Divorce Lawyers: Episodes 26-30 Recap


Once again, more things happen in this set of episodes. We have the fruition of one relationship (Luo Li and Hai Dong) while another one breaks down (Qian Kun and Mei Yu). These take up the focus of the episodes over any other divorce case that Luo Li and Hai Dong take on. After all, with their personal lives such a mess, how could anyone concentrate at work?

Episode 26


No one can deny that Jin Xiu’s story of her marriage with Da Hai is heartbreaking. Even when the mistress arrives late to the “party” she quickly understands how close she is to losing her man. Xiao Gang doesn’t help the situation when he implies that Hai Dong and Luo Li planned the event together. Mei Yuan storms out before the climax of the ceremony: when Da Hai must put the bridal veil back on Jin Xiu and send her off in the palanquin, as if sending her back to singledom. But Da Hai has learned a painful lesson and he can’t bring himself to send her off in the palanquin. He pulls off the bridal veil and runs off with her. YAY! Their marriage is saved! And sadly neither lawyer will get paid. Heh.

Hai Dong and Luo Li go to a karaoke bar to grieve over a lost business contract and celebrate a win, respectively. As the two get drunk, Luo Li serenades Hai Dong and dances quite sexily, provoking Hai Dong and making him feel things he no longer wants to feel. They are so close to kissing, but don’t. Instead, she passes out drunk and Hai Dong must piggyback her home, where her parents are once again fighting because Mr. Luo doesn’t support his wife going to the TV station again and “making a fool of herself.”

However, once they get to her apartment door, Luo Li doesn’t want to go home just yet! Rather, she wants to go to his place! Will they seriously seal the deal tonight?! He drops her off on his bed and then heads off to take a shower so he could be “ready” for her. Luo Li expects it to be a fast shower, but it becomes quite clear that he’s really taking a long shower. And so… she passes out. Now Hai Dong can’t sleep with her or else he’ll be breaking the law!

He grudgingly carries her back across the hall and drops her off with her parents. Her mother clucks disapprovingly as she believes Luo Li should have celebrated at home instead of drinking with friends and Hai Dong, whom she doesn’t think highly of.

Some time passes and it’s nearly the new year. Luo Li’s parents are still with her and still arguing about the mom’s TV stint. Luo Li escapes them for a while and checks to see if Hai Dong is home to hang out, but he isn’t. So she goes off for a cup of coffee by herself and people-watches outside a department store. She bumps into Jin Xiu and Da Hai, who are like a newlywed couple again. They invite her to a New Year’s party that they’re throwing, and give her Hai Dong’s invitation as well so she could drop it off. While at first hesitant to go, she perks up at the thought of going together with Hai Dong.

Episode 27


This is an action packed episode. Back in Qian Kun and Mei Yu’s world, sadly he’s away for the new year on a business trip so she must spend it alone with the baby. Mei Yu accompanies Luo Li shopping for a new dress so that she can stun Hai Dong at the New Year’s party. And stunning she is – she catches Hai Dong’s eye while he’s dancing with the daughter of some board director. Luckily Luo Li saves him from dancing with that daughter for another ten minutes by pretending they’re a married couple, but then goes off to dance with another man when someone approaches her. Hah!


Hai Dong tries to seal the deal on a new contract with Da Hai as his legal counsel, but Da Hai’s more concerned about being a good host. He wants Hai Dong to sing before the countdown, but since Hai Dong’s not up for it he settles on Luo Li. Hai Dong keeps his mouth shut, not warning Da Hai of his experience with Luo Li’s singing before.

And a warning definitely would have been nice, because even though she’s the daughter of two touring performers Luo Li is the worst singer ever! It’s so painful and embarrassing to hear that Da Hai has his MC cut her off and start the countdown early. Luo Li’s feelings are definitely hurt though, and Hai Dong takes a pity on her by going onstage and encouraging her to finish the song for him at least. She sings in his ear, and Hai Dong declares it the best song ever. And when the clock strikes twelve, the two embrace.

The two lawyers retreat to their hotel rooms, which are right next to each other. Could we say it’s because of the drinking? Or because of the new year? Or the growing, irresistible attraction between the two? Whatever it is, the two of them passionately kiss and spend the night in Hai Dong’s room instead. Wheee! They’re finally together! They even go back home a day earlier than expected and spend the whole day together in Hai Dong’s apartment, as Luo Li can’t possibly go back home to her parents just yet.

Funnily enough, the mom swears she hears Luo Li’s voice coming from Hai Dong’s apartment and immediately goes over to “check his windows” to see what “floozy” is staying at Hai Dong’s place. Miraculously, she finds no one, and the dad shoos his wife out, embarrassed. Even Hai Dong is surprised that Luo Li managed to hide from her parents so well, and it turns out she hid in a closet before they made it to Hai Dong’s bedroom. They’re kinda cute together.


