Fool’s Love: Episode 11 Recap


This was a bit of a sweet episode, as Do Hee realizes she really can’t live without Geum Dong. Or with herself after giving her child away to such a suspicious couple. And this is all because of Ho Goo.

Ho Goo really lays the guilt on Do Hee for giving her child away to parents who don’t even care about a baby’s umbilical cord. He grabs the coach and insists on finding out where the family is so he could take the child back and investigate on them further. Unfortunately Coach So reveals that Do Hee used an online adoption site instead of traditional means to give her child up. That ‘cafe’ where he met the parents was actually an internet cafe. Do Hee had looked up the “most trustworthy” one and offered her son up for adoption in the forum. However when Ho Goo does his research he realizes that most mothers on that site sell their babies for money to people who use babies for insurance fraud.

Back in Kang Chul’s apartment, Do Hee asks for his opinion on whether he thought the parents were bad people or not. The thing is, would answering the question change the situation?

Ho Goo returns to the apartment with accusations that Do Hee sold her child. How could she use such a seedy site when she could have done it through proper channels, or even through the charity where he helps a Tibetan child survive? Kang Chul reminds him that to do so would mean Do Hee has to admit to having a child out of wedlock and putting it in the records that she had Geum Dong – all of which would be disastrous for her reputation. Yet Ho Goo believes Do Hee should have done the more responsible thing since they’re the adults in the room and Geum Dong is just a helpless baby. If a problem arises from her giving him away for adoption properly, then they’d face it later on.

Kang Chul fires back: “Then what are you Kang Ho Goo? Just what makes you think you have any rights to that child?”

Very true – at the end of the day, Ho Goo is a stranger to the whole mess, and he accepts that he has no say in Geum Dong’s life. He leaves for his home, trying to get rid of all residual feelings he has for Geum Dong. It’s difficult though, especially when he sees his mother feeding the stray cats outside their house, caring for them as if they were her own. Ho Goo may not be anything to Geum Dong, but he did cut the baby’s umbilical cord in surgery.

Cut to Kang Chul and Do Hee running into his car. He breathlessly asks Do Hee one more time if she’ll regret it. She says no, and then struggles to put on her seat belt. Suddenly the adoptive parents come running out and demand they hand over the baby! No time for safety, they’ve got to go with Geum Dong in tow! Woohoo!

And no, Do Hee isn’t scared anymore of the consequences. It’s no doubt that Ho Goo got her thinking and believing that things will work out in the end.

The following morning, Ho Kyung excitedly volunteers to go wake Ho Goo up for breakfast as she wants to interrogate him on his whereabouts. Instead she finds him awake and in despair.

The two of them hide out in the comic book shop, bonding, and he reveals that he’s sad over someone else. Ho Kyung misunderstands that Ho Goo has moved on from Do Hee and is in love with someone else, and he doesn’t really help in clearing up that misunderstanding. That makes her feel even worse: if Ho Goo has moved on with another woman and Do Hee has moved on with Kang Chul, then she’s the one who’s lost in this love square!

Ho Goo goes to work, pretending that everything is fine even though his friends can see right through him. They all watch a news conference as Do Hee apologizes to her fans and announces her comeback to swimming. It’s big news as everyone wants to know where she went, but she doesn’t answer the reporters’ questions and makes her escape from the press conference with Coach So.

While Do Hee is at work, Geum Dong stays with Kang Chul, and is taken care of by Kang Chul’s maid. Surprisingly the maid doesn’t spread much gossip, but only complains of not being paid well enough to clean the apartment and watch a baby. In any case, Do Hee always visits with her disguise on to prevent getting recognized.

During one such visit however, she ends up in the same elevator as Kang Chul’s parents, both of whom want to pay him a surprise visit after he’s shunned them so many times. Mr. Byun recognizes Do Hee through her disguise as he’s a big fan, and he devolves into a giggling school girl as he asks for her autograph. It’s hilarious how his wife is so disgusted by her husband’s immature behavior.

