Fool’s Love: Episode 15 Recap


If the series ended  here, I would be happy. I don’t even need all my questions answered. This drama has tugged my heartstrings so many times in the last three episodes – pulling it this way and that – that I just want to stay still and be happy. Let the questions stay unanswered if it means I can just be happy!

Do Hee is ready to end it. She wants to stop. Ho Goo replies, “Fine. Let’s end it.” He picks up Geum Dong and calls her over. “Let’s stop fighting and take a picture with Geum Dong.” Oh my God, let me breathe a sigh of relief here that Ho Goo is refusing to accept her suggestion of a break-up just yet.

Meanwhile Ho Kyung’s challenge at Kang Chul, pointing out how selfish he is, has made his heart race for inexplicable reasons. He stops her from leaving, only to invite her to Geum Dong’s 100th day celebration.

It’s a bit of an awkward party as the only ones who are really excited and playing with the baby are Chung Jae, Gong Mi, and Tae Hee – and they all just looooove taking selfies. They invite everyone else to get in on the picture, and Ho Kyung tries taking the selfies for the group. But then Kang Chul jumps in with his selfie stick! Suddenly the vain Kang Chul of yore is back, as he directs everyone on which angle and side of face to give him as he snaps away.

Ho Kyung gets annoyed with him and shoos everyone away so she could take a few good pictures of Do Hee and Ho Goo with Geum Dong. (They all end up taking a few selfies on the side with Kang Chul.) Do Hee and Ho Goo are a little awkward after their fight, but manage to put on some smiles.

That evening Ho Goo stays in Ho Kyung’s room, reading some manga. He doesn’t want to go to his own room because he’ll end up thinking too much in the silence: is he actually being a fool? is this all he can do? Ho Kyung can tell it’s because Ho Goo found out the father isn’t who he thought it was. When she spoke to Do Hee the day before, she realized that the swimmer has something to hide about Geum Dong’s father. Ho Kyung asks if Ho Goo thus feels betrayed, or perhaps tired of the relationship? She knows she is, after she receives a late night text from Kang Chul asking if he did anything wrong towards her.

Do Hee is likewise wondering where their relationship is going as advice floats around her head. She wonders if she could ever truly be happy. Just then Kang Chul arrives, drunk after a night out with Chung Jae and Tae Hee drinking and karaoke-ing. Do Hee observes that ever since Kang Chul came out as gay, he seems more human. Kang Chul: “What do you mean? I’m not gay anymore! I’ve made friends of the same gender and passed the assessment test!” Hah – as if that is the proper way to determine if you’re gay or not.

Do Hee asks if Kang Chul has now moved on from Ho Goo, much to his surprise. Oh she figured it out easily – it wasn’t that hard to see that Kang Chul was so nice because of Ho Goo. The lawyer admits that Ho Goo definitely did change him, and being gay helped him understand Do Hee a little more and why she wanted to hide the incident and at the same time expose it.

Do Hee suggests he “stay gay” since he’s a better person now. Kang Chul: “What?! This is why my mother told me not to hang out with people like you. You and your ridiculous notions…” Hahaha.

His parents meanwhile are struggling to cope with the idea that he’s gay. Professor Mok has a hard time preparing for a meeting where she must present her thesis on looking for homosexuality through genetics. (Obviously she doesn’t really believe it anymore.) And for the first time Mr. Byun wants to sleep in the same bed with Professor Mok. Guess the two don’t want to be alone anymore since they don’t feel they can rely on their son.

Ho Goo’s parents are having a tough time too. It’s revealed in a flashback that Professor Mok had rifled through her son’s study because she couldn’t believe the fact that he was gay. That’s when she discovers a lawsuit file on his desk and it involved Do Hee as the plaintiff. Professor Mok took a picture of it and met up with Ok Ryung to show her, as since it involves Do Hee, it would involve Ho Goo as well. Ok Ryung is so heartbroken at seeing the lawsuit that she doesn’t know how to cope when she shares the information with Yong Moo.

Talk about crying and heartbreak in the first 15 minutes of the show.