Qian Kun finally returns home from his trip abroad – once again returning with Shi Jiang. He goes straight home and presents his wife a jewelry set that’s limited edition. Mei Yu wants to start planning their son’s one month birthday celebration as well and suggests inviting Qian Kun’s coworkers. However he says his coworkers don’t like that kind of thing and wants to keep the celebration small. Mei Yu decides to invite Luo Li and Hai Dong, as they are the godparents, but not her cousin, and also decides to invite Shi Jiang. Qian Kun can’t say no to that without arousing suspicions. He goes out for a smoke, but in reality calls up Shi Jiang to thank her for getting Mei Yu’s gift. He once again reiterates that it’s best if they stay friends, but Shi Jiang continues to pursue him. Too bad Qian Kun isn’t forceful enough to end it.

The baby’s birthday celebration arrives, and while Luo Li and Hai Dong aren’t really flaunting their relationship, they are being openly cute with each other. The worst part comes when Shi Jiang arrives at the party wearing the same exact jewelry set that Qian Kun gifted Mei Yu. Luckily Mei Yu believes it when Qian Kun quickly lies that he never knew Shi Jiang had bought it, but only heard a “Chinese person” had gotten the other limited edition set. In reality, Shi Jiang had bought two sets so that this day could come where she could somehow embarrass the couple.

It gets very awkward when Shi Jiang openly flirts with Hai Dong, and yet neither he nor Luo Li admit that they’re dating each other. Shi Jiang does her best to get Hai Dong’s number, and then she follows him to the bathroom as well. Luo Li and Qian Kun arrive belatedly to break up this rendezvous, and Luo Li advises her friend to put a leash on Shi Jiang. This woman is willing to break up with Qian Kun if he gives her Hai Dong’s number though.

That evening, Mei Yu discusses how much Shi Jiang has changed. Thankfully all she notices are the fact that their friend is now more generous with her gifts and that she really likes Hai Dong. Qian Kun is distracted though as he’s expecting a call from Shi Jiang, but pretends he’s waiting for a call from Hai Dong. He pretends to go out for a smoke, but forgets his cigarette pack. Once outside, he calls up Shi Jiang, but she decides to play hard to get for once and doesn’t pick up. So he calls up Hai Dong, but his friend is in the shower.

Qian Kun returns to the apartment, where Mei Yu points out he forgot his cigarettes. And then his phone starts ringing.

Episode 28

DivorceLawyers_28_01 DivorceLawyers_28_02

Thankfully the caller is Hai Dong, and instead of discussing further details Qian Kun suggests they talk tomorrow morning. He then retires early to bed. Mei Yu doesn’t want to suspect her husband, but curiosity gets the better of her and she takes a look at his phone. She tries a few codes, but they don’t work so she uses his fingerprint to unlock the phone. The joys of iPhones. She sees a text message that asks if Qian Kun’s sleeping. Not knowing who is the owner of that number, Mei Yu calls up the number instead. Shi Jiang picks up but she doesn’t say anything as she expects Qian Kun to speak first.

Mei Yu listens intently, hearing the CCTV world news in the background. Shi Jiang finds it weird that Qian Kun isn’t talking on the other line. Suddenly the baby cries, and Mei Yu hangs up. Shi Jiang then knows that Mei Yu’s “caught” them; thankfully she didn’t talk and reveal her identity. Mei Yu is conflicted, but the following morning she just cooks breakfast like a good wife.

Qian Kun visits Hai Dong in the office and explains his conundrum. His sex life with his wife is practically nil, but he doesn’t quite say whether he’s sleeping with Shi Jiang. He probably is, but what he likes more is the companionship she provides. Hai Dong once again advises him to choose one or the other, but he throws his vote for Mei Yu as she is the perfect wife. So Qian Kun visits Shi Jiang’s bar that night to break things off, and that’s when he finds out that Mei Yu already knows he’s got another woman. He’s completely agonized and leaves Shi Jiang at the bar, but somehow that woman is barely fazed.

Luo Li bumps into Wen Hui at court, and she suggests Xiao Gang to be his new law partner instead of herself. She really has no desire to work with Wen Hui again. She then meets Mei Yu for a snack, and Mei Yu asks for advice regarding divorce cases. Pretending that she’s talking about a friend, she asks if most divorces are because the man had an affair. In those cases, do the mistresses usually win out in the end? Luo Li says that affairs are like “colds” – if the marriage has a strong foundation then it can easily beat the affair and the husband will not stray. If it doesn’t, then the affair will consume their lives and the marriage will end in divorce. Mei Yu takes that advice to heart, hoping that her husband is just suffering from a “cold.”

