Divorce Lawyers: Episodes 21-25 Recap


Catching up slowly! In any case, this is the start of a really fun series of episodes where Luo Li’s parents get involved in her life, which only leads to more hijinks because they’re totally disrupting her once-peaceful life.

Episode 21


Luo Li appears on a show where she gives legal advice and opinions about marriage; it’s not her favorite thing in the world to do, but since she was asked to do it… she did it. It also puts her in the same place with her ex, Wu Wen Hui, and boy is she not happy to discover that he recommended her as a guest host. Would anyone want their ex still recommending her for high profile jobs instead of her own reputation getting her the job?

They bump into Xiao Gang, who watched the show’s taping, and he tells Wen Hui about a case he’s working on. It’s actually Da Hai’s case, and it’s really bad that he’s talking about confidential information regarding Da Hai’s assets in front of the opposing lawyer, Luo Li! What a freaking manipulative idiot. It now gives her ideas about how to approach the case.

Meanwhile, Qin Ling visits Luo Li’s apartment, only to discover that no one’s home. Hai Dong invites him over to wait, initially confusing him for Wen Hui, and the two try to get to know each other. When the landlord comes over to check on Hai Dong’s utilities – and asks for Luo Li’s spare key – Qin Ling becomes really suspicious of their relationship. If he wasn’t already threatened, now he feels like he’s the outsider in this odd relationship. So he takes his leave, deciding he wants nothing to do with lawyers who don’t know who the philosopher Robert Owen is, and is out of Luo Li’s life from then on.

Luo Li gets driven home by Wen Hui, who wants to be friends with her. Psh – has he never seen When Harry Met Sally? Even Hai Dong agrees: a man and a woman can’t ever just be friends. A man always pursues a woman for sex, and will then leave her afterwards if he doesn’t love her. Speaking of a man like that, the following day Da Hai does his best to avoid going to court with Mei Yuan for mediation in front of the judge, as he doesn’t want to face his wife. But without a good excuse and a very strong-willed mistress, Da Hai gets dragged into court to witness his wife and mistress sue each other.

Episode 22


The negotiation doesn’t go as well as planned. Though both Jin Xiu and Mei Yu agree to apologize, they do so in the most sarcastic and insincere manner, which just angers the other even more. Since the discussions are going south, Luo Li pulls out pictures of Mei Yuan’s mansion and demands that her client wants to split assets from during the marriage – including all the purchases made under Mei Yuan’s name. Hai Dong wonders how the hell Luo Li found those pictures, and she merely tells him to be better prepared next time. Ho ho ho.

In an attempt to fix Luo Li’s love life and keep Mr. Luo away from the neighbor, her parents decide to come over to Beijing for a bit and stay with her.

Luo Li assists Mei Yu in taking her son to the doctor because Qian Kun is away on a business trip. A business trip alright – whatever it really is, he returns from France with Shi Jiang so make what you will of it. Luo Li is very torn by the trick she pulled on Hai Dong, because clearly she likes him already, but Mei Yu thinks Wu Wen Hui is the better guy – especially when he picks them up from the hospital because he was “passing by and saw them having a hard time with grabbing a cab.” He even waits for her outside of Mei Yu’s apartment to bring her home, but mainly because he wants to warn her about how dangerous Da Hai can be. He’s a ruthless businessman, and he could easily cause problems for Luo Li if he doesn’t get his way. And speaking of which, he visits Luo Li (despite being advised not to do so) and tries to bribe her so that she will withdraw the lawsuit.


Later on, Mei Yu calls up Qian Kun’s office to see if he came back from his trip yet, but discovers that he actually no longer works at the company! So he kept his unemployment a secret from her! He finally returns home and presents exquisite jewelry as a gift, and while Mei Yu is really happy she goes to his car and installs a camera behind his rearview mirror to record where he’s going or who he’s meeting.

Hai Dong asks Xiao Gang if he could have given the information about Mei Yuan’s home to Luo Li, but he feigns innocence. Instead he puts the blame on his boss, insinuating tht his close relationship to Luo Li might have led to accidental leaking of information. When they meet with Da Hai though, Xiao Gang comes up with another “brilliant” idea where he should send a bunch of people with (fake) IOU’s that he signed. If Miao Jin Xiu insists on sharing all assets during marriage, then she should share in all his “debts” as well! Freaking Xiao Gang…

Episode 23


Hai Dong is now very wary of Xiao Gang because of his ruthless ideas, but his assistant is non-plussed. Clearly he doesn’t think very highly of Hai Dong. Da Hai starts sending over people with IOU notes to Jin Xiu’s place, and while they’re non-threatening, it scares Jin Xiu enough to run to Luo Li’s office and cry into the night. Jin Xiu doesn’t understand why she has to be responsible for debt incurred while he was with Mei Yuan, and she is aware that it’s just a trick to make her back down in the lawsuit. But she won’t, because she’s the victim here.

