Fool’s Love: Episode 13 Recap


Eeeek this episode made me go kyaaaah a couple of times.

So in the aftermath of the kiss, things are a little awkward between Ho Goo and Do Hee. Ho Goo never saw himself as more than just a “band-aid” to help heal Do Hee’s many wounds, as someone who just stays next to her until he’s no longer needed. But then she goes and kisses him!

When he finally makes it home with his jelly legs, he hurries to Ho Kyung’s room for advice. Unfortunately, he finds her sitting in the darkness, staring out the window. She’s not in the mood to talk, and it’s mainly because of Kang Chul’s revelation. She doesn’t know what to make of his admission that he’s gay, that he has never felt anything for a woman, that every time he sees this man his heart races, that it breaks him to see the man in love with someone else. Most of all, Kang Chul is afraid that someone will find out that he’s gay as he does not want to be ostracized by society.

That same night, one of Ho Kyung’s students rifles through her desk looking for her test assessment. Apparently it was an empathy test and it was nowhere near done, but she had accidentally stuck it in one of Ho Kyung’s files! That’s the test that Kang Chul took! Boy, when is he going to find out that the test wasn’t right at all?

Kang Chul stumbles back home, much to Do Hee’s consternation. She’s so mad that she’s the only one who gets to see him drunk right now! Kang Chul gives Geum Dong a backhanded compliment: though the kid causes so much trouble for people, at least because of him he was able to discover his true sexuality. He also thanks Do Hee for being the first and last woman in his life. Hahaha – Im Seulong is just great.

We flashback to high school where the entire class gathers in the auditorium to solemnly swear that they’re up to no good. The boys are sent to go watch a sex-ed video, while the girls must eat “purity candy.” One of the female students calls bullshit: why must the girls eat purity candy while the boys just watch the video? It’s not like the candy will do anything special anyways. One of the gym teachers scolds her and forces her to eat it, but Do Hee stands up for her classmate. She ends up in a stare down with the gym teacher when finally Ho Goo pipes up: “I’ll eat the candy too! Because… because I want to be pure too!”

Ho Goo’s comment elicits laughter from the girls and the gym teacher forces him to bend down to get a whacking on the butt. However Class President Kang Chul also volunteers to eat it, recognizing the discrimination, and soon all the boys crowd around the gym teacher asking for candy.

The victory is short-lived, as Kang Chul, Ho Goo, Do Hee, and the other female classmate get punished by walking around the field in duck squats. The boys in the class are surprised that Kang Chul would get himself involved in this business, and even more so when they learn that he’s dating Do Hee! The rumors spread even more after school when he’s picked up by his chauffeur; his chauffeur offers to drive Ho Goo and Do Hee home because they’re limping, but Kang Chul only lets Do Hee join him in the car because he doesn’t want to be near Ho Goo.

When they get dropped off, he bumps into Ho Kyung at the bus stop, who’s now wearing her red coat and her name tag properly. She greets Kang Chul, but he doesn’t recognize her, even though she has a scarf tied around her face and acts the same as before. Kang Chul is stuck in believing he spent a wonderful day with Ho Goo.

The following day – back in the present – Do Hee is sighing back and forth because she doesn’t know how to deal with all these feelings. What should she do about Ho Goo?! Just then he arrives to take over babysitting duties and Do Hee is back to being her composed self. She awkwardly hands off Geum Dong, trying to not look at him in the eye, and then checks out her training schedule with Coach So.

Trying to be as cool as possible, Do Hee kisses Coach So on the cheek after he reviews her itinerary with her as thanks. Then when Kang Chul groggily emerges from the bedroom, she offers to get him water and kisses him on the cheek too! See she kisses everyone! Coach So and Kang Chul are actually weirded out by her kissing them, while Ho Goo forces himself to remember that he’s not that special to Do Hee.

Meanwhile back home, Ok Ryung breaks the news to Yong Moo that his son had a kid with Do Hee. This makes me believe that the mothers don’t think their sons are gay, as previously assumed, but think the other person’s child is Do Hee. In any case, Yong Moo is ready to have an aneurysm over the fact that he’s a grandpa. On the other side of the family, Professor Mok is the one with a cooling strip over her head telling her husband about Kang Chul accidentally impregnating Do Hee. Surprisingly, Mr. Byun takes it VERY well, cheering over the fact that his son is truly a man and took full advantage of living on his own to hit two birds with one stone! PUAHAHA.

