Fool’s Love: Episode 14 Recap


This episode certainly had me excited over the cute moments and then a bit tearful during the touching moments, much like a seesaw. It packed all the punches, which is not what I really wanted right now! But we’re nearing the point of resolution, so it’s all so necessary… GRRR.

Do Hee and Ho Goo fall asleep holding hands over Geum Dong’s tummy, with each of them taking turns opening their eyes and looking at one another. Too cute. Kang Chul also wakes up from his peaceful sleep – in his room, by himself – and remembers how Ho Kyung is actually a really good person. She needed time to settle her feelings for him, but wasn’t going to stay away; instead she was going to continue giving him advice on how to deal with his newfound sexuality.

It does seem like he’s found some peace though as he smiles when he sees Ho Goo and Do Hee holding hands as they sleep.

That day, everything is just coming up roses. Do Hee is swimming better than ever, having more energy and beating Sung Shil in practice. Ho Goo is singing and dancing a nursery rhyme he sings to Geum Dong all the time around the house, much to his mother’s amusement. Ok Ryung suggests that she and her son share a morning drink to talk...

When Do Hee gets home, she also sings the same nursery rhyme, much to Kang Chul’s annoyance because that’s the only song he hears all day every day. Just then his mother walks in through the front door, having figured out his pass code. She greets Do Hee warmly, but Kang Chul drags her away to his room for a chat.

And this is when both sons, Ho Goo and Kang Chul, tell their mothers that Geum Dong is not their baby. It’s a shocker to the mothers because now it seems like their sons are getting involved with a married woman. But Ho Goo quickly corrects the thought and says Geum Dong’s father is dead. Professor Mok is far less understanding though because she can’t believe her son is hanging out with such a “low class girl.” This comment also comes after Professor Mok says she approves of Do Hee because she’s an elite like one of them. Pah.

Suddenly we cut to Ho Kyung running to the apartment to find the aftermath: Ho Goo, Do Hee and Kang Chul sitting dismally in the living room around Geum Dong.

Turns out, Ho Goo told his mother that he loved Do Hee no matter what, which hurt Ok Ryung a lot. Ho Kyung hits his arm for saying such a thing to their mother but Do Hee protects Ho Goo… because she likes him a lot too. Kang Chul reveals that he told his mother he was gay, that nothing she did to “protect him” from “low-class people” stops the fact that he’s gay. So she slapped him.

And now the mothers have the job of relaying the information to the fathers, who take it the worst way possible.

No Kyung Woo, the superstar swimmer also part of Phoenix Entertainment, meets with Director Park for a chat. It looks like she wants to get to the bottom of a few mysteries. She asks him privately if he ever dated Do Hee, and he admits to having gone out drinking with her once, which led one thing to another. He’s surprised to hear that Do Hee was pregnant, but we know that he’s not as innocent as he acts. After all, he asks Manager Yang to clean up his banner in the office hallways just because he found a spot on his face.

Meanwhile, Do Hee continues to excel during practice and she gets a call from Ho Goo during break. It’s kind of funny seeing them talk really sweetly to each other, with Do Hee’s voice getting a little higher and softer, and more aegyo-like when she tells him to eat well. Even Sung Shil wonders if Do Hee’s seeing someone and gets weirded out when Do Hee wants to hug her.

Just then she notices Director Park visit the pool and goes over to speak with her. Quite bluntly, Director Park commends her on her new record times considering she just had a baby. Yep – she knows. She offers to help find adoptive parents and will cancel Do Hee’s photo shoot with Kyung Woo. Do Hee asks what Kyung Woo told Director Park, considering her boss’s calm demeanor. Director Park: “He says he drank so much that he doesn’t remember. We’ll talk about the mistake you two made later, okay?” Do Hee: “It wasn’t a mistake.”

Director Park: “It was sexual assault then? I understand why you think that way. Come to terms with it and we’ll talk about it later.”


Cut to Ho Goo and he brought the baby back to his home to pick up some supplies for the studio. His father catches him there and the two spend a moment looking at the baby. Yong Moo is impressed that Geum Dong was raised so well considering the circumstances. He asks his son if he really likes Do Hee, and Ho Goo does. That’s really all Yong Moo could wish for. He wanted his son to be ordinary – to love and date like a normal person and to turn the extraordinary into the ordinary. Normally this would sound like an insult, as usually wouldn’t we hear parents saying they want their children to be extraordinary? But in this case, I can see how this is not meant to be an insult. Ho Goo’s family prides in being happy and humble and living a low-key life in the realm of things. They want things done the simple way instead of complicating themselves with scandals and complicated love-quadrilaterals.

