Won Bin and Lee Na Young Marry!


Holy crap, Won Bin has tied the knot! He and his girlfriend Lee Na Young married in a super secret ceremony out in the countryside of Gangwon-do, near his hometown.

The wedding, which was held at a bed and breakfast inn, was super low key and included only about 50 guests total.The guest list was limited to friends and family, excluding celebrities. It’s probably just as the two would have wanted, as the two are quite tight-lipped about their private lives. It’s no wonder why they wouldn’t invite celebrities, but it seems to be a trend among celebrities to keep their weddings a little more private and low-key.


This wedding is just as shocking as discovering that Bae Yong Joon is getting married to actress Park Soo Jin in the fall after dating for only four months. The feeling I got from hearing the news is similar to how I felt when I learned that Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung were going to get married. It’s just such an odd choice, but I guess they love each other – or signed a contract.

(Just kidding!)


In any case, Won Bin and Lee Na Young have been dating since August 2012, and so it was no wonder that rumors of them getting married were swirling. But who knew it would happen today, on May 30!?

Won Bin still hasn’t announced what his next project will be as he’s usually only done movies as of late. As for Lee Na Young, her last drama was Runaway: Plan B and she’s only done a couple of movies here and there. So they have plenty of time to relax, go on their honeymoon, and enjoy married life for a bit.

Congrats to the happy couple, though I’m sad to see that Won Bin is a married man. The feeling I get from hearing the news is similar to the feeling I get when I see that George Clooney is a married man. Those lucky gals.

source: dispatch


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