Divorce Lawyers: Episodes 16-20 Recap


Wow this bunch of episodes had me really excited, especially with the turning point in episode 20. I love the slow burn of the romance, especially when Hai Dong and Luo Li start relying on each other more and more for the little things. It hurts me every time we visit Qian Kun and Mei Yu’s story because I feel like I’m watching a train wreck in slow motion. Yan Yan’s story is even more shocking, and I’m glad we get that in a smaller dose because it’s pretty intense.

Episode 16


Luo Li wants a new bed, even though out of all her furniture, her bed was not demolished. So Hai Dong agrees – except he goes to Qian Kun’s friend to handcraft a bed based on the design she wants for a fraction of the price. And we all know that cheap beds are not always the best…

Da Hai visits his wife after being absent for several days because his mistress can’t take all the slander she’s been throwing at her anymore. Jin Xiu makes it clear that she wants an explanation for the divorce; she married him against her parents’ wishes when he was dirt poor and provided a stable home while he worked hard and succeeded. She never mistreated him, so why is he divorcing her? Instead of giving her a good answer, he begs her to let him go. But Jin Xiu won’t – she doesn’t want the money or the property, she wants her husband and the lifetime that he promised her. Unexpectedly, Da Hai breaks down and cries with her because he can’t give her that anymore.


Hai Dong is still sick from the flu so Luo Li offers to perform a cupping therapy on his back since she’s an expert on it. He acquiesces, and as she lights the cups and puts it on his back, she asks where the golf club came from that he used to destroy her apartment. Hai Dong pretends that a ghost possessed him, and she distractedly drops a burning cotton ball on his shirt! Now he has to go to the hospital to treat his burns and his flu! Funnily enough the doctor mistakes them as a couple.

That evening Luo Li leaves the bedroom door open so that Hai Dong can easily enter the bathroom without waking her. And he does – and he ends up crawling in bed with her! And neither of them realize it until the following morning! Luckily Luo Li keeps her eyes closed when Hai Dong wakes up, giving him the opportunity to clumsily sneak out the room. But now, Hai Dong has a bit of an obsession with Luo Li’s lips as he can’t stop staring at them.

Luo Li then meets her new client – which happens to be Luo Mei Yuan! She wants to sue Jin Xiu for defamation, even though Mei Yuan is also the mistress in this situation and not completely innocent here.

Yan Yan bugs Yue Qun while he’s home playing with stocks and finally gets him to take her swimming at his sports club. She wears a swimsuit that she brought on her honeymoon with Hai Dong to Hawaii, and it quickly ruins the mood. Yue Qun becomes bitter and violent, and even tries to drown Yan Yan in the pool!

Episode 17


Yue Qun does end up feeling very guilty for what he did and he begs for forgiveness by kneeling outside the house all night. Though Yan Yan is scared of him, the fact that he was sorry is enough to bring her around and invite him back into the house.

Things get worse for Luo Mei Yuan when she attends a charity event with Da Hai on her arms, and Jin Xiu comes rushing forth to throw red paint on her dress in front of paparazzi. This really means legal war now.

Luo Li and Hai Dong end up going to the movies together for some random reason, and they spot Qian Kun there – with another woman! They don’t recognize Shi Jiang, but their whispering attracts Qian Kun’s attention and he realizes he’s been caught. Later that night, Luo Li and Hai Dong debate on whether their friend is having an affair when Yan Yan comes to visit Hai Dong’s house. The two lawyers bicker over whether Luo Li should show her face or not, and Hai Dong tells her to hide lest she trash his place too! Eh? Yan Yan leaves, and slips a letter under the door instead. In it, Yan Yan apologizes for thinking that Luo Li was plotting behind her back to get together with Hai Dong, and for trashing her place. She even includes a check to repay for damages, and Hai Dong takes the check for himself since he already paid for all the renovations. Except – the two end up ripping the check into two pieces.

Luo Li visits Mei Yu and Qian Kun, and she teases Qian Kun that she’s just “his mistress.” Qian Kun knows it’s because she caught him at the theater, and she makes him promise not to do anything stupid while exiting his apartment complex. However instead of going straight back to his apartment, he meets with Shi Jiang by one of the benches. She hands him some money so that he can get by. While he’s out, Mei Yu notices that one of her neighbors just notified her through a public forum for the apartments (sort of?) that her husband is acting intimate with another woman. Mei Yu then wonders if it’s Luo Li since he just left with her.

Luo Li attends acting classes to be a better and convincing lawyer in court, or as I call it, an excuse to put her and Hai Dong in yet another awkward situation together outside of work. She’s not very good or convincing though. Some time passes and then Mei Yu’s son is born. And Luo Li and Hai Dong are the godparents!

Episode 18



As much as Hai Dong and Luo Li warn him against it, Qian Kun keeps getting sucked further and further into his relationship with Shi Jiang. Meanwhile, Jin Xiu’s abuse against Mei Yu intensifies, and she goes to Luo Li really wanting to file a lawsuit. So she has Luo Li compose a public statement as a form of cease and desist, and then after she reviews the statement will she sign a contract with Luo Li to be her client.

As Luo Li writes up the statement, her computer dies on her. So who does she turn to but Hai Dong to quickly fix it! He gives her some advice that working for a mistress in a divorce case won’t be easy, but she shoos him away as soon as her computer restarts and her work restored. (This is why people should save their work often!)

The crazy part is that when Luo Li hands over the public statement for Mei Yuan to review, Da Hai is already going to Hai Dong for legal advice and wants him to formally represent him and his mistress. So then Luo Mei Yuan ends up not using using Luo Li! Hai Dong takes Luo Li out for dinner to try and cheer her up, not realizing he stole her client. It’s only when she goes over to his apartment later and sees the statement she wrote that they both find out, and Luo Li ends up really annoyed with Hai Dong, suspecting him of purposely stealing her client.