Luo Li heads home, and she sneaks over to Hai Dong’s place first even though her parents are already wondering when she’s coming home. She can only stay with him for an hour, much to his disappointment, but she reassures them that things will change. After all, she plans to send them on a long vacation next week. Excited, Hai Dong is willing to pay for part of their trip so that he can finally stay over at her place. Luo Li says she plans to move out in a month though… because she wants to move in with him. And she plans to tell her parents about their relationship tomorrow as well.


Hai Dong stops her – she’s moving a little too fast for him right now. He shows her a pinky ring that he got after he divorced Yan Yan; it represents his vow to remain single for life. Luo Li can’t believe it – he doesn’t plan to marry her? Then what were they doing the past few days?! Hai Dong doesn’t think they need to make all the decisions about their future right now, but Luo Li won’t accept this and leaves his apartment.

Qian Kun returns home for dinner, unsure what to expect. Mei Yu’s cooked him a feast because she wants to tell him something. Before he can admit to anything, Mei Yu tells the story of two lovebirds who got separated during their migration, and only reunited in the end. It’s her metaphorical way of saying that even if he does stray with another “bird,” she will always be looking for him and will take him back. Her first priority is their family and she will always choose to trust him. Poor Qian Kun, he feels an immense amount of pressure now.

Luo Li and Hai Dong meet again at Da Hai’s house. He and his wife want to clean up the matter with Mei Yuan as neatly as possible. Jin Xiu feels guilty in the end for all the mean things she did to Mei Yuan and is willing to apologize. In addition, she’s willing to provide all the support she can (monetary or otherwise) to Mei Yuan and the baby. Hilariously, Da Hai quickly signals to Hai Dong that he doesn’t agree as his wife is now being too generous. As they leave the house, Hai Dong tries to apologize and smooth things over with Luo Li for the night before. However she plays hot and cold with him, pretending she’s okay with it but then telling him they will now only solely talk about work. That leaves Hai Dong incredibly confused – so is she mad or what?

Episode 29

DivorceLawyers_29_02 DivorceLawyers_29_01

The lawyers meet with Mei Yuan, who doesn’t even look pregnant still. She turns out to be very understanding, realizing that she was in the wrong as the mistress and demanding Da Hai for herself. So while she is grateful for Jin Xiu’s offer, she will just take care of the baby herself. Well that story’s done.

Qian Kun meets up with Hai Dong for dinner to hang out, and then reveals that he still hasn’t been able to cleanly break off things with Shi Jiang. He fears he sent her the wrong message, and Hai Dong goes on to tell him a funny story about Da Hai when he was still philandering and accidentally sent his wife messages meant for his mistresses. Hai Dong really thinks that Qian Kun needs to guard himself from Shi Jiang, as she could be a threat to his family. He also thinks that Shi Jiang could easily dump him later, but Qian Kun believes that woman to be very serious about him. Pff – I agree with Hai Dong. I think Shi Jiang just wants a trophy.

Luo Li meets with another client, a stay-at-home mother with a one-year-old who doesn’t feel her husband’s love anymore. She says that he ignores her now ever since she had the baby, and when she suggested divorce he initially agreed. Luo Li advises that if the wife is truly ready for divorce – taking into consideration that she will have to raise a child on her own and find a job – she might as well do it before the child turns two so that the court is more likely to give her custody. The hilarious bit is that this wife is actually Auntie Qin’s niece; Auntie Qin had wanted the niece to talk to Luo Li’s mother to save her marriage but instead Luo Li’s father recommended her to his daughter… and so instead of working on her marriage she’ll be breaking it!

DivorceLawyers_29_03 DivorceLawyers_29_04

Meanwhile a pair of elderly women and an old man in a wheelchair arrive at Hai Dong’s office because they want to speak to “Xiao Gang’s boss.” It turns out it’s about the contract Xiao Gang had given Hai Dong to look over regarding his uncle’s estate. Not long after the contract was signed, the uncle suffered from a stroke. He needs a lot of care now, but Xiao Gang has ignored his uncle completely, refusing to send him to a nursing home or getting an attendant to look after him. The elderly women, the uncle’s neighbors, want Xiao Gang to own up and be responsible for his uncle or to nullify the contract and give up the house as he no longer deserves it. He didn’t even fulfill the main clause of the contract, which is to care for his uncle in order to inherit the estate. Hai Dong calls Xiao Gang in, and his assistant immediately rails upon the elderly women and his uncle as liars. He also hands in his resignation as he got the job at Wen Hui’s office. This is probably one of the first times Hai Dong really gets to see how despicable his former protege is.

