Park Ha Sun, Lee Min Ho in Relationships


Not with each other though! (Thank god.) Park Ha Sun has recently confirmed that she’s dating her Two Weeks co-star Ryu Soo Young. Wheeee! That’s so cute. Meanwhile Lee Min Ho and Suzy recently confirmed that they’ve been dating for a month. Shudder.

Alright – happy news first, or at least the news that gives me a happy, warm reaction. Park Ha Sun and Ryu Soo Young have apparently been dating for about a year now. Since Two Weeks practically! The two have already introduced and met each others’ families, and are seriously considering marriage! I think that’s cute. They were quite the cute couple in Two Weeks when Ryu was wooing Park and getting along with her daughter. It was a little unfortunate that he lost to Lee Jun Ki in the drama, but then again it was Lee Jun Ki. Kinda hard to top that guy.


As for Lee Min Ho and Suzy, JYP Entertainment has confirmed that the two have been dating for a month. That usually means, “We’re seeing each other and not officially boyfriend-girlfriend,” and are just in the “getting to know you phase,” so I’m surprised it’s been announced so quickly. Usually couples have been dating for three months before they reveal their relationship. So why did this get revealed so quickly? Because they got CAUGHT!

Apparently Lee and Suzy have been in Paris and London for their respective photo shoots. (Lee for Dior, and Suzy for Allsaints, in case you were wondering.) Then Lee finished up his shoot and took the Eurostar over to London, where the two rendezvoused in another London hotel, different from the one Suzy was originally staying at. For 3 days and 2 nights the two had a secret date in London.

As gummimochi puts it:


I’m going to chalk up this new relationship to something of “a couple acting on their crushes.” When I heard this news I had a visible reaction of a shudder and immediately thought of the time when Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung announced their relationship. Okay, Lee Min Ho isn’t as skeevy as Lee Byung Hun. However, he is quite into himself, and I find him soooooo overrated. Perhaps my personal bias of just not liking him is taking precedence. I also find it really really strange that he’s paired up with Suzy – of all people! Suzy has been surrounded with dating rumors before, but I never expected her to end up with Lee Min Ho. For some reason, Lee Min Ho feels like that actor who’ll be so enclosed in his own bubble of fame that he’ll be single for a long time, like Bae Yong Joon. So famous that you could never pair him up with anyone.

It was also rumored that Lee Min Ho could have been dating Park Shin Hye back when Heirs just finished, as both had seemingly admitted to be dating people around that time. And he most certainly dated Park Min Young, his costar in City Hunter, back when the show had finished. But now I guess Lee is moving away from dating costars. I would like to bet that this relationship lasts about another month when the “honeymoon period” of dating your crush fizzles. Call me pessimistic, but that’s how I am towards all things Lee Min Ho.


But at the end of the day, while I judge from the safety of my home thousands of miles away, if Lee Min Ho and Suzy are happy, then so be it. I’m sure Ryu Soo Young and Park Ha Sun are very happy and wish them the very best as they embark on the path towards marriage.

sources: tvreport, sports chosun, dispatch



3 thoughts on “Park Ha Sun, Lee Min Ho in Relationships

  1. Woho! Just because you DISLIKE Lee Min Ho, that doesn’t mean he’s a bad person or something. It’s not his fault if he has such a huge fandom of crazy fans, and he can date whoever he wants. So chill! 🙂

    P.S. I’m not his fangirl btw!

  2. I think both LMH and Suzy are horribly over-rated, but it says something terrible about their lives when they get bandaged up for a date as if they were the Unabomber. I find their popularity inexplicable, but I wouldn’t wish this sort of living on anyone. They have a smile that thousands of people like, and for that reason it seems they are no longer able to bestow it freely in real life; it’s almost like a fairy-tale curse.

  3. Very suprising I don’t expect LMH to date suzy bae because he and park shin hye look good together so what else is he looking for I really hope he and park shin hye come back together bacause I really want them to be together and is going to come true by god’s grace AMEN

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