Do Hee gets off at the same floor first, so the parents don’t realize she’s going to Kang Chul’s until they round the corner in the hallway and see their son opening the door for her. They hide immediately, and watch as Kang Chul invites Do Hee in. It’s clearly not the first time, suggesting that they may be dating! While Professor Mok is a little disappointed that Kang Chul is not interested in Ho Kyung, Do Hee is certainly a suitable daughter in law. The parents cheer, fantasizing that with all of their genes combined, a grandson could become the future president of Korea.

Sadly for them, nothing romantic is going on between Do Hee and Kang Chul. She remains hopeful that the next visitor will be Ho Goo, and takes her time with finding a new babysitter for the baby. Kang Chul dismisses his maid for the day, much to her relief, and leaves the mother and child alone for a jog by the river.

Little does he know, Ho Kyung is waiting outside his apartment for him! She is in denial that she, the real ‘pro’ on love here, is losing in the game of love here. She purposefully bikes towards Kang Chul during his jog, catching up to him and pretending it was all a coincidence. She insists that they take a break, literally cutting him off mid-run to force him to have a drink with her.

Meanwhile, Ho Goo finally visits Kang Chul’s place and isn’t too surprised to find Do Hee there. He informs her that he ended his automatic payments to the charity as a way of completely cutting off his ties to Geum Dong. He also hands over a crystal seal that encases Geum Dong’s umbilical cord for her to keep as a memory. Do Hee thinks it’s a bit strange for someone who claims to have no feelings for the baby to make a seal for him. But Ho Goo insists he doesn’t – after all, babies are too much trouble since they need to be fed all the time and poop all the time.

Do Hee: “Geum Dong-ah, Ho Goo made a seal stamp for you but says you’re nothing but trouble.”

Ho Goo:


All is forgiven. Ho Goo is back to loving baby Geum Dong.

While a happy reunion takes place, Kang Chul is doing everything he can to get out of an unhappy rendezvous with Ho Kyung. She reminds him that she just wants to be friends. After all, there may be a future when he could use her help as a psychology major to figure out a case he’s working on. That gives him an idea, and he asks if it’s possible for a person to change his sexual preferences?

Ho Kyung suddenly whips out her glasses and becomes the bright research student she usually is to give her professional opinion. She first tries to explain the situation by using a pickled radish as a metaphor. Some people eat pickled radishes, and some people don’t. And some people only eat pickled radishes in certain situations. So what does that make of that third group of people?

In general, just like the group of people who eats pickled radish under certain circumstances, you can’t always define people’s sexuality in black and white. Going back to Kang Chul’s original question and scenario, she asks if his “client” enjoyed the kiss from the other man. Kang Chul admits that the “client’s” heart raced and pounded every time they met due to the trauma of the kiss. Ho Kyung: “PFFFFT! Trauma my butt. He’s gay.”

HAHA! It ends up being quite the blunt shocker for Kang Chul, who refuses to think of himself in that way. But Ho Kyung suggests that the “client” kiss that man one more time and see how he feels. That’s the only way for the “client” to know if he’s gay or not. Just before Kang Chul hurries away, Ho Kyung tries to snag another date, but with no success.

Back in the apartment, Ho Goo is hogging up all the time with the baby. Do Hee explains that after Ho Goo left that night, Kang Chul said he knew the adoptive parents’ license plate number. They tracked the parents down and took Geum Dong back; it was the first time Kang Chul ever sped in his life.

When Kang Chul returns at that moment, Ho Goo sees him as a huge hero. He hands Geum Dong over and runs over to Kang Chul with arms open wide. Oh boy, a hug is the last thing Kang Chul wants right now, and he squirms free before his pounding heart could give out. He definitely has a “problem,” and he quickly texts Ho Kyung that he wants to see her tomorrow to discuss his “case.”

Soon enough Kang Chul emerges from his room to find Ho Kyung and Geum Dong napping on the floor. Do Hee doesn’t want them disturbed, especially since this is the first good sleep that Ho Goo’s had since Geum Dong was adopted. Kang Chul wonders why Do Hee is so good to him, and we all learn about how they became closer friends…

After the “nude drawing” incident in high school, Do Hee discovered a notebook of drawings in her desk. First, Ho Goo had covered up her nude body with stickers. Then he had drawn a cartoon of a lonely high school girl who is a mermaid, and only finds true happiness in the water. Do Hee can’t help but like it, especially since she sees parallels to it to her own life as a swimmer.

