Divorce Lawyers: Episodes 31-35 Recap


The next chapter of Divorce Lawyers as we approach the end! A few painful episodes – particularly revolving around other character – but still interesting enough to watch for more. After all, we’re reaching the “won’t they?” part of the romantic comedy cycle.

Episode 31


Luo Li arranges to meet with Xiao Gang and see if she can convince him to cancel his contract with his uncle. Xiao Gang starts off with badmouthing Hai Dong for constantly contacting him because he got a new job (when he’s really just calling his ex-assistant over the lawsuit), and then goes to say that his uncle is not of the right mind since his stroke. He insists that he will continue taking care of his uncle, so the contract can’t be terminated so easily. Luo Li seems to see how manipulative Xiao Gang can be, and she quickly extricates herself from the meeting.

To get a better idea of what’s going on, Luo Li goes over to the uncle’s house and visits with the two neighbors. Immediately she can tell that the uncle isn’t being cared for, as Xiao Gang has restricted access to some of the rooms in the house, has turned the heater off, and has left the uncle in the care of a nurse. The neighbors point out that Xiao Gang dresses nicely and drives a nice car, but when asked to buy medicine or food for his uncle, Xiao Gang would claim to have no money.

Luo Li waits in the house until Xiao Gang returns to “catch him in the act.” He initially pretends to care for his uncle, but she tells him to drop the act and to sign a contract dissolution letter. When he refuses to, Luo Li reminds him that she can get him a job, and also take him away. Fearing for his position, he signs the papers. Immediately the neighbors come in with a worker from a nursing home that they already secured for the uncle and tell Xiao Gang to apologize to his uncle. The uncle asks if he knows what he did wrong, and Xiao Gang does apologize in the end. Could this be the start of a new Xiao Gang?! (Spoiler alert: no.) But he was sincere to his uncle, and his uncle lets him stay at the house.

Hai Dong is thrilled to hear of Luo Li’s success, but then they now have to talk about their relationship. He tries to tell her that marriage isn’t the be-all and end-all for a relationship between man and woman, and that he truly loves her. However Luo Li still believes that marriage brings out the truest feelings that a man and woman can ever have for each other, and so she rejects his love and they end their relationship as lovers. 😦

Meanwhile Mr. Luo is quite depressed at the thought that he may have something serious as it merits another doctor’s examination. When his wife comes home chattering about her work and other people’s problems, he snaps at her and the two start bickering again.


Qian Kun goes to the hotel room to meet Shi Jiang one last time. She’s dressed in a negligee when she greets him, but the two of them just sit on the floor, staring out the window, talking and drinking wine. When asked, Qian Kun says he would have picked Mei Yu over Shi Jiang no matter what if he had to redo the last ten years all over again. It’s quite admirable how Qian Kun stays true to Mei Yu no matter how drunk he is and how Shi Jiang goads him. He eventually passes out though, and Shi Jiang drunkenly kisses him on the neck, leaving a small hickey before he wakes.

He stumbles back home to find Mei Yu sleeping on the couch, waiting for him. She playfully scolds him for drinking so much, but then finds the hickey on his neck. Game over. She kicks him out of the house, and it’s only when he sees his reflection in a hallway window that he realizes why Mei Yu was so angry. And at that point, he knows it’s too late. No matter how many times he had tried to tell her, and no matter how ashamed he was about it, it’s too late.

Episode 32


Mr. Luo goes to see another doctor, who tells him he’ll need to return to Shanghai and complete some forms so that his examinations can be covered by the government. Mr. Luo would rather pay for the tests out of pocket to keep it a secret from his family, and asks what the worst-case scenario would be for his situation. The doctor grimly replies that it’d be cancer. Mr. Luo ends up so depressed that he can’t sleep that night, giving his wife a fright when she goes to the kitchen for a drink in the middle of the night. Luo Li tries to convince him to go back to sleep, but he tells her two things: 1) find a good man to marry, and 2) take good care of her mother because he won’t always be around. Luo Li doesn’t take him seriously, as she thinks he’s wanting a divorce.

The following morning, Mr. Luo wakes up early to purchase cherries that his wife loves so much. He wishes his daughter a good day at work, and makes her promise to stay healthy. Clearly this is a change in demeanor for him, and even his wife is impressed that he would choose to go shopping with her that day. They enter a store and the wife tries on a coat that makes her look infinitely younger. Sadly, it’s quite expensive, but money is no option for Mr. Luo! He purchases it, and then the two on a whim decide to take wedding photos because they never got to do so the first time around. 

There are no open slots available to take pictures today though, but a young daughter of another couple gives them her parents’ slot. Her parents were supposed to take a picture that day, but the father had gotten into an accident. Since the daughter can’t get a refund, she just gives it to Mr. Luo and his wife, knowing that it’ll be put to good use with them anyways. And good use it is – because the parents are just so cute in their get-ups! 