Once again, the lawyers and their clients meet up for tea and Mei Yuan hands Jin Xiu an IOU that Da Hai had written. If Jin Xiu is going to freeze his assets, then she’s going to have to insist the wife repay the debt of about 60 million yuan. It’s a bit ridiculous, and Jin Xiu is undeterred from going to court. Privately, Luo Li tells Hai Dong that the IOU is a dumb trick that wouldn’t hold up in court, but Hai Dong also points out that it’s because Da Hai desperately wants to get divorced. So if that divorce could get settled, then no more IOU’s!

Meanwhile, another marriage is at the brink of breaking. Qian Kun is once again at Shi Jiang’s bar, singing a love song drunkenly. Thankfully his wife picks him up to bring him home so Shi Jiang can’t take advantage of him again. While he’s passed out, she goes to check the camera and what she sees prompts her to call Shi Jiang. Uh oh…?

Mei Yu goes to his new office, and he freaks out because he thinks she’ll cause a scene. He quickly drags her to his office and starts yelling at her for trying to embarrass him… only to discover that she came to apologize. She had thought he was cheating on her and was following him, only to find out that he was actually having a hard time looking for a job and she didn’t know anything about it. The recording in the camera had caught him thanking Shi Jiang for finding him a job, and so she had called her friend to thank her as well. While that’s a relief, Qian Kun is still conflicted because he still does have a relationship with Shi Jiang. It’s unclear if it’s a sexual or emotional relationship but Qian Kun does find comfort that Shi Jiang listens to him and is more understanding compared to Mei Yu, who comes from a different background.

But at the end of the day when he is home, he finds so much comfort in the fact that he has a beautiful family with Mei Yu and his son.


Xiao Gang treats Luo Li to dinner and asks how she found out about Da Hai’s assets. He knows it might be because of him – which was an accident – and then proceeds to ask her for help in finding a new job because he can no longer can face his boss. When he overhears her conversation with her parents that they’re coming to Beijing, he offers to pick them up as an act of goodwill (and to get a good recommendation). Hai Dong catches the two of them returning home together after dinner, as he drops her off, and picking her up the following morning to go to the train station to pick up her parents. Immediately the mom is enamored with Xiao Gang as a potential suitor. Yech.

Hai Dong is now very suspicious of his assistant, and when he asks Xiao Gang point blank, the assistant lies that he never spoke about the case in her presence. Then he has Hai Dong check on his inheritance contract that he plans to have his uncle sign to kind of distract him.

Episode 24


Luo Li brings her parents home, and the mom is immediately in love with all the renovations. But as old couples are, she and her husband start bickering almost instantly because Mr. Luo would rather sleep on the couch than on the bed. Luo Li tries to calm her mother down, who’s honestly just misunderstanding Mr. Luo’s words. But it turns out the mom is fighting with him on purpose because that’s how they keep their relationship interesting. At her age, one must be thankful to have someone to bicker with. And what’s great is Mr. Luo will always surrender and try to do something nice (like get her water) to appease her.

That evening, Xiao Gang calls up and offers to take Luo Li’s parents around the city. It’s a little disgusting to see how he checks to make sure he has enough money to take them to nice restaurants as a way to ingratiate himself further with Luo Li.

DivorceLawyers_24_02 DivorceLawyers_24_03

Qian Kun finds himself attending an awkward dinner with Shi Jiang and Mei Yu. He imagines for a moment that it’ll be a confrontational dinner where the truth will come out. Instead, it’s just a dinner where Mei Yu thanks Shi Jiang for finding her husband a job. Poor guy doesn’t bother to look up and talk to Shi Jiang the entire time. When Mei Yu goes to the bathroom, Shi Jiang boldly tells him that she loves him and wants to be with him every day. She won’t try to interfere with his marriage (but she already is) or disrupt his life (but she already is) as long as she can be the woman on the side. But Qian Kun bluntly refuses her. Yay! And when Mei Yu comes back, he forces Shi Jiang to basically toast to his and Mei Yu’s wedded happiness.

