Lee Soo Hyuk Confirms ‘Scholar Walking at Night’


Lee Soo Hyuk‘s next role isn’t going to be too much of a stretch for him – visually. He’s confirmed to join the cast of The Scholar Walking at Night… as a vampire. Quite fitting for a man who used to be a bodyguard to a Vampire Idol.

Lee will play the vampire Gwi, who will be the antagonist to Lee Joon Ki’s scholar character Lee Sung Yeol. The two of them will begin the battle between good and evil as they decide who will dominate over the palace – and the crown prince (played by Max Changmin). Lee Yoo Bi will play Hye Ryung, the cross-dressing former noblewoman who meets Sung Yeol late one night at a bookseller’s store (where she works) and gets caught up in this strange, supernatural battle for power. Kim So Eun also stars as another noblewoman engaged to the crown prince.

The fact that Lee Joon Ki has officially signed on to this drama has made me want to watch it. I’ve heard about the rest of the cast additions in the past months, and it’s been both good and bad. Kim So Eun and Max Changmin aren’t really actors I would follow to watch (even though Kim So Eun is decent in Liar Game), especially since Changmin is just so… so… painful to watch. But I would do anything for my Lee Joon Ki, and so despite the drama being a little tired (I mean, vampires again?) and reminiscent of The Night Watchman’s Journal (which no one should ever speak to me about again) I would still check this out.

And besides, Lee Soo Hyuk is pretty good at being a bad guy when all he has to do is stand and glare at you. His sharp, almost androgynous features are enough to convince you he’s a vampire.

The drama will air in July on MBC, after Warm and Cozy.

[Edit: The original post had a mix-up on the lead actresses and their roles. It has now been updated; apologies for the mix-up!]

source: star news, dramafever


2 thoughts on “Lee Soo Hyuk Confirms ‘Scholar Walking at Night’

  1. I think you made a mistake. Lee Yubi is playing the female lead aka cross dressing girl while Kim Go Eun is the second female lead.

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