The parents then convene to meet over lunch, and Ok Ryung and Mr. Byun formally meet while Yong Moo and Professor Mok clasp their hands together and cry. Kekeke… They discuss their children and Professor Mok asks that they pretend that none of this ever happened just yet because Kang Chul is in the middle of getting a raise. She doesn’t want anything that will impede his law career. Yong Moo nearly bursts into tears again because he had hoped for a son-in-law who would play Go-stop with him and “swim a carefree life” together. Mr. Byun gets excited – of course their grandchild can learn swimming! See – here the Byuns think that the Kang’s kid is Do Hee. Very confusing…

Tae Hee visits Ho Goo and the baby at the apartment and shows his friend updates on Chung Jae’s love life. They’re all on the same group chat together and Chung Jae and Gong Mi are acting disgustingly cute to each other. Ho Goo’s surprised at Chung Jae’s transformation considering he thought that his friend was in love with Ho Kyung. Tae Hee sums it up nicely: “When you love someone so much, the empty space that person left behind is so big that another person needs to fill that space up quickly.”

Ho Goo realizes this could apply to him and Do Hee’s situation as well. They then invite everyone over to see the baby at the apartment.

As Coach So drives Do Hee back from wherever they were, she spots a bungeoppang cart and quickly buys 20,000 won worth! She knows someone who loves them very much! She hurries back to the apartment and goes “Ta-da!” for Ho Goo’s benefit, only to realize that Chung Jae, Gong Mi, and Tae Hee are all there too. They think that Do Hee had known they were coming and bought it for them, but Ho Goo knows better.

Cue his knowing look:


He asks her why she came home instead of staying out and finishing her work, and she quietly replies, “Because I missed you. I missed Geum Dong.” Eeep! So close to a confession! When the friends later leave, Gong Mi is convinced (thanks to her womanly instincts) that Do Hee is flirting with Ho Goo. It’s not over between them!

Ho Goo then heads out for a couple of hours, leaving Do Hee to take care of Geum Dong. She asks where he’s going, but he doesn’t tell her because, well… He doesn’t have to tell her. He ends up buying a few bottles of soju and beer and visits the grave of Do Hee’s (ex-boy)friend. He pours out a cup and offers it to the grave, and then drinks a bit. What he’s about to say isn’t easy to say sober.

Ho Goo is kind of mad that Do Hee keeps flirting with him – seducing him, for that matter. He understands that her loss has been difficult and that’s why she needs someone to lean on. But he wants to fall for it – and he knows he can’t. He wants to honor the man’s memory and make sure Do Hee and Geum Dong continue their lives well, and not add additional worry to the man’s spirit that another man is taking Do Hee away. Poor Ho Goo. He’s trying so hard to protect his own feelings too.

Ho Kyung visits Kang Chul at his trial, where his client is suing someone else for being gay. When Kang Chul goes up to question the defendant, he has a hard time prosecuting because the defendant’s defense is that he was in love. Could anyone deny one’s heart when it races for someone – even if that someone is a man? The argument hits home with Kang Chul and he’s unable to ask anymore questions. He breaks down into tears and loses the case.

This means he won’t be getting a promotion or a raise anytime soon. While his boss yells at him, several of Kang Chul’s colleagues wonder if Kang Chul could be gay.

Ho Kyung takes Kang Chul out to eat and tries to cheer him up, but to no avail. He doesn’t need her to comfort him, but she says she’ll do it anyways. Even if the guy she likes ends up being gay, she can’t help but wonder and care for his well-being. But since he’s ungrateful, she decides to make this their breakup meal and leaves.

Kang Chul chases after her. He wants her to stay with him because he feels that she’s responsible. Because of her, he realized his sexual identity. Because of her, his life might be ruined and he’s scared of what the future may bring. He’s afraid of the world kicking him out and his life falling apart, and he needs Ho Kyung by his side. It’s selfish of him, but at the same time, that’s how insecure he is.

Do Hee meets with Director Park for a meal in an expensive restaurant and the two start off gossiping about the love lives of the other directors in the company. Do Hee makes a passing comment on how Director Park should also find a man to take trips with and eat with, instead of working her life away. Suddenly Director Park’s mood changes. Does Do Hee think she’s some low-class woman who needs a man in her life to lead a fulfilling one?

She comes around to Do Hee and says that the two of them are very much alike; that’s why she regards Do Hee like a daughter. The two of them can live without men. They don’t need to date or marry someone wealthy to succeed. She then notices that Do Hee brought the photographer’s brochure from her last project offer to dinner, but Do Hee puts it away. She won’t be mentioning about declining the project just yet.