Yue Qun gets bad news when he discovers that his business “partner” sold off his stocks and took his money. And it’s worse when he goes home and discovers that Yan Yan has bought a whole new wardrobe using money she got from the divorce. Yue Qun hates that, thinking that she’s indirectly comparing him to Hai Dong, that he can’t provide for her but Hai Dong post-divorce is still financing her life. So he beats her up. What the hell.

Yan Yan ends up in the hospital and her emergency contact is still listed as Hai Dong, so he rushes to her side. He brings her home like a true gentleman and cooks food for her. While he’s in the kitchen, Yue Qun comes back in a drunken state. He is doubly pissed to see that Yan Yan ran back to Hai Dong, and the two end up fighting. Xiao Gang must now pick up his boss from jail! Yue Qun goes home with Yan Yan and apologizes to her profusely, but this is already the second time he’s beaten her up.

Xiao Gang advises Hai Dong to stay out of their business, as he says that when a couple fights it’s their own matter. Hai Dong points out it’s domestic violence, but Xiao Gang says, “If they both like it, it’s not domestic abuse.” WTF. “She is a passionate person,” he adds, “so she needs stimulation in her life.” Oh my God can I smack this person. It doesn’t end there. When he picks up Luo Li and her parents for a day out, he makes Hai Dong appear like he’s got a seedy life, going over to his ex-wife’s place and getting caught by the boyfriend. Luo Li’s mom buys into it, while Luo Li stays quiet.

Hai Dong calls her during breakfast and asks if they can meet. Luo Li will do anything to get out of this awkward supervised “date” so she pretends she has an urgent meeting and goes to work. The TV producer who invited her to do the talk show visits her first at the office and tries to convince her to do another show. But Luo Li is not interested, especially since she doesn’t see herself as a good fit on the show. Hai Dong finally arrives, and he confronts her to see if Xiao Gang is her source on Luo Mei Yuan. She denies it, but he can see through her lie. He now needs to talk to her for an hour to discuss their case, and she says she can’t give him more time because she has acting class to attend.

So he goes with her, and the two get selected by the teacher to improvise a dialogue between a couple on the night before their wedding. Ha!

Episode 25


So the acting begins, and Luo Li is totally into playing the innocent bride who’s excited about her wedding day. But Hai Dong gets to business: “Tell me your relationship with Pan Xiao Gang.” Haha! Suddenly the real life gets in the way of the acting and as Hai Dong gets her to admit that she got Xiao Gang to leak information, the class thinks the two of them are a couple fighting over an affair on the side. Excellent acting!

The TV Producer goes to Luo Li’s home with a gift basket, hoping to “bribe” her to come on the show. Instead she encounters Luo Li’s parents, and by the time Luo Li gets home, her mom is already in a deep discussion with the producer about her own ideas of marriage. Instead of promoting divorce and how to resolve marriage issues in the courtroom, the mom is all about saving the marriage. It’s such a “unique” idea that the mom gets invited to do the show instead! And Mr. Luo is her assistant! Hah!

After the recording, Luo Li comes home to find her father ready to divorce her mom because the mom told the entire country a story of how her mother-in-law (Luo Li’s grandmother) washed Mr. Luo’s underwear by hand for him when they first got married! Hehe. Either way, the mom’s a hit, and when she goes to the broadcast studio again, she bumps into her newest biggest fan: Miao Jin Xiu. And Jin Xiu wants advice from the mom on how to resolve her marriage issues! Funnily enough, it’s only when Luo Li returns home that they all realize their connection to each other.


Luo Li’s mom’s advice is simple: they should hold a formal divorce ceremony where Dong Da Hai can announce to everyone his reasons and intent for divorce. If he wants to go through with it, then they’ll formally divorce in front of everyone, and the lawsuit must be settled. If he doesn’t really want the divorce and he was just pressured to do so by his mistress, then they’ll find out there too. Luo Li is skeptical but she’s willing to go along with it. She invites a confused Hai Dong and Da Hai over to the banquet hall, who thought they were here for a negotiation. Da Hai is forced into wearing traditional Chinese garb and participate in a divorce ceremony where the MC is trying to be upbeat about the end of a marriage. Hah.

Finally they reach the point in the ceremony where Jin Xiu presents their life together with a slideshow that Luo Li made. And it’s here that suddenly Da Hai starts crying as he relives the early parts of their lives that was so full of love – the part of their long marriage that he has now forgotten but Jin Xiu never has.

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