Hwajung: Episodes 11-12 Recap


Hwa Yi proves that even as a woman, she knows more than all the men in the weaponry bureau about how to deal with sulfur. Meanwhile the king starts to make moves against his hidden foe, Kang Joo Seon. But for every step forward is another two steps back.

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Falling in Love with Soon Jung: A Review


Kim So Yeon, I hope you can do more comedies and modern melodramas like this and I Need Romance 3Jung Kyung Ho, it’s a joy to see you in such a hilarious role.

This drama was a bit of a fun ride, but not the same kind of fun as Fool’s Love. While there were some heartwarming parts, gut-busting scenes, and crazy melodramatic sequences, Falling in Love with Soon Jung wasn’t a particularly good drama, but it sure as heck was kind of fun to watch. I think if I recapped it, it would be less enjoyable because I would have to think about and reason why things happened the way they did. Watching it in a more passive manner already revealed a lot of plot holes, so it was easier to ignore and enjoy than if I had to analyze it.

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Producers: Mixed Feelings for First Impressions


It’s really hard for me to make a judgment on Producers. I have a lot of mixed feelings about the first two episodes of the show, though it could sail a little smoother as I’ve heard of the PD-change on this show. Kind of sad to see the issues in the show be reflected in real life, but at the same time it’s a really challenging type of show to tackle.

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Hwajung: Episodes 9-10 Recap


So I’m currently road tripping through the midwest to the east, and it’s more exhausting than I expected. Driving on long boring highways with nothing but farmland, thunderstorms that come and go, slippery wet roads from the persistent rain, and the occasional “working zones” on the roads that limit the lanes to one. And did I mention the trucks? The trucks! In any case, road tripping is hard, but I can’t imagine how road tripping from one end of Korea to another – or sailing from Japan to Korea – could be any easier. The mountains!

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Lee Soo Hyuk Confirms ‘Scholar Walking at Night’


Lee Soo Hyuk‘s next role isn’t going to be too much of a stretch for him – visually. He’s confirmed to join the cast of The Scholar Walking at Night… as a vampire. Quite fitting for a man who used to be a bodyguard to a Vampire Idol.

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Hwajung: Episodes 7-8 Recap



The crazy politics out of the way, Gwanghae has sort of settled into his rule. That’s not to say that there is finally peace in the kingdom, as he still has a lot of enemies. However now Jungmyung is out of his way and can grow up outside of her brother’s shadow. I can’t say I really enjoy how Jungmyung’s story is so fictionalized by now, but I understand that what happened to the real Jungmyung probably isn’t very interesting. It’s just that sending her to Japan as a slave is too unbelievable of a path for her.

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