Qian Kun starts working at Shi Jiang’s bar part time and she helps him in the job search as she has many connections. But his wife is starting to catch on about his other life, as she found movie tickets in his coat pocket and knew he went to watch something without her. Qian Kun lies that he went with Hai Dong, and when Mei Yu calls Hai Dong in front of him to check, Qian Kun quickly dials in first so that she gets a busy tone. The duplicity is just getting worse and worse!

Episode 19


Hai Dong does his best to convince Luo Li that he did not knowingly steal her client, but instead signed a contract with Da Hai to take over the case. Not that she cares much whether he did or didn’t anymore because she’s now representing Jin Xiu – which makes them opponents again. Hai Dong points out that Jin Xiu will never win this case in court, especially since she’s done the egregious acts of slander while Da Hai gave her everything in the divorce. He offers to hire Luo Li as his assistant, but they don’t quite come to terms regarding how much the profits will be split, so that’s a no-go.

Luo Li’s tactic in this case is to target Da Hai’s assets before they married because it’ll be very hard to prove in court that it was a fake divorce and that the agreement should be withdrawn. Jin Xiu doesn’t want to do this because she doesn’t want people thinking that she’s after more money when she just loves him. She tells the story of how Da Hai and Luo Mei Yuan met (in business school, where “people were taught to be homewreckers instead of business people”), and goes on and on about her woes that it puts Luo Li to sleep. She does wake up a bit when she learns that Hai Dong devised the fake divorce (not really) because it makes her wonder if he knew about the mistress beforehand.


Luo Li’s parents also bicker at home about how much older the mother is over the father (three years) and how she always picks up the same breakfast and he’s sick of it. Oh married life. On the other spectrum, Qian Kun cooks porridge for his sick wife and is especially loving. He gets a call that he got a job offer – thanks to Shi Jiang – and then goes out for a quick errand. Suspecting that he could be with Luo Li, Mei Yu follows him all the way to the subway station, until she can’t follow anymore.

Mei Yu goes to Luo Li’s office to see if he could be there, and he’s not. She then invites Luo Li out to go watch a movie, but it’s the same one she already saw with Hai Dong. Realizing that Mei Yu is onto Qian Kun and suspecting her to be the mistress, Luo Li spins the tail so that it seems Qian Kun and Hai Dong really went to the movies together (as Qian Kun claimed), and that she went on her own to watch them because she suspected them of being gay (they’re not, and she proved this with her own ticket stub). Well at least that’s settled for now.

Episode 20


Qian Kun ends up going out with Shi Jiang instead of being at any meeting to thank her for helping him get a job. She shows him a property she bought to help start a business revolved around improving the environment and air quality in Beijing.

Hai Dong and Luo Li meet at her office to try to reach a settlement outside of court, and Fang Cao visits them to invite them to her wedding. After some cute bickering, they both agree to go to the wedding together. Fang Cao then tells Gu Wei at home that she suspects the two lawyers having something going on, but not knowing what exactly. When Luo Li arrives early at the wedding to greet the bride, Fang Cao tries to needle some information out of her and drop hints. Instead, Luo Li gets a call from her mother that their neighbor Auntie Qin has a nephew who’d be very interested to meet her. Luo Li is not interested, to which Fang Cao wonders if there’s any interest for Hai Dong instead.

The wedding begins and Luo Li and Hai Dong are seated next to each other. During the speeches from the bride and groom, Hai Dong requests for 6 to-go containers as he plans to get all the food and then bounce out of there. She scolds him for his bad manners and being unromantic, but Hai Dong just views himself as jaded and pragmatic. Marriage is not all about love; back in the day it was merely a way to gain more assets and property. The two of them get into such a war of words that they don’t even realize that the games have begun. Fang Cao hands Luo Li the bouquet, as she wants her to get married next, and neither lawyer hears the MC say that Luo Li needs to give the bouquet to the man she wants to be paired with for the ceremony.

DivorceLawyers_20_02 DivorceLawyers_20_01

So as they argue, and Hai Dong gets more mesmerized by Luo Li’s lips, she throws the bouquet at him and everyone starts applauding! Well isn’t Fang Cao excited now?! Their “punishment” is that they need to kiss now, and the two of them dare each other to do it first. Finally Luo Li grabs him for a nice long kiss. Eeeee! Complete with giving him a cut lip. To wipe that self-satisfied smirk off her face, he kisses her! It’s quite a forceful one, and he ends up raising his hands in victory right after as if he succeeded climbing Mt. Everest.

They leave the wedding, Hai Dong carrying bags of food, and Luo Li makes arrangements to meet Qin Ling, Auntie Qin’s single nephew with a phD. Goodness is he boring, an intellect who wants an independent woman. Luo Li isn’t exactly what he’s looking for, as she’s a divorce lawyer and doesn’t know the philosopher Robert Owen. Not that she’s interested anyways. She returns home hungry, and Hai Dong brings her half of the leftovers from the wedding. Sadly, her mom calls with good news that Qin Ling wants to continue pursuing her.

Hai Dong and Xiao Gang head over to Luo Mei Yuan’s mansion, and they realize that Da Hai bought this place for her. In fact, he’s put a lot of his funds and assets under Mei Yuan’s name, which is why he was able to give everything to Jin Xiu; he was sitting on a fortune all under Mei Yuan’s name. But he has to report all these assets to Hai Dong since he got them while married to Jin Xiu, and Hai Dong worries that Luo Li will go for all of these properties and investments.

Luo Mei Yuan promises to withdraw the lawsuit if Jin Xiu apologizes sincerely for the slander, but Jin Xiu is not willing to do so. She’ll continue to sue them and bring them to court until she gets her husband back.

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