The following day, Do Hee’s swim practice is not as good as before as her wrist is feeling a little sore. Coach So gives her a short break, and that’s when she sees Ok Ryung coming to visit her. Do Hee grabs two milk cartons to share, and she realizes how much Ho Goo and his mother are alike since they both like the same drink. Ok Ryung also notes that Ho Goo gets his timidness from her, as it’s obvious she wants to tell Do Hee something but is too scared to do so. Instead she massages Do Hee’s wrist and tells her to take care of herself; after giving birth she needs to massage her body as much as possible, as it’s very sore.

Just then Coach So calls Do Hee away to see the physical therapist, and Ok Ryung promises to wait for her on the courtyard bench. However when Do Hee returns, Ok Ryung’s already gone. She runs around the complex and discovers Ok Ryung crying into Yong Moo’s waiting arms, wailing, “I can’t do it! Poor thing, it breaks my heart just to look at her.”

Saddened, Do Hee returns to the bench and sees the empty milk carton. Inside there’s a note; Ok Ryung is seriously just like Ho Goo! Do Hee pulls out a list of questions that Ok Ryung had wanted to ask her: “Is it okay for me to ask about the baby’s father?” “Are you planning on raising the child yourself?” “Did you tell your parents?” “What do you plan to do with Ho Goo from now on?” Tears start falling on Do Hee’s face as she sees all the things Ok Ryung wanted to ask, but never could. And she feels guilty for hurting one more person in Ho Goo’s family.

Ho Goo goes out to develop some pictures of Geum Dong’s party while carrying the baby, and the developer notes how misleading it is to carry another woman’s child even if it is his friend’s. He offers a free picture frame as a gift, since it is Geum Dong’s 100th day birthday.

When Ho Goo returns home he sees Director Park there with Manager Yang, packing Do Hee and Geum Dong’s belongings. Director Park is having Do Hee move to company dorms, and she’ll take over the raising of the baby as she put Geum Dong under her name. Director Park will also take care of the adoption process. Though Ho Goo is reluctant to hand the baby over, he knows that it’s best to resolve the issue this way.

While Ho Kyung cleans off the makeup from her face, she receives a text from Kang Chul about whether they’ll continue their counseling sessions or not. Ho Kyung waffles between replying to his text or not, and decides silence is better. She walks out of the house in her sweats and makeup-free face, and bumps into none other than Kang Chul! And he doesn’t recognize her! And she pretends she’s not Ho Kyung!

Haha this is insane. She then cries to Gong Mi about how she can’t seem to find a man to ever show her bare face to.

Ho Goo calls Do Hee to see if they can meet up in front of the photo developer’s store to pick up Geum Dong’s frame. He also has something to give her. Do Hee says she’ll be late, as practice will end quite late and then she’ll go straight to her new home. In reality, she’s at her friend’s grave, whom she finally names: “Ji Yoon.”

Ho Goo reviews the letter that he wants to give Do Hee, and he realizes he needs to glue something on. He goes through Kang Chul’s desk and finds the lawsuit file. Uh oh… When Kang Chul returns home to a very clean apartment, he discovers Ho Goo sitting in his dark office, file in hand. He quickly calls up Do Hee to warn her that Ho Goo found out already.

Kang Chul tries to explain the lawsuit: the ‘how’ is explained in the lawsuit, but the ‘who’ Kang Chul doesn’t know. The ‘why’ he also has no explanation for. However as Do Hee’s lawyer the only thing he can say is that she never wanted Ho Goo to find out. And for the sake of her reputation and the company, the only thing they could do was bury it.

At the gravesite, Do Hee is completely broken now that her ‘prince’ has found out her terrible secret. We then get a flashback to high school and see that “Ji Yoon,” the dead friend, is actually the female classmate who rejected the “virginity candy.” So it’s a girl! Do Hee and Ji Yoon struck up a friendship after that terrible duck squat ordeal, where she taught Ji Yoon how to swim too. As they were changing though, Ji Yoon said she never wants to swim again because she hates things enclosing or touching her body. A quick glance at Ji Yoon, and Do Hee discovers a bunch of bruises all over her body.

