Some more additional updates! Because the drama world changes every week. If you missed part 1, you can see it here. I’m simply following up on some of the dramas since there were a few changes here and there. Mostly confirmations, some changes in casts all together.

Jeju-do Gatsby / Warm & Cozy

  • Kim Woo Bin has declined to appear in the Hong Sisters’ drama that will air in May. That sucks… Now we’re off to search for the next hot young thing.
  • Lee Sung Jae (The King’s Face) and Uhm Ki Joon (Golden Cross) have both been approached for roles in the drama. Looks like they’ll be second male leads, as I can’t imagine them taking over Kim Woo Bin’s role. They’re “reviewing positively” over their offers.
  • Kang Sora is still in talks.

Who Are You – School 2015


  • Kang Min Hyuk was offered a role in the show but it hasn’t been confirmed that he’ll star. I wish he would, since it’d be pretty cool to see if he can handle a leading role after being a fun supporting character in most of his dramas.
  • Lee Yoo Bi (Pinocchio, Gu Family Book) has also been offered the role for the lead actress and is reviewing the role favorably.
  • This drama needs to get its cast set since it’ll air after Blood.

Hello Monster


  • Following School 2015 is Hello Monster, and it appears Choi Won Young (Three Days, Kill Me Heal Me) has joined the cast as a science researcher for a foreign company that supplies chemicals and other research machines to the investigation team. After all this drama is about a criminal profiler with supernatural powers. By the way, this makes Choi Won Young a really busy actor – since Heirs he’s been working on projects almost nonstop with Three Days, Night Watchman’s Journal, Secret Door, and Kill Me Heal Me.
  • Since the last update, Jang Nara, Lee Chun Hee, and Lee Jin Wook have all confirmed to join the drama.
  • The drama will air in June.
  • EDITOR’S NOTE: Lee Jin Wook has actually not been confirmed to join the drama. He has dropped out of Hello Monster and is reportedly looking into That Time I Loved You, 7000 Days. Yep, that drama with (maybe) Ha Ji Won.

Ex-Girlfriends’ Club


  • The cast fills out with Lee Yoon Ji (King 2 Hearts), Jang Ji Eun (Tree with Deep Roots), and Hwa Young confirmed to star as Byun Yo Han‘s ex-girlfriends.



  • Joo Ji Hoon and Soo Ae confirm to appear in this drama… alongside Yeon Jung Hoon! Yay Yeon Jung Hoon! Boo for taking on projects that are not Vampire Prosecutor 3! He will play Joo Ji Hoon’s brother-in-law, a man who married into the chaebol family. It’s considered a highly-anticipated title since it will be directed by the man who did Heirs and written by the man who did Secret Love.

The Scholar Walking in the Night


  • Out with Park Hae Jin and in with Lee Jun Ki! Lee is in talks and close to confirming the titular role of the scholar in this vampire historical fantasy drama. This means he’ll be starring opposite Han Groo, who’s still seemingly onboard to play the aristocrat’s daughter that meets him. It’s kind of exciting to think that Lee Jun Ki is coming back, but I am disappointed in two things: 1) it’s another historical drama for him (after Joseon Gunman), and 2) I wish he weren’t playing a vampire! I mean, he’s really pretty. I can see why he’d make a really good looking vampire… and yet, can’t you just do a regular contemporary rom-com one day oppa-ya?! 

 Descended From the Sun


  • Looks like Song Hye Gyo has been offered a role in this Kim Eun Sook drama. That would be very interesting, as I think Song has established that she has enough gravitas to take on such a melodramatic drama. Song Joong Ki is still in the running for the male lead, and while I think he is a good actor I also find it strange to see him paired off with Song Hye Gyo. I can buy her as a serious doctor; I can’t buy him quite yet as an army captain. Then again, he’s coming out of the army soon so that may all just change…



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