Fool’s Love: Episode 12 Recap


OH MY GOD WHAT AN AWESOME EPISODE. After weeks of slower paced episodes with smaller revelations and cute moments, this episode just had me letting out gut-busting laughter, and also feeling very touched and warm-hearted. Almost everything comes into light, and even if it hasn’t been confirmed by the show yet, the seeds are there so you know the truths that the show is slowly spinning out.

But first, the kiss!

Do Hee walks in on Kang Chul being very close to kissing Ho Goo, and she steps back in shock. The door bangs into the wall, and Kang Chul is alerted of her presence. To cover up what he was doing, Kang Chul starts slapping Ho Goo awake, pretending that all along he was trying to wake the guy up and stop him from being too comfortable in his home. Erm, awkward…

Meanwhile, Tae Hee finally arrives at the restaurant to join a despondent Chung Jae, Ho Kyung, and Gong Mi. Clearly this one-on-one date has failed for Chung Jae. Ho Kyung introduces Tae Hee and Gong Mi to each other, and they instantly recognize each other. Tae Hee pretends that he wants to get to know Gong Mi together, and they hurriedly make excuses to step outside for a moment. Ho Kyung’s surprised, as she intended to set Gong Mi up with Chung Jae, not Tae Hee.

Tae Hee immediately begs Gong Mi not to reveal Ho Goo’s rendezvous with her boss, Kang Chul, to his twin sister. Gong Mi’s surprised that Ho Goo is Ho Kyung’s brother; strange that she knows of a brother, but not who that brother is exactly all these years.

Chung Jae is feeling pretty terrible that things aren’t working out the way he wanted with girls, so when Gong Mi returns he forcefully grabs her and demands she go out with him. Ho Kyung gets a text just then from Kang Chul, who wants to talk, and she bounces out of the restaurant, leaving the other three to sort out their weird affairs. Following the almost-kiss, Kang Chul only wants to ask Ho Kyung for more advice in how to determine whether one is gay or not. So Ho Kyung takes the opportunity to invite herself over and give him some research documents in person over a cup of coffee.

Meanwhile Do Hee encourages Ho Goo to go home as it is getting late. He dilly-dallies in saying goodbye to Geum Dong, clearly not wanting to leave him ever. In an attempt to stay a little longer, Ho Goo notices all the awards that Kang Chul has, including one for running in place. He then sees a certificate of completion for climbing Mt. Everest only last winter, and suddenly it hits him: if Kang Chul was in Everest, there is no way he could be the father and conceived Geum Dong!

Do Hee sighs for the millionth time, repeating that Kang Chul most definitely is not the father, but that is not enough. When Kang Chul emerges from his study, Ho Goo questions his whereabouts last winter. There is no denying that the lawyer was in Mt. Everest now, and so Ho Goo wonders if perhaps they both went together and conceived Geum Dong in the mountain. Kang Chul: “How can you make a baby there? I was busy thinking I’d die from the high altitude!” Heh – so true.

But Ho Goo swears he overheard them arguing about not “using something” earlier, to which Do Hee and Kang Chul refuse to address. Ho Goo now wants to stay in the apartment to “protect” Do Hee, as he can’t trust a bachelor with a single woman like her! Especially now that they were not previously lovers!

Kang Chul manages to kick Ho Goo out anyways, and the poor boy starts wondering what on earth is Do Hee and Kang Chul’s connection. He could have sworn that he heard the “I said to use a condom that day, but you refused” comment, but it’s puzzling how that fits in to everything else now. Do Hee once again ensures that Kang Chul will never tell Ho Goo who the father is; of course Kang Chul won’t as he respects client confidentiality as her lawyer. Hmm…

The following morning, Ho Goo wakes up with new resolve. He first goes to the barber and asks for a new haircut, cutting off all his messy curls! (Yay for cleaner cut men!) With his new look that hopefully makes him look less of a fool, he plans to ask Do Hee who the baby’s father is, what is going on between her and Kang Chul, and what happened overall. He feels that as the baby’s hyung and Do Hee’s guardian that he has the right to know.

Just as he arrives outside Kang Chul’s apartment, he sees Do Hee heading out and follows her all the way to the cemetery. And he observes her paying respects to that dead person while greeting an older couple who are presumably the parents.

Ho Goo returns to Kang Chul’s apartment to see that he had posted a wanted notice for a babysitter in the lobby. He then finds Coach So having a difficult time changing Geum Dong’s diapers, with all the dirty ones strewn about the living room. Good thing Kang Chul’s out with Do Hee to meet prospective adoptive parents, otherwise he’d have thrown a fit!