Ji Yoon doesn’t ever want to be home, and it’s clear someone is abusing her. It doesn’t seem to be her parents as they don’t know she’s being treated this way. Do Hee wants to report it, but Ji Yoon doesn’t want to be labeled as the “wench who seduced him” even though she really didn’t. Ji Yoon doesn’t like being looked at with pity, the same look that Do Hee is giving her now. Which is why it was never reported, and which is what could have caused her untimely death.

Do Hee arrives in front of the store in Manager Yang and Director Park’s car. She hesitates going to say goodbye to Ho Goo and wonders if he’s going to look at her with the same pity she gave Ji Yoon. And she finally decides to continue driving away, never saying goodbye to Ho Goo. He stands in front of the store all night, waiting, and tells the owner that he won’t pick up the frame just yet because the owner hasn’t arrived.

The photo developer closes up shop.

Next thing we know, it’s a year later. The photo is still sitting on the store front, left behind. No Kyung Woo is breaking records left and right and is the hottest swimmer around. Kang Chul is still lawyer-ing, but now he checks in to see Ho Goo’s new webtoon ‘Winged Baby’, which is about him and Geum Dong. Gong Mi is very pregnant with Chung Jae’s child, who’s kind of annoyed that he can’t find the same success with his webtoon as Ho Goo. Tae Hee’s got a girlfriend as well.

And Do Hee is feeling a little lackluster about practice as she reads Ho Goo’s webtoon. She no longer sees the value in getting a gold medal, especially since a lot of her juniors are snatching her commercial deals. What’s the point of winning when you only get a gold medal? Coach So is kind of scared of her moodiness at this point. Ji Yoon’s ghost arrives by the pool, urging Do Hee to meet her goals today and have a good practice at least.

Afterwards, Do Hee goes to a babysitter to visit Geum Dong. It’s almost like a private daycare as the lady takes care of another child as well. Geum Dong is a little older, still chubby and cute, and still not adopted. The babysitter is impressed with Do Hee’s attachment to Geum Dong when his own “mother” doesn’t come to visit. As she goes to potty train the other child, Do Hee notices Geum Dong’s rattle. Who could have brought that rattle over?

Do Hee meets with Director Park about a couple of endorsement deals, but then Kyung Woo arrives for his meeting a little too early. There’s a lot of tension in the air as Do Hee excuses herself immediately and walks right past Kyung Woo. She hates the fact that she has to avoid him all the time now, and the ghost of Ji Yoon says that she has to as she’ll never win in the fight.

Meanwhile Ho Goo is getting ready for his first signing ever as an author – except his pants had ripped! Ho Kyung came rushing in with an extra pair of pants that’s notably looser than the stylish skinny ones she gave him. As he quickly changes and is ushered to the signing area, they bump into Do Hee, who’s browsing at the bookstore. Well isn’t it a little awkward.

Ho Kyung is quick to laud her brother, pointing out his success since Do Hee left his life. Ho Goo quickly has to go for his signing, so Ho Kyung takes over and takes Do Hee out for coffee. She immediately expresses her dislike of Do Hee for just disappearing without a goodbye, and boldly claims that her brother is also getting married. That’s a huge shocker for Do Hee, who was not prepared for so much change in one year.

It’s enough to make Do Hee go to Kang Chul’s for some wine and a moping session. She tells him that Ho Goo’s getting married, and surprisingly Kang Chul’s heard. I was ready to dismiss it as a lie, but if Kang Chul knows about Ho Goo’s marriage, could it be real!?

Do Hee wonders why Kang Chul never changed his pass code, and he blames it on being busy. I think he just leaves it the way it is so that Ho Goo, Ho Kyung, and Do Hee can come back into his life any time they want and liven up his now-lonely apartment. He asks her if she’s going to go to the high school reunion, to which she replies, “Why would I even go?”

Aaaand she goes to the reunion. All of their classmates are surprised at her presence because they can’t believe they’re in the presence of a celebrity. Suddenly they all lose their cool and start taking lots of pictures with her. After 32 autographs, 42 pictures, and 2 signed insurance contracts, Do Hee is ready to get out of there. Ho Goo didn’t even come to the reunion, and when she corners Tae Hee, he says that Ho Goo might be busy with the wedding.

Despondent, Do Hee walks out – and bumps into the latecomer Ho Goo. Boy have the tables turned this time.

