Divorce Lawyers: Episodes 11-15 Recap


And so it continues! Here are the weecap summaries of episodes 11-15! What I liked about these five episodes was that it concentrated more on the lawyers’ personal lives. We see bits of them at work, but for the most part they’re currently in between cases in these episodes. You can also watch up to episode 25 right on DramaFever.

Episode 11


It’s to Hai Dong’s credit that he’s such a persuasive person because he spins the lawsuit to look good to Fang Cao. Instead of focusing on how the lawsuit affects her relationship with her ex-husband, he points out that drawing out the case will affect her relationship with Gu Wei, who is her future. With that, he offers to talk to Gu Wei, man to man, to find out what it is he wants Fang Cao to do. Some drinking and dinner at one of the hot pot places he owns leads to a successful reunion between Fang Cao and Gu Wei. Meanwhile Luo Li goes to visit Wu Yi and Tian Ya and uses her own powers of reason to convince them that Fang Cao is just as hurt as they are, that she is a victim too. It’s enough to make them finally drop the settlement.

So who wins? Well, Hai Dong conveniently explains at the end of the episode that he managed to convince Gu Wei and Fang Cao to either give Tian Ya a hot pot restaurant or 5 million yuan. But then since Tian Ya dropped the case, at the end of the day it would only be Luo Li earning 500,000 yuan for “winning” the case. So Hai Dong convinced Fang Cao to hand the 500,000 yuan to Tian Ya instead for a clean break, sign the divorce agreement, and pay Luo Li a basic fee of 5,000 yuan. And then Hai Dong would “win” the case and earn 100,000 out of it. Sly fox!

Meanwhile Dong Da Hai once again tries to convince his wife to sign a fake divorce agreement so that he can sell on of their properties tax free, but because she remains wary she calls up Hai Dong for advice. He tells her the biggest risk in signing a fake divorce agreement is that it becomes a real divorce agreement. Unfortunately Da Hai hangs up the phone before his wife can ask for more details. He drags his wife to Hai Dong’s office where they can look at a divorce agreement and gives her the option of whether she wants to sign or not.


As for Hai Dong’s ex wife, she’s moved on with her boyfriend Yue Qun. He’s got some big plans: he wants her to invest in his new upstart IT company that he’s starting with one of his friends, and he believes he’ll be really successful because IT is the future. (Pff. Not trusting him.) But Yan Yan has no money – unless she sells the house Hai Dong built for her. Yue Qun tries to use the emotional card (“I can’t live in Hai Dong’s shadow!”) until finally it wears her down and Yan Yan believes that it’s more important to keep her man happy. She agrees to sell, since he has a friend who’s already ready to plunk down 10 million for the house – except he’s not a Beijing citizen so she’ll have to “fake marry” him to sell the house. (RED ALERT! RED ALERT!)

Episode 12


Before Hai Dong can properly counsel Da Hai and his wife about the risks of signing a divorce agreement, he’s distracted by the fact that his ex-wife Yan Yan called Luo Li regarding a fake marriage certificate. So he never gets to talk to them, and Da Hai basically strong arms his wife to signing the agreement. Once the agreement is signed, with Xiao Gang as the witness, Da Hai quickly escapes into the arms of his pregnant mistress (who exists!), Luo Mei Yuan. Now the wife, Jin Xiu’s worst fears are confirmed. It’s actually kind of disgusting how Da Hai leaves his wife for another mistress who’s far more manipulative.

Luo Li advises Yan Yan to be very wary of the deal, especially since Yue Qun doesn’t act like he really loves her if he’s so willing to “sell her” to another man. But Yan Yan doesn’t want to lose Yue Qun as she’s never lived for herself. She’s always had a man to support her. Even her cousin Mei Yu advises her to be careful.

Qian Kun abruptly gets fired at work because he must have associated with the wrong bosses in the company (who also got fired). He ends up drinking the night away at a bar, which happens to be owned by Shi Jiang. She lets him drink for free and listens as he confesses to losing his job. He can’t bring himself to tell his wife though because he knows she has high expectations of him.

The following morning Mei Yu flits about taking care of her drunk husband and getting him ready for work. He asks what she would think if he lost his job but she’s confident that would never happen. Instead she asks him to buy her a new bag, because even though she can afford it herself she’d treasure it more if it were from him.

