though she did nothing physical.

Meng Xian returns to their apartment after hearing Wen Jing’s side of the story from Luo Li. The two reconcile, and he gives her a new marriage agreement that states he will spend more time with her on weekends and go to dinner with her every week. Whoever breaks the agreement must give up all assets and 100 million yuan. It’s cute, but thankfully their story was a short one.

Meanwhile Qian Kun visits Hai Dong’s office with an invitation he received to go to Yan Yan’s wedding. He’s going to go because Mei Yu said if he appears to save her some face, then anything is negotiable. He also wants Hai Dong to go so that he won’t get ganged up on. Just then, Yan Yan and Yue Qun arrive to personally deliver Hai Dong’s invitation, with a favor to ask: Can Hai Dong walk Yan Yan down the aisle and bless their wedding? AWWWWWWKWARDDDDD.

Luo Li meets with Wen Hui for another pseudo-date, and he wants her to meet his daughter, who’ll be coming back to China to visit her grandparents. That’s moving a little quickly, and Luo Li isn’t very excited about it. Later she gets a call from Mei Yu inviting her to Yan Yan’s wedding. Even though Mei Yu is going with Qian Kun, she’s still afraid of what to expect considering she hasn’t seen him in a while. So Luo Li agrees, and then when she gets a call from Hai Dong later that night, she hangs up on him. Too angry to talk to the man she loves.

Episode 39

It’s the day of the wedding, and guess what? Pan Xiao Gang is invited too! Turns out Yan Yan and Yue Qun finally started their own company, Yue Yan Software Development, and Xiao Gang is their legal consultant. Hai Dong is certainly bitter: Yue Qun took his wife, his house, and now his former assistant. They take their seat at the table, and Qian Kun can’t stop drinking. He only asks about his son, which puts off Mei Yu. She starts bickering with him and he gets up to go to the bathroom, unable to take her sniping anymore. This prompts her to check his phone, and she sees messages from an unlabeled number saying that she’ll head home first. Mei Yu is shocked to discover that Qian Kun’s been staying with the mistress of all people.

Hai Dong says his blessings, making it a very weird wedding, and Yan Yan is hurt to see that he is so happily sending her off. But she still says, “I do.” And then instead of throwing her bouquet, she decides to hand it to Luo Li, for if it weren’t for Luo Li she wouldn’t have been able to remarry today. Awkward… She embraces Luo Li, and then whispers in her ear that Hai Dong raped her in her car after Luo Li left the car showroom.

Now we all know what a big fat stinkin’ liar Yan Yan is, but it’s shocking to see Luo Li actually believe Yan Yan and leave the wedding right away. She gives Hai Dong an earful out in the lobby by the elevators, and he’s all incredulous that she would believe those lies. He goes back into the reception hall to confront Yan Yan but instead sees her glowing as a bride, exchanging drinks with her new husband. And the good ol’ sap that he is can’t ruin her happy day. But the troubles are far from over – his client Tian Xiang Mei just discovered that their entire conversation about her divorce case was leaked. It is all over the news, and everyone begins to lambaste Hai Dong for breaking a basic foundation of being a lawyer and releasing the conversation on the internet.

Luo Li goes over to Hai Dong’s house to figure out what’s going on; though she’s ready to attack him for all the wrong things he did, it’s clear she’s meddling in his business because she cares. He’s tired of hearing accusations so he just admits to raping Yan Yan, recording Tian Xiang Mei, and even raping her as well. It’s not funny to say those things, but that’s how mad he is about how no one will believe his words anyways. She returns to her own apartment and reads up on the many articles on Hai Dong, and then notices a picture that Qian Kun put up on social media of him, Hai Dong, and Yue Qun at the wedding. Hai Dong looks exactly the same in his picture with the three men and in the picture with Tian Xiang Mei.

She calls up Qian Kun and discovers that Xiao Gang had taken the picture of the three of them, so he had it on his phone before sending the photo to Qian Kun. Suspecting some dishonesty, she calls Xiao Gang out for drinks, fooling him into thinking that she might be interested in him. After getting him a little drunk, she then asks if he has anything against Hai Dong. Xiao Gang admits to resenting Hai Dong from the bottom of his heart, though he won’t say exactly why. His assistant Amy starts calling him about the recording (as she knows he did it) and Luo Li overhears him almost admitting to the fact that he released the recording because he hated Hai Dong.

The following morning Xiao Gang brings Hai Dong the decision from the lawyers’ association about his transgression, as Wen Hui is conveniently the head of that association. Hai Dong is going to get his license suspended for six months, which means he might as well just resign. He could appeal the decision, but it would bring him face to face with Wen Hui again. Little does he know, Luo Li is already defending him. She believes that Hai Dong was framed, but she doesn’t have any hard evidence. She only has the Facebook photo and the office visitor’s log book to know that Xiao Gang is connected and was there when Tian Xiang Mei went to meet Hai Dong. Because Wen Hui trusts her, he promises to reopen the case.