And speaking of which, Do Hee hasn’t found a suitable couple yet. She is certainly grateful for Kang Chul’s help though, and he reiterates that he’s only helping because she hired him as the adoption lawyer and promised to pay him well. It’s not because of any guilt towards her for not writing up a lawsuit back then. Hmm, a lawsuit you say? Kang Chul still believes not filing a lawsuit for Do Hee was the right decision because it would have put her in an even more difficult spot considering her celebrity status.

We see a flashback to the visit to the cemetery, and Ho Goo ends up waiting at the bus stop with the older parents. He asks how they know Do Hee, and the mother reveals that her son and Do Hee were very good friends. She believes that Do Hee was there for her son during his tough times, and even found a lawyer for him when the “accident” happened. The father shushes the mother from saying more to a “stranger,” so we don’t get to learn the full story here. But Ho Goo does wonder if the son is Geum Dong’s father, and when he passed away Do Hee turned to Kang Chul for help.

He resolves once again to ask Do Hee straightforwardly about what’s going on, just as she and Kang Chul return to the house. Kang Chul: “Remind me to change the pass code.” Hehehe. Ho Goo starts off strong: “I came because I need some questions answered.” But then the two of them notice that Ho Goo’s cut his hair and he gets momentarily sidetracked. Ho Goo claims he cut his hair because it’s quite bothersome when taking care of a child. “I will be Geum Dong’s babysitter!” Jaws drop.

Do Hee takes her son and commands Ho Goo to join her in Kang Chul’s bedroom for a private talk. The both of them know that he should be asking different questions, like the identity of the father, instead of offering to babysit, but Ho Goo doesn’t want to be distracted by those questions either. He doesn’t want to lose the moments of seeing Geum Dong grow up by wondering all the time about the baby’s background. It’s kind of sweet, and Ho Goo has really set his priorities straight despite his strong curiosity.

So it’s a deal, and Do Hee wants to make sure they sign a working contract to keep it strictly professional. She hands over Geum Dong and they shake on it. And then off they go to the bathroom to clean Geum Dong up because he pooped during their entire conversation, ha!

Meanwhile, Kang Chul gets an unexpected visitor – Ho Kyung! Well, she did say she was coming over with her research, but he certainly didn’t expect her now. He tries to rush her out, and she teases that he might be hiding another woman in his bedroom. Cue Do Hee emerging from his bedroom. Welp, the last person Ho Kyung really wants to see with Kang Chul. Immediately she becomes defensive and almost territorial over Kang Chul, even though Do Hee is not even remotely interested in Kang Chul romantically. No need to play the dating game here, Ho Kyung.

Buuuuut it gets worse. Suddenly Ho Goo emerges from the bedroom with the baby in tow, and the siblings are shocked to find the other there. Even Do Hee and Kang Chul are surprised to learn they’re siblings. And when Do Hee confirms that the baby is hers, the two boys start inching further away from Ho Kyung. They know what’s coming…

Exactly what Kang Chul doesn’t want Ho Kyung thinking is exactly what she thinks. She assumes he’s the father and BAM! A punch right into the face. Next thing we know, Kang Chul’s knocked out in shock and Ho Goo applies ice to the bloody nose.

Once again, Do Hee reiterates that Kang Chul is not the father and is only staying with him at the moment because she has nowhere else to go. She sought out his legal advice and they’re nothing more than friends. If that’s the case, then Ho Kyung wonders why Ho Goo is here, especially when he claimed there’s nothing going on with Do Hee romantically anymore. What, is Ho Goo here dating Kang Chul instead?!

Suddenly Ho Goo realizes that his face is a bit too close to Kang Chul’s while icing his nose, and Do Hee remembers to that night she saw Kang Chul lean over to kiss Ho Goo. And Kang Chul is just… awkward. Ho Kyung picks up on this and wonders if Kang Chul’s client could possibly be himself! Kang Chul bolts upright and denies it all – Ho Goo’s here because he’s the new babysitter!

Do Hee: “Congrats, Ho Goo. You just got hired.” Heh.

On the walk home, Ho Kyung scolds her brother for being stupid and choosing to be a babysitter. She threatens to tell their parents, but Ho Goo’s got something up his sleeve too. (Woo!) Didn’t Ho Kyung like Kang Chul? If she lets him stay on as a babysitter she can visit Kang Chul and use Ho Goo as an excuse to come over. He could also show Kang Chul all of her pre-cosmetic surgery pictures anytime he wants since he has it all. Ho Goo: “Good luck, sister!” Haaaaaa! Suddenly Ho Kyung is being all sweet to Ho Goo. Yay Ho Goo finally defeated his sister!