Meanwhile, Hai Dong has a perplexing case involving a young couple. The husband has been paralyzed and can’t have children, so he wants to divorce his wife so that she can find someone else to be with. Even his mother wants her daughter-in-law to find someone else to be happy with. However the wife is unwilling to let him go, and she wheels her husband out of there. Problem sorta solved! 

Hai Dong visits Luo Li to see if her mother could convince this couple to stay together. Luo Li then gets a distraught call from Mei Yu – clearly she found out. Mei Yu isn’t happy that Luo Li knew about the affair already, but she doesn’t want to know who it is. She’d rather hear it from Qian Kun first. Luo Li visits Hai Dong’s apartment to share this information with him and the two resolve to keep their friends together no matter what, even though Qian Kun is practically inaccessible right now. Just so happens Luo Li’s parents can see the two of them together from her bedroom window and they grow suspicious. But Mr. Luo is totally in favor of the two getting together.

The following day Mr. Luo visits Hai Dong at his office to share a case that he knows. He has a “friend” who wants to quietly and secretly divorce his wife, and leave all the assets in her name. Hai Dong is curious as to the motives for divorce, but Mr. Luo tells him the reason isn’t important. All that’s important are the assets going to the wife’s name and that if the husband were to fall sick and die it is none of the wife’s business. He requests Hai Dong to write up a sample agreement for his “friend,” who’s so famous that he wants to keep this low-key. He also wants a power of attorney contract so that his “friend” doesn’t have to show up at the Office of Civil Affairs to submit the divorce.

Hai Dong, being the sucker that he is, doesn’t question too much and gives all these papers to Mr. Luo!

Episode 33


Before Mr. Luo leaves his office, he asks one more question to Hai Dong: Would the esteemed lawyer possibly be interested in marrying his daughter? Mr. Luo knows that the two lawyers have feelings for each other, and what’s great is that he doesn’t even mind the fact that Hai Dong is divorced. They don’t continue the conversation though, as Hai Dong feels they should talk over a nice long dinner one day. The two return home, and bump into Luo Li, who needs to go get groceries. Father and daughter have some bonding time getting some food, and during their walk Mr. Luo tries to convince his daughter that Hai Dong is a good match for her – even though he says he’s not interested in marriage.

Luo Li’s mom spends some time thinking over the paralyzed man and his wife’s case, and she decides to go over to Hai Dong to pitch the idea that the couple go on her TV show and present their problem. They could get advice on how to stay together, and maybe a hospital will even offer them free treatment because of it. Hai Dong is totally on board with the idea, and compliments her enough that she returns home totally impressed and no longer holding grudges against him.

Mei Yu calls up Luo Li again to tell her that she won’t give up on her marriage. However she doesn’t want to call Qian Kun directly, but would rather hire a private investigator to see what he’s up to. Luo Li encourages her to be the mature person and talk to her husband directly instead of trying to find out his intentions indirectly. For a smart woman, Mei Yu definitely becomes irrational when faced with her husband’s affair.

DivorceLawyers_33_02 DivorceLawyers_33_03

The following morning, Luo Li receives a long message from her father that he’s leaving Beijing and going to divorce her mother so that the two can live separate lives. Her mother would be able to continue the show and he would travel to places he’s never been to. Luo Li learns that Hai Dong has all the papers and she quickly confronts him; of course, he has no idea what’s going on since Mr. Luo lied to him! Luo Li’s mother is equally worried when he doesn’t come home and on a lark calls up Auntie Qin to see if she’s seen her husband. Auntie Qin then indirectly scolds her for not traveling more and enjoying life with Mr. Luo, and reveals that they talked about going to Hainan for vacation.


Luo Li, her mother, and Hai Dong all begin to worry about Mr. Luo’s whereabouts and reason that he might have taken a train (since the plane wouldn’t allow him to carry his martial arts sword around). They hurry to the train station and call out for him via the PA system. Hai Dong manages to find Mr. Luo first and he reunites the family – only to have to be detained because he broke the rules and entered a secure area without a ticket.

Well, there goes the “divorce.” Besides, it’s not like his wife would ever ever let him go anywhere without her.

Episode 34


This entire time, Qian Kun has been working at Shi Jiang’s country home and her garden. He pays Shi Jiang no mind, even though she’s gloating and treating him with excessive kindness because she thinks she’s won. When Mei Yu finally calls to ask him to meet for dinner, he immediately runs off without a word to Shi Jiang.

He bears flowers for Mei Yu, only to discover that his wife had invited both sets of parents to this meeting. He thought it was going to be a private one where they’d sort out their issues. Instead, he must face Mei Yu’s parents looking down on him and scolding him for cheating on their daughter and leaving the house. Yep – they know everything! What’s worse is his parents, who live far in the country and are very poor, don’t know the whole situation so they learn as they listen to Mei Yu’s arrogant mother talk.