The next day, Amy tells Xiao Gang that she admitted everything to Wen Hui because she got scared when she got called into his office. Xiao Gang rails on her for being stupid and says that he’s not at fault because she technically picked up the recording, and his recorder only captured the interview by accident. What a jerk. He then goes on to say that he hates Hai Dong to death because Hai Dong always picked up the big cases while he did the petty chores.

Uh, dude – you were an assistant. What’d you expect? Plus, you never proved yourself to be trustworthy with your slimy tricks!

Luo Li bursts into the room and picks up her recorder, which she hid in the pen holder. She set Xiao Gang up with Amy’s cooperation. Now he can either talk to Wen Hui, or she will. And with that, Hai Dong’s cleared of all charges.

Mei Yu goes to visit Shi Jiang for a chat, and they discuss her impending divorce. Suddenly the news goes on and Mei Yu recognizes it from when she called the number on Qian Kun’s phone and overheard it on the other line. She pretends to wonder who the other woman is, and Shi Jiang encourages Mei Yu to divorce because there are other fish in the sea. Just then a phone rings… but Shi Jiang’s cell phone on the table isn’t ringing.

Episode 40

Shi Jiang admits she has a work phone, and hangs up on Qian Kun by pretending she doesn’t know the caller. Then Mei Yu quietly calls up the number she’s seen on Qian Kun’s phone so many times. Shi Jiang’s “work phone” rings, and with that Mei Yu confronts her face to face, wife to mistress. She had suspected Shi Jiang for a while but had hoped that she was wrong. She even slaps her for it!

Shi Jiang regrets nothing, as she claims Mei Yu stole Qian Kun away from her first. She also points out that Mei Yu never cared about Qian Kun and treasured who he was, that her and her family only saw him as a pity case. She didn’t want to get in between them at first, but when she saw how Qian Kun lied to Mei Yu about losing his job, she saw how unhealthy their relationship was and wanted to take him back. To add insult to injury, Shi Jiang finally picks up Qian Kun’s call and he says he’s coming back.

As a dare, she has Mei Yu hide in the corner and listen in to hear how Qian Kun really feels about her. Shi Jiang gives Qian Kun some wine and asks how the divorce proceedings are going. He knows he’ll go through the divorce, but the only thing he wants is his son. He doesn’t want his son being raised by Mei Yu’s parents and become mean and look down on poor people. He even says that he now know what people mean when they say “marry your own kind.” He gives Shi Jiang more respect now that she is a self-made woman while he thinks Mei Yu is too babied by her parents to do anything on her own.

Mei Yu finally emerges from her hiding place, unable to take anymore of his complaints about her parents. From her perspective, her parents treated him well and trusted him enough to allow the wedding to happen. (I don’t know about all this – the parents didn’t attend the wedding, and they were really really snooty towards Qian Kun and his parents.) She also can’t believe she got compared to Shi Jiang when she herself had a good job as a lawyer and could have been a great self-made woman if she had not quit her job to be a full-time housewife. Mei Yu storms out, ready for a divorce now, and Qian Kun is left angry and disappointed with himself. He’s disgusted with Shi Jiang as well for hiding Mei Yu there and setting him up.

Wen Hui brings Luo Li to his home and shows her his (creepy) wall of photos of her, from her graduation photo to her at speaking events, and so forth. That’s how much he loves her. He proposes to her formally, on bended knee, and Luo Li lets him put the ring on her finger. But right after this somewhat happy moment, Mei Yu calls her with full intent to go to court. Luo Li will represent her, and she wants to make sure she has custody of her son.

Afterwards, Luo Li reveals that when Wen Hui gave her the ring, she started dreading of their future together. Even though Wen Hui seems to be the best match on paper, she knew that her feelings for him have changed and that the person that popped into her mind first was Hai Dong. She returns home and gets drunk on some wine, and then calls up Hai Dong, crying over why he couldn’t love her. She wants him to save her from this impending marriage as she’s too scared to tell Wen Hui that she doesn’t want to be with him or move to the States. But… sadly it turns out she just called some random service number and not Hai Dong.

Little does she realize Hai Dong has been waiting for her all night as he wants to properly thank her for all she’s done. When he goes over the next morning he finds sheets covering all her furniture; Luo Li has moved out. That’s quite sudden.

Someone else is also moving out: Qian Kun. Shi Jiang tries to stop him from leaving her guest house, but to no avail. He confronts her on leaving the hickey on his neck and to deleting Hai Dong’s message about Mei Yu in the hospital, and she admits she did. She basically instigated their entire divorce without his knowledge, making them feel more bitter towards each other, just so that he’d finally turn to her. However that failed, because Qian Kun would never turn to Shi Jiang. He would pick Mei Yu over her any day.

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