And so begins the working contract. When Do Hee is out working or training, Ho Goo watches over the baby. And at nights when he goes to work, she takes over. And Kang Chul’s job is to look for adoptive parents, but he mostly just yells at them when they make a mess of his house. Ho Kyung visits often, though she usually has bad timing and misses Kang Chul.

One time Do Hee finds Ho Kyung with the baby while Ho Goo takes out the trash. Ho Kyung warns Do Hee not to take advantage of her brother in any way romantically. Do Hee knows, as Ho Goo has a greater attachment to the baby than to her. She also points out that Ho Kyung’s not paying proper respect to her in her words, especially since she’s technically older than her. Ho Kyung’s not scared of someone like Do Hee and insults her by saying she’ll be punished by the baby daddy. Do Hee’s eyes grow cold, “Exactly. You don’t know who the baby daddy is, do you?” Ho Kyung tenses up, and she starts calling her unni. Heh, this spitfire loses her flames quite easily around Do Hee and Ho Goo nowadays.

Ho Goo bumps into Kang Chul on the way back up to the apartment, and in the privacy of the elevator, he asks Kang Chul if Geum Dong’s dad really died in an accident. As a lawyer Kang Chul cannot confirm or deny it, but he does say that when Do Hee was going through a tough time, he didn’t help her. And if he had to do it again, he still wouldn’t help her, because that’s his way of helping her. Ho Goo acknowledges that despite everything Kang Chul is a good guy – good enough to be trusted by Do Hee to seek out for help.

Meanwhile back at home, Ok Ryung receives a package from the delivery man for diapers. She is shocked at why Ho Goo is having diapers sent to himself, but in any case she goes to Ho Goo’s “new part time job” place to deliver them. All she’s heard is that Ho Goo does research for a lawyer right now. She gets into the elevator at the same time with Professor Mok, who silently judges Ok Ryung for her hippie-esque style.

Professor Mok gets off first and as she rounds the corner she sees Do Hee at the front door again. Except this time, she’s holding a baby! Professor Mok collapses on the floor, and Ok Ryung hurries to see if she’s okay. She then recognizes Do Hee and wonders why she’s there. The two mothers realize their sons know each other, and immediately go to a cafe for some water. The truth is sinking in: Their sons are dating each other.

PUAHAHAHA. Okay, I love that this is their conclusion.

Ok Ryung is not so surprised, as she now assumes that Kang Chul is the one who slept over and they caused an “accident,” thus getting Do Hee involved. Professor Mok on the other hand is more shocked because how could her son be gay and “ruin” her family line?! She also does not want to become in-laws with the likes of Ok Ryung and her fashion sense.

Meanwhile, it just works out that Kang Chul actually does have a case involving defamation where a celebrity has been caught up in crazy rumors that he’s gay! Kang Chul takes it a little more personally since he feels like he’s in the same situation himself. He advises against filing a lawsuit since the rumors are not crime-related, but Gong Mi encourages the young celeb to sue. After all in Korea, coming out as gay is almost like social execution. Kang Chul starts shaking, as he fears the same for himself, and when his associate says that he’s an expert in “that field,” he immediately takes offense because he thinks he means the field is “being gay.” (Heh – no, he’s just an expert in defamation cases.)

This case just prompts him to meet with Ho Kyung once more on more research about gender sexuality. She even gives him a test in which the celeb can take to prove or disprove him being gay. As soon as Ho Kyung hands it over, she straps herself into his car and suggest they go for a drink. So early in the afternoon?!

Ho Kyung offers Kang Chul cider (which is like Sprite really) in the event he doesn’t want to drink, opening the bottle in the same way “Ho Goo” had done years ago in the park that fateful night. When she goes to the bathroom, Kang Chul checks out the test she gave him, curious as to what his results may be.

Meanwhile, Do Hee works on a skin exfoliator commercial and then is called into Director Park’s office. Director Park wants her to try doing a photo shoot with a famous photographer, and she’ll be paired off with Kyung Woo. All we can tell from their description of him is that he’s also another swimmer who’s nicknamed the “national brother” while she is the “national mermaid.” Do Hee looks incredibly uncomfortable and tries to turn down the job, but Director Park says that if she does this photo shoot, she’ll put all the rumors of her having a baby to rest.

Hmm… now it looks like the dead friend is not the father, but Kyung Woo is…

Do Hee returns to the apartment later that night and finds Ho Goo putting the baby to sleep. He’s already prepared his food and warned her about Geum Dong’s butt rash. She’s really touched that Ho Goo cares so much for her child and so grateful.