Anna K visits Hai Dong again to return a bag he left in her car and asks him out on a date. She reveals that she’s actually on a break with her boyfriend and asks for Hai Dong’s advice on love. When AK brings Hai Dong home, Luo Li catches them together and teases him for being a womanizer.

Episode 13


To Yan Yan’s surprise, Yue Qun proposes to HER instead! She’s actually unsure of what to say, as she’s never thought about marrying him. But he must have realized her reticence in marrying his friend just to get some money, and so he proposed to her to keep her by his side. Yan Yan calls up Luo Li the next day for dinner, clearly wanting some more advice.

Anna K visits Hai Dong again one morning to make tiramisu with him. She even posts a few selfies of her with her “uncle,” as a way of getting her ex-boyfriend jealous. Hai Dong is exasperated with how he’s getting used by Anna K but can’t exactly get rid of her without being rude. He also hilariously ends up doing all the work while AK plays around. Luo Li fortuitously shows up at Hai Dong’s door to tell him about her dinner with Yan Yan, and he quickly uses her to save him from AK. It just so happens that AK’s ex has seen all her pictures and is now crawling back to her, sorry for having left her.

AK then shows Hai Dong and Luo Li together on the video call to prove to her boyfriend that she was never dating her “uncle” and that he really had another girlfriend anyways! With that, she leaves Hai Dong with all the tiramisu and Hai Dong promises to give Luo Li some for saving him in his great time of need.

During dinner Luo Li listens to Yan Yan talk about her meeting a financial manager who is after her and promises to make a lot of money for her. And if that guy doesn’t seem trustworthy there’s another married man who’s after her too. Luo Li can’t listen to how Yan Yan frivolously talks about men in her life, especially since she acts like everyone is after her because she’s single and attractive. But then Yan Yan reveals the truth of the meeting: Yue Qun proposed, and she’s not sure if she can be happy with him because she still loves Hai Dong with all her heart. She wants Luo Li’s help in getting back together with Hai Dong, to which Luo Li gives her a fake smile and her half-hearted support. Yan Yan then happily plans what she’ll do for Hai Dong’s birthday, which is in two days.

DivorceLawyers_13_01 DivorceLawyers_13_02

Qian Kun goes to Shi Jiang’s bar again, sorry about the drunk ramblings he may have done the other night. She encourages him to just drink milk that evening and even offers him a job at her bar. Shi Jiang must then tend to an unruly customer, who forces her to try the “expired” liquor that he was served. Shi Jiang is not very good with drinking, so Qian Kun comes to her rescue and ends up drinking all night with the customer, matching him drink for drink to the very end. Shi Jiang brings the incredibly drunk Qian Kun to a hotel that evening and helps him throw up, but her lust for him starts rising from the depths of her mind quite clearly… Qian Kun wakes up the following morning to see that he’s been dressed in only a robe, and Shi Jiang comes in wearing only a robe with breakfast. He’s got the good conscience to be very very uncomfortable and unwilling to be in the same room with Shi Jiang though.

Meanwhile Luo Li hitches a cab ride with Xiao Gang one day because, well, cabs are hard to find. He then says a few things about how good Hai Dong is in court that makes her believe that he purposely let her win on his divorce case. We then see Jin Xiu visiting Hai Dong to scold him for not properly warning her about the fake divorce agreement’s consequences. He reminds her that he did – signing a fake divorce agreement could still mean it’ll be a real divorce. That doesn’t make her feel any better as she still feels like Hai Dong and Da Hai cheated her with this contract. Hai Dong points out that even if he sued Da Hai the court would point out that Jin Xiu still won because he handed over almost all of his assets, save for an old house. But Jin Xiu doesn’t care about money – she just wanted him! And if only he had told her straight up why he wanted a divorce, she might have been more agreeable to it. She’s so pissed at Hai Dong that she’s ready to sue him for giving Da Hai the idea of the fake divorce. It’s a little infuriating to see Hai Dong not deny this because he didn’t give the idea – Xiao Gang did!

The following day Yue Qun wants to spend the whole day with Yan Yan, but she’s got other plans. She tries to leave him at home, saying that she’ll go shopping by herself while he keeps an eye on his stocks, but Yue Qun is too suspicious. After all she hasn’t said if she’ll marry him yet, and he sees that she still has an alert on her phone that it’s Hai Dong’s birthday.

