Yoo Yun Suk Confirms Hong Sisters drama


Looks like we have our leading male! Just about a week after Kim Woo Bin bowed out of the drama, Yoo Yun Suk (Answer Me 1994) has taken  his place. And he will star opposite Kang Sora, who’s been long associated with the project but never fully confirmed until recently.

Yoo Yun Suk stars as Baek Gun Woo, a chef of a restaurant called “Warm and Cozy.” Now I see where the Hong Sisters’ odd Jeju-dialect title comes into play. He’s described to be an easy-going guy – not unlike an “easy-going grasshopper” – who is handsome, kind, and somewhat lazy because he only pursues what interests him and doesn’t work very hard in his life. He moves to Jeju Island to win the girl of his dreams, except it’s quite the fruitless one-sided love.

You know, while Jeju Island Gatsby doesn’t really fit as a title, it also kind of fits. Moving oneself to win a girl even though it’s going to be a hopeless endeavor… I see it.

Kang Sora plays Lee Jung Joo, a hardworking “ant” who works hard at everything and doesn’t stop to enjoy her life. She loses her job, her boyfriend, and her house and is forced to restart her life in Jeju Island. (Not a bad deal in my opinion.) She ends up working at the restaurant, and the two of them butt heads while trying to keep the restaurant open.

I think the drama is taking shape quite well, and I can’t help but think of Flower Boy Ramen Shop for some reason. I think it’s just because of the food… and maybe because I’m reminded of Lee Ki Woo in Yoo’s character. In any case, I’m sure the Hong Sisters will put their spin to it. It’s certainly a safe bet that this drama could work as the set up is quite conventional. (Nothing crazy like swapping bodies here.) Yoo and Kang are already on the rise, especially with Yoo’s turn in Answer Me 1994 and Kang’s role in Doctor Stranger; this drama is sure to cement their star power in some way!

Let’s just hope Gong Yoo makes a cameo to their restaurant…

source: mbn


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