Do Hee visits Ok Ryung at her tailor shop, asking her to fix her jacket. It’s also an excuse for her to apologize to the mother. Ok Ryung doesn’t need her apology, as she had heard Geum Dong’s father passed away in an accident. (That’s a surprise for Do Hee.) Ok Ryung only wants Do Hee to be happy with herself first. Her son finds happiness in the smallest things, so if the girl he likes is happy and can move on from her scarred past, then that’s the only way that Ho Goo can be happy too.

Do Hee apologizes again, feeling guilty once again that she might not be good enough for Ho Goo. As she leaves, Ok Ryung gives her a padded cloth that she had used to carry Ho Goo around in when he was a baby. It would be more comfortable and easier than using stroller to bring Geum Dong around in.

At work, Kang Chul finds himself shunned by his former friends and colleagues because they’re now uncomfortable with the fact that he’s gay. He overhears them talk about going to shabu-shabu in the elevator, but when they don’t invite him he brings it up as a place to go for lunch. Suddenly his colleagues change their tunes and decide to go for pasta. Poor Kang Chul, he ends up having instant ramen in his office alone.

That’s when Ho Kyung arrives with some Korean food for lunch! And Kang Chul’s adorable face just lights up like a little boy at Christmas.

As he complains about his coworkers shunning him when he’s not even a “confirmed gay” but just a “candidate,” Ho Kyung shoves some lettuce-wrapped meat in his mouth to eat. She points out that he should know how the other plaintiffs he hurt in court feel now; those people were unjustly shunned as well – single mothers, gay men, those unfairly dismissed at work – and Kang Chul had not made it any better by winning each case for the defendant.

Kang Chul feels guilty, but his heart starts racing again. Ho Kyung is getting to him, reminding him of the old “Ho Goo” with the way she challenges his thinking and makes him feel like he’s not as superior as he thinks he is. Getting worried about his heart condition, Ho Kyung tries to set him at ease by suggesting they start on “treatment.” She points out that he doesn’t have many friends – college friends and colleagues at work don’t count, and he doesn’t spend a lot of good quality time with other men. That’s why his only experience was with “Ho Goo” of the past. So his assignment will be to find some people with whom he can have a good friendship with.

When Ho Goo goes to the studio, he finds that Chung Jae is showing Gong Mi around and the two are still being almost sickeningly lovey-dovey. Ho Goo also bought some fried chicken, but it’s for his “baby” – meaning, Do Hee! The two are blushing lovebirds as Ho Goo’s friends are shocked to find that the two are actually dating. However, the conversations with Director Park and Ok Ryung weigh heavily on Do Hee’s mind, and affects her ability to get excited over planning for Geum Dong’s 100th-day celebration with Ho Goo. She doesn’t even let him hold her hand, but at least Ho Goo doesn’t take it too personally.

As Do Hee and Ho Goo are out on their walk, Chung Jae, Tae Hee and Gong Mi encourage baby Geum Dong to roll over on his tummy. (Oh those days, I remember so fondly watching my cousin do the same…) Kang Chul returns home at that time and Gong Mi quickly says that she finished all her work to avoid getting in trouble. Chung Jae and Tae Hee quickly introduce themselves, adding that they’re Ho Kyung’s drinking buddies, and that gives Kang Chul an idea. Perhaps they can all drink together and be friends?

Kang Chul’s idea of drinking though is having wine and talking all about himself, stocks, and law. Yawn. Just then his father bursts into the apartment and gives his son a good slap in the face. He’s angry about his son’s newfound sexuality and the yelling prompts the baby to start crying. Kang Chul fires back, “Are what strangers think more important than how I feel?”

Before Mr. Byun can hit his son again, Chung Jae and Tae Hee quickly defend Kang Chul and drag the father out of the apartment. Aww, such good friends. They seal the friendship by going out to a pojangmacha (which Kang Chul has never been to before), give him his first taste of soju and squid, and bond over the fact that they’re all single virgins. Hah!

While the boys are out drinking and karaoke-ing, Ho Kyung visits Kang Chul’s apartment to find Do Hee there with the baby. They talk about how Ho Kyung can’t let go of her feelings for Kang Chul, and Do Hee is happily surprised to hear Ho Kyung call her unni. Aww… no more hatred between the two of them! Ho Kyung reminds Do Hee that her brother is very soft-hearted because he was raised with a lot of love, and that makes Do Hee feel even guiltier. She really feels like the Little Mermaid of the classic fairy tale, and is afraid of telling her prince the truth of Geum Dong’s father for fear that he won’t believe her.

Just then, Ho Kyung receives a call – and it’s not from Kang Chul.

During all of this Ho Goo goes out shopping for a gift to give Do Hee during Geum Dong’s 100th-day party. Even though she said she didn’t need one, he’s still hung up on finding her something. He follows Ho Kyung’s suggestion in looking for a bag when he bumps into Director Park while at a department store. She knows who he is, and for whom he’s buying the bag for; she’s got spies!