Episode 14


Yue Qun follows Yan Yan to the mall, but she spots him momentarily. She beelines for the swimsuit section, pretending to shop for that as she said she would. The moment she thinks she’s lost him, Yan Yan goes to find a golf club to give to Hai Dong as a birthday gift.

AK returns to Hai Dong’s apartment late that evening, super drunk. He’s only dressed in his robe after having showered, but she doesn’t care, lying on his couch and crying that she broke up with her boyfriend again. She wants to take off her clothes, and Hai Dong starts running out the door, freaked out and needing Luo Li’s help again. Except, he ran out the door without clothes or his keys. He gets Luo Li to come out first and then starts knocking on his apartment door, hoping that AK will open the door. But nope – she passed out in the middle of changing and is fast asleep on the couch.

What to do? Her uncle is not picking up his phone, the management office is closed, and he doesn’t want to go to the hotel downstairs because he’s not dressed at all! And Luo Li isn’t going to let him stay in her apartment while she goes to the hotel! He tries knocking on the door again but instead angers one of his neighbors for his noisiness. Hai Dong calls up Qian Kun for some clothes, but when he gleans that Hai Dong is at Luo Li’s place, practically naked, he laughs and decides to help him – by turning off his phone and not going over at all!!

Delivery guy shows up with cake, and Luo Li presents it to Hai Dong. It’s his birthday isn’t it? Yan Yan had told her, so she got him a cake. Besides he celebrated her birthday with her, so she might as well do the same for him. She asks if he can cook dinner, and he only knows one dish: spaghetti bolognese, which he’s only ever made for his wife.

Meanwhile Yan Yan prepares to go out for a “girls’ night out,” telling Yue Qun a bit too late. He’s super distracted now as he prepares a dinner for himself, thinking that she’s cheating on him, when he accidentally slices his finger. Yan Yan freaks out and quickly tends to him, canceling her plans so she can help Yue Qun and be by his side.


Luo Li enjoys the dinner Hai Dong made for her and proceeds to let him stay for the night on her couch. She even hands him pajama pants that belonged to her ex-boyfriend. After some drinking, she then asks the one question that’s been nagging her all this time: He didn’t purposely lose his divorce case, did he? Hai Dong doesn’t want to tell her at first, but after much prodding he reveals the truth of why he decided to divorce Yan Yan. Luo Li is shocked herself, as she can identify with that feeling of being caught, realizing that you’re the other person in the relationship. She’s also really mad that he’s telling the truth because now she realizes what an experienced lawyer he is; he knew all the tricks in the book and let her pretend she was smarter. So when it’s time to light the candles, Luo Li smashes his face into the cake. (Thank God the candle didn’t go up his eye!)

Well at least he gets to smash the cake into her face too so they’re even.

The two of them get really drunk and Luo Li confesses that winning the case against Hai Dong was such a big boost to her confidence and reputation, especially after she made an ugly exit from Wen Hui’s firm. Heh, but Hai Dong’s asleep, from drinking. However, she wakes him up and they drink EVEN MORE, to the point that the following morning Hai Dong is passed out on her couch and woken up by two alarms that Luo Li set up for him. She’s gone out to buy breakfast and already notified the front desk that he needs his door unlocked.

Just then, Yan Yan has arrived with her gift for Hai Dong, having found out his address from Qian Kun. She discovers AK answering the door and is super irritated to find that he’s not even in his home. AK says that he didn’t stay with her, but went to his girlfriend’s place down the hall for the night. So Yan Yan goes over and finds Hai Dong in his robe on his way to the front desk. He tells her to wait inside, as he’ll explain everything when he gets back. This is not good – he just left her alone in the apartment to discover that it belongs to Luo Li of all people! She takes out the golf club and starts smashing everything down in anger. Uh oh.

Episode 15


Hai Dong discovers the mess that Yan Yan made after he gets his key. She’s so mad he’d make spaghetti bolognese for another girl and irrationally believes that Luo Li and Hai Dong partnered up to make her get a divorce so that they could be together. She leaves him with the mess, and so he guzzles another half bottle of wine just before Luo Li returns. He starts swinging the golf club, acting as if he’s still in a half-lucid state and breaks more of her things, just so that Luo Li will think he trashed her place instead of anyone else. Later on Hai Dong yells at Qian Kun for telling Yan Yan where he lives, while Yan Yan complains to Mei Yu that Hai Dong and Luo Li are having an illicit affair.