Do Hee returns home to find Ho Goo sitting at the table, painting a new comic for Geum Dong. It’s about a poor boy who discovers a baby with angel wings on his back. Because the baby is so special, the two go into hiding. They do everything together, which suggests that it’s a happy ending. However when the baby’s real parents arrive, the wings fall off and the two of them don’t have to hide anymore. Ho Goo is writing it for the future, in case Geum Dong doesn’t understand why he got adopted. Do Hee is so impressed and touched by Ho Goo’s work, and notes that Geum Dong is so lucky to have someone who loves him so much. What does Ho Goo think about that lets him be so imaginative and create something like this?

That’s the last straw. Ho Goo leaves for the night, and tells Do Hee outright to stop flirting with him. She chases him out to the hall – what has she done to merit that comment? She just thanked him for drawing the comic for Geum Dong. Ho Goo replies: “What is it that I think about to draw something like that? It’s you. I draw things like that because I think of you all day. So stop flirting with me because it’s driving me crazy! The first woman that I ever liked, that made me tremble the most, that is with me every day, and I can’t do anything about it. Stop doing this to me and let’s just make sure Geum Dong gets adopted by good people.”

He gets into the elevator and as the door closes, Do Hee says, “But you haven’t even asked me once who my first love was.”

The doors open again. Ho Goo notices that she’s holding his sketchpad, the one where he had drawn her as a mermaid. She still had it after all these years, and he only realizes now that her first love was none other than him. “How could I not like a guy like you, who draws me something like this?” she cries, and blames him for seducing her first! “Am I not allowed to seduce the man I have feelings for?”


And Ho Goo embraces her, out in the hallway, telling her to stop breaking his heart by crying.

That evening, back in his office, Kang Chul emerges to see that Ho Kyung came back. She’ll drive him home, as she wants to make sure he doesn’t get into an accident. They then see his client, the celebrity, standing outside his office. Ho Kyung gets the car, and the client asks Kang Chul if she’s his girlfriend. If not, could he have Ho Kyung’s number?

Will Kang Chul give it!?!?!

And back in the apartment, it’s just peaceful:


It’s a little heartbreaking to see that Kang Chul – and anyone accused of being gay in this drama for that matter – is so scared to come out as gay. I do feel that Kang Chul is overreacting a little bit when he’s like, “I will be ostracized from society if I’m found out!” but at the same time it’s just indicative of how hard a time gays and lesbians have in coming out. I take it for granted at times that I’m in New York where it’s a little more open minded and it’s not as big of a deal to come out. But in other places, it can be really tough. It hurt me just a tiny bit to see him selfishly ask for Ho Kyung’s help mainly because he’s so insecure and scared for the future, which could be blamed on his upbringing and society in general for not letting him be who he is.

His problems are easily solved though because we know he’s technically attracted to Ho Kyung, and the fact that the “Am I gay?” test he took is not really correct. The drama keeps poking lightly on the issue, which makes me want him even more so to be gay so that at least this drama takes on a serious note. In any case, at least he’s closer to accepting Ho Kyung’s friendship and presence in his life.

I’m surprised that Director Park was not more understanding to Do Hee’s situation. She knows that Do Hee had a child and that she was raped, so I wonder why she doesn’t give her an easier time. I’m guessing that she thinks she needs to toughen Do Hee up so that Do Hee won’t be taken advantage of again. But it’s a bit harsh to put upon Do Hee, as if it were only her fault that she got pregnant.

It’s only a matter of time for that truth to come out, because I think Ho Goo needs to know and stand up for his woman. If he continually thinks that he’s in the shadow of someone else that Do Hee loved, he’ll never gain the confidence to become a better man than he already is.

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One thought on “Fool’s Love: Episode 13 Recap

  1. This show just keeps giving me a reason to fall in love with it more. I’ve become a fool too. Lol. This episode was awesome. Did u feel the tension? I was on the edge of my seat when Ho-goo just exploded on Do-hee. His face was so upset. I felt for Do-hee but was surprisingly happy and excited, on the other hand I was also wondering why the director was givin Do-hee such a hard time, as if she was judging her. I immediately disliked her. And when Ho-Kyung said she was breaking up with Kang-chul I couldn’t help to cheer her on. But they’re both broken people. I wait for the day when these two will get together and be happy. I also can’t wait to see the cuteness that is Ho-goo and Do-hee next episode. Next episode’s preview is scaring me a little bit tho. It looks like it’ll be crazy and angst packed. I’m worried for the characters.

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