Hwajung: Episodes 5-6 Recap


I don’t know how much longer I’ll keep covering Hwajung, as I have to admit that Falling in Love with Soon Jung is taking more of my interest lately. But things are happening in Hwajung – things that are moving out of Gwanghae’s control.

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Divorce Lawyers: Episodes 21-25 Recap


Catching up slowly! In any case, this is the start of a really fun series of episodes where Luo Li’s parents get involved in her life, which only leads to more hijinks because they’re totally disrupting her once-peaceful life.

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Hwajung: Thoughts on Episodes 3-4


This show got intense. I really enjoyed episode 3, while episode 4 felt like an abrupt shift in tone. But we had to move forward with history – these kids can’t stay kids forever. It’s pretty amusing to see Cha Seung Won look at the child actors as if they were his own because he’s so much older than them; it implies he looks really old for his “age.” And then it’ll be jarring to think that Jungmyung is going to grow up into Lee Yeon Hee and Cha ends up looking really good for his “age.”

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Divorce Lawyers: Episodes 16-20 Recap


Wow this bunch of episodes had me really excited, especially with the turning point in episode 20. I love the slow burn of the romance, especially when Hai Dong and Luo Li start relying on each other more and more for the little things. It hurts me every time we visit Qian Kun and Mei Yu’s story because I feel like I’m watching a train wreck in slow motion. Yan Yan’s story is even more shocking, and I’m glad we get that in a smaller dose because it’s pretty intense.

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Hwajung: First Impressions


So I tuned in for Hwajung‘s first two episodes, mainly because of having seen The King’s Face. I think having watched The King’s Face has helped me a lot in watching Hwajung because it’s almost like a continuation, but with older actors. Seo In Gook did a fine job as a younger Gwanghae, and, as a nice surprise, Cha Seung Won continued that same character, but gave him a darker spin.

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Divorce Lawyers: Episodes 11-15 Recap


And so it continues! Here are the weecap summaries of episodes 11-15! What I liked about these five episodes was that it concentrated more on the lawyers’ personal lives. We see bits of them at work, but for the most part they’re currently in between cases in these episodes. You can also watch up to episode 25 right on DramaFever.

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Falling in Love with Soon Jung: First Impressions


How could I not watch my girl Kim So Yeon in Falling in Love with Soon Jung? And coupled with Jung Kyung Ho they make a very interesting pair. I enjoyed this drama, but not enough to be exuberant about it just yet. It’s a very complicated set-up to begin with, and it makes the drama more of a melodrama than a romantic comedy I hoped it would be. Nevertheless, I’m curious to see what comes of it.

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Fool’s Love: Episode 16 Recap [Final]


The mermaid is looking for the squid! I repeat, the mermaid is looking for the squid! This was a really nice ending for Fool’s Love – some questions get answered, and some don’t. But either way, you have a bunch of characters who have realized their full potential and found their happiness.

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