She takes Ho Goo out to a cafe and tells him that the father is alive and well. This is a shocker for Ho Goo, who had hoped to start a new life with Do Hee and Geum Dong even though he didn’t propose this idea to Do Hee yet. Ho Goo goes home quite dismally but his mom is there to hug him, and willing to support him no matter what he decides to do.

Unfortunately he overhears his mother crying over how she hugged her son, and he was cold – as if the stress had overtaken him, as if he had changed too much from her old, loving son. Knowing that Geum Dong’s father is alive and that he may not have a happily ever after with Do Hee is taking a toll on him. Simultaneously, Mr. Byun and Professor Mok are having a depressing car ride home. Both are not sure what to do with their son, but they had at least agreed to slap him on opposite sides of the face so that Kang Chul wouldn’t be too bruised on one side. Oh the small things.

Kang Chul wakes up the next morning with a karaoke tambourine in his hand, and sees Chung Jae, Tae Hee, and Ho Goo all preparing the decorations for Geum Dong’s 100th-day celebration. At first Kang Chul doesn’t want to attend, but when he hears how much Chung Jae and Tae Hee enjoyed his presence, he decides to at least stop by for a bit.

As Do Hee finishes up her practice she gets an unwelcome visitor: Kyung Woo. She wants nothing to do with him, but he keeps taunting her about the fact that he managed to get her pregnant that night and that no one would believe her if she said anything. Do Hee wants nothing more than to bury the matter, but if Kyung Woo won’t stop mentioning it she’s going to find a way to tell the world about what he did.

Ho Kyung visits Kang Chul in his office, where he proudly shows her that his score on the “Am I gay?” test has gone up. Is he getting “better”?! But Ho Kyung doesn’t care about that. She’s more angry that he gave her number to another man – who is none other than Kyung Woo! The client he’s representing! She’s mad at how Kang Chul is so selfish, thinking only of his own feelings without regarding how she might feel about being next to him. Uh oh… looks like the end of this potential couple for now?

Do Hee returns to a newly decorated home in a sour mood and Ho Goo tries to cheer her up by giving her the gift. But Do Hee isn’t having it. She apologizes to him again, and this time Ho Goo is tired of it. (Good thing his friends all sneak out as they sense a fight coming on.) Why does she always have to apologize? He’s not dating her just to get more apologies out of her all the time. Can’t they stop thinking of what others will say and just date happily?

Just then, Geum Dong turns over from his back to his belly!

And as Do Hee and Ho Goo watch, they finally agree to just break up.


Dude – what?! They JUST got together and you break them up already?! You gave me two cute moments – where they were singing the nursery rhyme and talking sweetly to each other – and then took it away with all the angst! This is ridiculous!

I have to admit I didn’t recognize No Kyung Woo as the client for a while – neat hair versus messy hair really makes a difference, especially when I’m not so familiar with Kyung Woo’s character just yet. In any case, that guy’s a sleaze. I find it funny though that after he impregnated Do Hee he’s in the center of rumors that he’s gay. Proving that he fathered Geum Dong would probably dispel all that, but it would put their “mistake” out in the open.

Speaking of “mistakes,” it’s really hard to like Director Park right now after she stood up for Do Hee in the board meeting. She wants Do Hee to get over the sexual assault and move on, as if it’s something you can neatly compartmentalize and forget. Granted, it’s clear in Director Park’s personality that she’s not going to give anyone an easy time for it. She deals everything in a business-like fashion, and this is no different to her. I’m glad she doesn’t seem to be taking sides outwardly, but at the same time because she dismisses what happened to Do Hee it feels like she doesn’t care if sexual assault happens under her watch, as long as it gets cleaned up neatly.

Two more episodes left.

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3 thoughts on “Fool’s Love: Episode 14 Recap

  1. Long time lurker. Just wanted to let you know that I have really been enjoying these recaps. And Yes! Shortest honeymoon period ever. I practically got whiplash. I want to believe that Director Park has something up her sleeve – I want to believe that she is a postive female boss and role model. I was hoping she was setting up that sleezmeister with enough rope for him to hang himself but (sigh) I may be wrong.

  2. Just discovered your blog because I was searching for recaps. Thanks for being so quickly I agree with all your points! I’m crossing my fingers and hoping for a happy ending for the characters. I want the rapists to be brought to justice and Ho Goo, Do Hee, and Geum Dong to live as a family. I too would like Kang Chul to actually be gay because KDramas usually shy away from that subject but I don’t think it will be likely. LAstly I want that loser Kyung Woo to be brought to justice, I’m just not sure how the show will handle it.

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