The two of them walk along the river in an awkward silence. Do Hee forces herself to say something, and she apologizes for not having said a proper goodbye. Really?! That’s what you’re going to start off with!??! She then asks if he visited Geum Dong and gave him the rattle, but Ho Goo’s all, “Why would I do that?” Wow… he’s so cool.

Do Hee suggests they drink something and gets them both milk cartons. She congratulates him on his upcoming marriage, and then asks what it was that he planned to give her that day outside the photo developer’s store. Ho Goo, while folding up his empty carton: “You want to know now? After running away like that?” He doesn’t want to tell her what it was that he was going to give her, as it’s all in the past and he suffered so much because of her. He goes to the bathroom for a moment, leaving his carton behind.

Do Hee then wonders if he’s still like his old self and opens up the milk carton to see if there’s anything inside. And of course, there is. It’s the letter that he planned to give her the day they parted ways.

Hi Do Hee,

Today is the day we say goodbye to Geum Dong. Remember when you asked me, “If it’s not dating, what did I plan on doing?” I don’t know if what we’re doing right now is love, dating, or flirting. However, I’m sure of one thing: that you are my Geum Dong’s mother. You didn’t give up on him and endured the pregnancy alone. You endured 15 hours of labor and then went to save Geum Dong [from the adoptive parents]. You stayed up all night to put him to sleep. In the end you protected Geum Dong and that alone is more than enough. To me, you’re already an amazing woman.

So Do Hee, don’t be ashamed or guilty. Throw all those feelings away and just be happy. Promise me you’ll do that Do Hee.

Do Hee breaks down, crying over the letter. This simple letter that encouraged her to be happy was given to her by the one man who made her happy – and now she’s lost him.

Back at home, Chung Jae bursts through Ho Goo’s home and demands to know if Ho Goo really is getting married. Ho Kyung and Tae Hee coolly reply, “Yeah.” Wait… if Chung Jae didn’t know…!

Do Hee and Ho Goo end up on the same corner as they were two years ago, at the point of separation. Ho Goo makes a passing comment that he wants to see the sea again, even though it’s probably too cold for that. Do Hee is startled; this is all very deja-vu for her. The light changes and Ho Goo’s about to cross the street. He extends his hand to say goodbye, and she asks if they’ll see each other again. Ho Goo doesn’t know, since he’s getting married and all.

He crosses the street, and something compels Do Hee to run forward. She doesn’t know why, but she stops him and says, “Let’s go see the sea.”

Ho Goo: “I’m going to get married though.”

Do Hee: “Oh. Right. You probably can’t then. Sorry.”

But that moment of her actually trying to stop him, of her going after him for once, was enough. Ho Goo swoops in and kisses her.


Okay drama, JUST STOP. NO MORE. I’M GOOD. I DON’T NEED THE LAST EPISODE. Let’s just end with the kiss, yeah? I mean, wow wasn’t it a bit of a fuzzy warm ending. I knew that Ho Goo getting married was just too good to be true, but that is one heck of a con where almost everyone whom Do Hee would talk to knows that he’s getting married. That’s just such a cruel con that everyone is in on. At the same time, it’s kind of funny. And at least it worked in getting Do Hee to realize just what exactly is important in her life.

I don’t like time jumps near the end of the series usually, but I guess this was a bit of a necessary time jump. No one was going to improve on their character so soon, so we needed them to grow apart for a bit. It’s a nice touch to make the tables turn and have Do Hee take over in being the fool. I have been waiting for her to narrate some episodes, so I hope she’ll take over narrating in the last episode.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Do Hee’s dead friend is her female classmate Ji Yoon. I’m not sure how to take her abuse though; who did it and was it someone close to her? For some reason I thought Kyung Woo was involved in Ji Yoon’s death, but that might not necessarily be the case. In any case, it was nice to see the ghost of Ji Yoon around her in this episode because then it kind of informed all of Do Hee’s decisions and made it make more sense. Ji Yoon’s sad story haunts Do Hee just as much as her own experience with Kyung Woo.

And I’m still pissed that Director Park is far less reactionary to abuse than I thought she could have been. For someone who prides in being a strong woman, she doesn’t seem to take much action on defending her female athletes.

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