Xiao Gang then heads over to Luo Li’s place to give her parents a gift of some fresh crabs, as he claims to have no family in Beijing to give it to. He’s clearly sucking up, and it’s becoming more and more distasteful.


Qian Kun goes over to Shi Jiang’s place to talk, but she refuses to talk serious matters until they sit down for dinner. They get interrupted by a call, and Shi Jiang goes to another floor to take it. Wondering what her secretive call is all about, Qian Kun eavesdrops and discovers that Shi Jiang was married in the States to get a green card. She fell in love with her husband, sort of, and had a child with him. But then he started being abusive, so Shi Jiang swore to take her child and leave. However, her husband’s family had a lot of money and were pretty powerful, so they took her child away and Shi Jiang came back to the States alone and divorced. And that’s also why she’s super jealous of the happy life Qian Kun and Mei Yu have.

Episode 30


Shi Jiang’s sad past does nothing to humanize her in my opinion, as I still don’t like her. However, it works on Qian Kun and he agrees to spend one last night with her on her birthday in a hotel room. They’ll just hang out together, and it’ll be her way to say goodbye to him.

Luo Li’s mother scolds her husband and daughter that evening for allowing Auntie Qin’s niece to follow through with a divorce because she’s the biggest supporter of saving marriages, not breaking them up. Unable to deal with her nagging, the dad decides to go to a local restaurant for dinner instead, leaving all the crabs with his wife and daughter. However he didn’t realize he had to pay first before he can get his food, and he doesn’t have enough money to cover his orders. Luckily for him, Hai Dong also happens to go to the restaurant and joins him for dinner, paying for the check instead and ordering some drinks to go along with it.

Speaking of the devil, the niece arrives with some of her stuff and baby in tow, having had nowhere else to go but Luo Li’s place since she’s now left her home. This niece is supremely naive: because she’s just unhappy she decided to leave her husband but she has no way to support herself or her child. Her husband will pay child support, but that’s meant to support the child. And she expects Luo Li to find a job for her. Like, what?! She joins them for dinner, and while discussing husbands’ personalities, the niece ends up eating all the crabs and leaving none for Luo Li! The mom also tries to get the niece to understand that men can be tired when working, and it’s not all on him to initiate the conversation. It takes two to tango, and so the niece should also make more of an effort to show her husband that she loves him. The niece feels a lot better now, and she packs up the rest of the crabs to bring home as a reconciliatory gift to her husband.


Mr. Luo and Hai Dong get in some bonding time because drinking loosens up everyone’s lips. Hai Dong learns about her past boyfriends (whom the father beat up because, well, he’s a father), and then has to bring a really drunk Mr. Luo back home. At this point, Mr. Luo really likes Hai Dong even though the women in his family don’t, so he wants to go back to Hai Dong’s place to drink more first. When Luo Li and her mom return home after dropping off the niece, they hear Mr. Luo singing Chinese opera from Hai Dong’s place. And there he is on Hai Dong’s bed, wearing one of Hai Dong’s ties and swinging his head around.

The following morning, the elderly neighbors call up Hai Dong to let him know that Xiao Gang and his uncle had a huge fight, and the uncle has not eaten anything since last night. They want Hai Dong to cancel the contract immediately, but that’s easier said than done because Xiao Gang refuses to talk to him. So Hai Dong visits Luo Li at her office and asks her to speak with Xiao Gang first. After all, he might be more willing to listen to her.

Mr. Luo doesn’t want to go to the TV station with his wife anymore, but he is kind enough to send her off in a taxi. As he walks around the neighborhood he encounters one of the volunteer medical services who will take elderly people who can’t afford healthcare to a local hospital for a free checkup. Having nothing to do, Mr. Luo goes. However he receives troubling news that there’s fluid in his abdomen. None of the doctors really want to tell him what could be wrong because they need to run more tests, but Mr. Luo insists on hearing the bad news.

Wow – what a way to add more dramatics to Luo Li’s personal life.

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One thought on “Divorce Lawyers: Episodes 26-30 Recap

  1. Great recap! I enjoyed reading it even though I’m all caught up on this show. It’s one of my favorite Chinese dramas to date, although I haven’t watched that many C-dramas (more of a K-drama fan). The chemistry between Luo Li and Chi Hai Dong is awesome, and I’m pretty interested in the Cao Qian Kun storyline too. Pan Xiao Gang is such a snake! Anyway, I can’t wait to see how everything ends. It’s such a drag waiting for Dramafever to put up new episodes.

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