Luo Li brings Hai Dong back to his apartment and delicately asks if he has a mental problem. Because if he does, she’ll be totally understanding. Hai Dong insists he doesn’t have one, so she immediately switches demeanor and starts yelling at him, claiming he did it out of revenge for losing the divorce case and being left with nothing. She’s ready to trash his place but he reminds her that if she does, they’re even! So instead she accepts his offer to completely renovate her place up to 50,000 yuan. In the meantime she can stay at his place (because otherwise he’d have to also put her up in a 5-star hotel).

Yan Yan returns home to Yue Qun, who’s now happy that his girl is back in his arms.


Luo Li calls up Hai Dong to see if he’s enjoying the hotel. In reality he’s living at her broken place where the window is smashed and it’s super cold inside! He shuffles back home to help her find his utility card to help generate the water, and she realizes that he’s being really cheap by staying at her place. Taking pity on him and his sniffles again, she lets him stay on the couch. Hai Dong wakes up in the middle of the night when he smells noodles, and realizes that Luo Li used his last instant ramen pack! He grumbles that she didn’t make him some, and even more when she leaves the kitchen without cleaning the dish. But he’s left with a nice surprise: Luo Li left half a bowl for him to finish.

Hai Dong wakes Luo Li in the middle of the night again because he needs to use the bathroom, which is in the main bedroom. He also kicks Luo Li out because he’ll be making “sounds” and it’s too awkward to have her there. Old habits die hard though, and he ends up crawling straight into bed after he’s done. Thank goodness Luo Li realizes he’s taking too long, and she proceeds to kick him back out into the living room! What a long first night.

Meanwhile, Jin Xiu is on a personal vendetta against Luo Mei Yuan, who seduced her husband. She goes to Mei Yuan’s workplace, where she’s a director and somewhat feared, and proceeds to call her a slut in front of everyone. She then goes to Hai Dong’s office, insisting to see him, but he’s not in as he’s terribly sick at home. In addition, he has to go furniture shopping with Luo Li, and boy was it a mistake to come along. Not only does she take forever, she picks all the most expensive pieces!


All I can say is, Pan Xiao Gang is such a blabbermouth and despicable character who only gets worse. He’s too smart and too talkative for his own good that truths get garbled with gossip too often.

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One thought on “Divorce Lawyers: Episodes 11-15 Recap

  1. Whew! Talk about the crazies! So many people not given to listening, or should I say, only listening selectively! When they fail to pay attention to what is said it is time for the blame game. There are 2 themes to this drama (and not that marriage is hard and divorce is harder): shifting blame and taking the blame. Yan Yan, they psycho princess Delulu clearly sees nothing wrong with her having cheated on Hai Dong and probably blames him for the collapse of the marriage 100%. After all, he was too busy with work, and ignored her beautiful (stupid) self. I’d have been bored out of my mind coming home to her too. And hey, Mei Yu looks like she’s on her way to being just as idle and demanding — why on earth would a pregnant woman need to be waited on hand and foot, off her feet all day when it’s just a normal pregnancy? Is this a pampered middle/higher class thing? I feel at times like we’ve stepped into a court drama and these are the royal concubines!

    The one thing I find curious though is why Hai Dong takes the blame for people so silently. I can understand that it would be somewhat shameful to be divorcing because you were cuckolded, but can he feel that guilty that Yan Yan was a sheltered princess? (And fine friends he has in Xian Qun and others, who know the truth and let his rep be burned. BTW, I thought that XQ was fired because he had been friends with Hai Dong and when Hai Dong’s rep fell apart and was not renewed for contract work at that firm.) Taking the blame for YY’s trashing of the apartment though… is he her parent? Is he thinking, “I didn’t raise her right?” I think he’s paid enough already!

    I was really frustrated by his not taking firmer control of Pang Xiao Gang (aka The Blabbing Weasel), even if, as his boss he has to take the blame/responsibility for the actions of his junior employee. We needed a scene where he reads him the riot act! (Disclaimer: I’m thru ep. 24 and I’d like to reach thru the TV and do it myself now.)

    The one plus is that someone is always listening, even when occasionally given to hotheaded bursts of initial anger — Luo Li does listen to people and her antennae are generally in tune when talking to Hai Dong. For all her initial distrust, she is clearly listening and thinking for herself and forming her own opinion of him as a person and a lawyer. (No signs, though, that she’s thinking of him as a man!)

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