It becomes unbearable for Qian Kun, who doesn’t like seeing his father begging to Mei Yu’s rich parents, nor does he like being scolded by such uppity people. He hates Mei Yu even more for setting up this meeting. This was Mei Yu’s way of trying to confront her husband, work things out, and make him come home. It’s incredibly immature though as she’s basically making her parents fix the problem for her, and it drives Qian Kun even further away. Good move Mei Yu. This is not what Luo Li recommended.


Although, her dad looks a lot like a Chinese Jo Sung Ha.

Luo Li and her family go to the doctor’s and they learn that her father just had a treatable inflammation in the stomach. It wasn’t cancer at all!


Mei Yu mopes to Luo Li over how badly her plan had gone. Meanwhile Qian Kun has gone over to Hai Dong’s to vent. Qian Kun is so sick of being looked down on by Mei Yu’s family that he finally texts her that he wants a divorce. In the heat of the moment, Mei Yu agrees. And what’s worse is both ask their respective best friends to represent them in court. Oh boy.

Mr. Luo invites Hai Dong to dinner and karaoke with his family to celebrate the test results, which were not as dire as he expected. He also wants to encourage the two kids to get together, which puts Hai Dong in an uncomfortable spot because he’s now entrusted with Mr. Luo’s treasured martial arts sword while watching Luo Li prance around drunkenly and seductively.

DivorceLawyers_34_04 DivorceLawyers_34_05

Back at work, Xiao Gang and his assistant go to Hai Dong’s office because they have a meeting with another attorney at that same firm. Xiao Gang pulls out a recorder – which is illegal to do – and stuffs it in a tiny table plant as he hopes to keep a recorded evidence of his conversation with Attorney Feng. However he gets kicked out because his meeting with Feng has been moved, and Hai Dong and his client use that room instead.

Unbeknownst to them, their entire conversation gets recorded. Hai Dong’s client is also very private and doesn’t want anyone to know that she plans to divorce her husband, who’s a famous writer. She has become her own woman now with a business, and no longer loves her husband. He likewise lives separately from her and doesn’t seem to care about her success, so the wife feels it’s only fitting that they part ways.

Episode 35

After Hai Dong’s confidential meeting with his client is complete, Xiao Gang sends his assistant to go get the recorder. She refuses to do such a distasteful deed with him ever again, even though Xiao Gang says all lawyers must do this.

DivorceLawyers_35_01 DivorceLawyers_35_02

Hai Dong then goes to check out his client’s husband’s book, “Most Beloved,” while on the phone with Luo Li. She overhears and allows him to borrow her copy in exchange for information about his divorce case. Hai Dong doesn’t want to tell her anything but she finagles her way to becoming his “assistant” and getting a share of the pay. Their goal is to get Hong Tao, the author, to sign the divorce papers without going to court, as his wife Tian Xiang Mei wants to keep all of this quiet. However Hong Tao has been quite elusive and difficult when it comes to signing divorce papers.

Luo Li decides to approach Hong Tao through a forum and pretending she’s a student who’s a big fan of his work. She asks to meet him so she can get advice on love, and he surprisingly agrees. Luo Li dresses up in preppy clothing with a big bow on her head and a miniskirt to look like a juvenile, and meets Hong Tao in a hotel lounge. He gives her advice about love and letting go, and just in time Hai Dong shows up with the divorce papers.


Unable to go back on his own advice in front of his fan, Hong Tao quietly signs the divorce papers. He looks so saddened and pitiful that Luo Li feels terrible for the duplicity and reveals her true identity. The following day, Hong Tao and Tian Xiang Mei file their divorce papers and Hong Tao advises Hai Dong to marry his “girlfriend” Luo Li when he gets a chance. Seriously, the whole world is telling them to get together again!

Xiang Mei is also impressed that Hai Dong got her husband to sign the divorce papers, considering that she had given him papers before and he never signed them or would never meet the lawyers she hired before. She is basically suggesting that Hai Dong and Luo Li make a great team! At least Hai Dong benefits by being hired as her company’s legal consultant.

DivorceLawyers_35_05 DivorceLawyers_35_04

Hai Dong then takes Luo Li to a car dealership as part of her “reward” for helping with the case. She wants cash payment, though would accept a car as a bonus; Hai Dong will only give her usage rights but not car ownership. Little do they realize, Jiao Yan Yan is also there at the dealer getting her car fixed after getting into a fender bender with someone on the street. She spots the two of them shopping together and decides to make a huge scene, accusing Luo Li of being her ex’s mistress and swindling her to get a divorce.

Luo Li can’t stand the verbal abuse and leaves first. A crowd gathers and begin to gossip on the scene unfold, and that’s when Hai Dong can’t take it anymore. After all, Yan Yan is no longer his wife or his problem to deal with.

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