Back at the small bar, Kang Chul has become a complete lush. Guess he couldn’t stay away from the makgeolli after all! He drunkenly asks why Ho Kyung likes him so much when she shouldn’t… because he’s gay! Great, good job Kang Chul, choosing to yell out, “I’m gay!” at the bar. He keeps pushing Ho Kyung’s hands away as she tries to bring him home, yelling, “I’m gay! Don’t touch me!” And that’s when Ho Kyung notices the rumpled piece of paper on the table and realizes he took the test.

I know it should be a bit of a watershed moment for him as he comes to terms with his sexuality, but at the same time it’s kind of hilarious seeing him act like this in his drunken state. Just when will Ho Kyung’s truth come out!?

Do Hee sees Ho Goo off at the door, and he offers to give her a hug. In his family, they give each other hugs all the time especially when the other is feeling drained. It’s a nice long hug as she thanks him for taking care of Geum Dong, and he thanks her for making money so they can get Geum Dong’s diapers. After they pull away, Do Hee gathers the courage to also give Ho Goo a nice kiss.


Ho Goo’s got them jelly legs!

Do Hee does too, as she stumbles back to Geum Dong’s side. Her heart is racing too, and she looks at the sketch book that she’s kept all these years. As tears form in her eyes, we revisit some earlier moments from her perspective. Remember that time they crossed the street at the same time? She totally recognized Ho Goo then, and had hoped he would say something to her before he got pulled away by a phone call. That time at the school reunion? She was totally happy that Ho Goo approached her and asked if she wanted more chips. What about when he asked if they’d see each other again, and she said she didn’t know? She was hoping Ho Goo would know to ask her out on a date. Why all this?

Because Ho Goo is Do Hee’s first love.

She tries to stifle her cries so that Geum Dong doesn’t wake up and cry, but it’s hard. She’s been trying to hold it together all this time and not show that she’s been in love with Ho Goo this whole time. To make herself feel better, she shows her baby the sketches that Ho Goo drew her back in high school.

And finally, Director Park is informed by her assistant that the baby is real. However, it wasn’t because she dated someone. Do Hee was raped.


Kyung Woo. Is the rapist. Totally.

I’m actually surprised they went with this development, and I actually think it makes more sense now with everything that happened. I don’t know why I didn’t even think this was possible considering how much she wanted to get rid of the baby and how much she seemed to hate the father. It also now makes sense why she wanted to file a lawsuit, and why Kang Chul wouldn’t do it for her. Having Do Hee get raped makes sense in the realm of the story, but optimistic, positive me didn’t think that this drama would go down that route.

With all that happening, what could her relationship with that dead friend be? Perhaps he saved her from the rapist, and then as they escaped, Kyung Woo chased after them with his car and tried to kill them so that he could bury his secret. (Yes, this drama could take an even darker turn.) The friend died, and Do Hee survived, and sought out to file a lawsuit against Kyung Woo. However Kang Chul would not do it for her as he didn’t want to subject her name to negative press. And maybe this lawsuit would have revealed him raping her as well, tarnishing her image. Perhaps this friend of hers is actually her agency manager too, and not just any friend. And then Coach So stepped into the role of being her manager when this one died.

Dark thoughts aside, I really enjoyed the revelations in this episode. FINALLY Ho Kyung sees them all together, as it was only a matter of time that she found out. It was also hilarious how Kang Chul tested himself to see if he was gay, and how Ho Kyung had surgery so she’d be unrecognizable without that scarf from six years ago anyways. I also loved the little moments like hearing Geum Dong breathing heavily while asleep, and how Do Hee and Ho Goo are so in tune with the baby that they can anticipate his needs.

It was a really fun episode. And I’m glad they’re giving us this when we’re closer to the end. Hopefully the last four episodes will be just as fun.

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4 thoughts on “Fool’s Love: Episode 12 Recap

  1. Thank you for the recap! This show really hits all the right spots. Just hoping that it doesn’t become an angst fest. Wondering how Kang Chul’s gayness will be resolved.

  2. So many misunderstandings up in this shizz loooool. Funny ones. Tho i do want them to realize whats up. I mean its torture. And when they said it was sexual assault.. the bgm changed and our eyes was om DoHee.. who was content and happy with her child and hogoo.. omg feels T-T hogoo is so gonna kick kang chuls ass for this. Aside from all the drama, i really enjoy this drama.. slow paced and all. I love how ho kyung also turned into a babyshitter looool. And kangchul was cute as a drunkie.

    Thanks for the recap!!!

  3. yeah thanks for the recap 🙂 finally do understand it now 🙂

    btw . anyone knows whats the song after do hee kiss ho goo ? “every time i hold you near blah blah ”

    its cute.. and i really want to know

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