Ho Goo also discovers that day that Ho Kyung had stolen his jacket and insists on getting it back. It’s sad how he loses every fight to Ho Kyung merely because she shouts louder, not because her logic is more sound. He takes back his name tag, on which she had scratched out his name and carved “Kyung” into it, and proceeds to watch over the store.

That’s when Do Hee comes in and she borrows the Elize comic book. She then asks, “Does that girl turn into a mermaid whenever she goes into the water?” At first, Ho Goo thinks she’s referring to the comic Elize, but realizes quite belatedly that she means the drawings he made for her. “She’s a mermaid from the beginning,” Ho Goo explains quickly. “That’s why she finds the sea more comfortable than she does people, and why she doesn’t smile very often. She’s happiest in the water.”

Do Hee says she likes it, and walks away so that she doesn’t show Ho Goo her smile. That makes him really happy, and soon enough it becomes habit where she visits his store almost every day to borrow more comics.

Ho Goo shyly offers her oranges each time she visits. At first she doesn’t accept the one he gives her, but when he gives her two she decides to split it with him. After oranges, they start splitting ice cream bars with twin sticks and read together in the comic store.

One day Ho Goo and Tae Hee head to a ddukbokki fast food restaurant after school. Tae Hee thinks that at this rate, Ho Goo and Do Hee could become an item. But boy is that dream dashed when they see Do Hee and Kang Chul sitting together as if on a date. The boys sit far enough so they can’t hear what the conversation is about; if they only knew, they’d know that Do Hee isn’t exactly interested in Kang Chul.

First, Do Hee realizes that Kang Chul never received her four-leaf clover bookmark because he didn’t know it came from her. He didn’t find it in the book she borrowed, so he thought Ho Goo had given it to him. She then asks if she could use his membership to access an exclusive cultural and sports center that has a stadium-sized swimming pool. She hopes to practice there before an upcoming match.

Bluntly, Kang Chul rejects her. After all the membership fees are sky high and he’s not going to let her use it without getting something worthwhile in return. Do Hee slams her chopsticks into the ddukbokki in anger, splashing his wrist with the sauce, and goes to the bathroom. Ho Goo then watches as Kang Chul wipes his wrist on Do Hee’s notebook – the same one that he had given her full of his drawings. It sickens Ho Goo, and he ends up leaving the restaurant early.

Unfortunately he does not see Do Hee return and get pissed over Kang Chul staining her book. She angrily picks up her stuff and heads over to the comic store. By then, Ho Goo’s quite depressed and he doesn’t want to eat the ice cream or read comics with her. And with that, she storms out of the store, never to come back.

Back to the present, Do Hee heads out to run an errand, leaving Kang Chul alone with Ho Goo and Geum Dong. It is no ordinary errand though: Do Hee is actually visiting the grave… of her baby’s father!

So the dad is dead! Who the heck is the dad?! When did this happen!?

So many questions, all left unanswered. In any case it seems that Do Hee really cared about her boyfriend and misses him, and thinks that he’d be proud of her for keeping the baby.

Chung Jae tries to ask Ho Kyung out on a date and confess his feelings for her. However she’s got an inkling he’d do this so she invited Gong Mi along for the dinner so that he wouldn’t get a chance to do it. Meanwhile, we also have Kang Chul at home watching Ho Goo sleep, wondering if he should kiss him again and determine whether he’s really gay or not.

Curiosity getting the better of him, Kang Chul leans over for a kiss – just as Do Hee arrives home.


Womp womp! I am really really hoping that Kang Chul enjoys his kiss with Ho Goo because, as I said before, it would be so interesting to see him be a gay character. It would provide good fodder for comedy, but it would also simply be interesting to see how this drama will portray gays. Right now it’s being treated lightly as a joke, but at the same time we’re not really sure if Kang Chul is aware he’s gay anyways. Oh it would be so fun to see Ho Kyung chase after him hopelessly while he forms a new pseudo-family with Ho Goo and Do Hee.

Speaking of family, it was a bit of a shocker that Do Hee’s boyfriend is actually dead. I had to rewind that part a couple of times because I refused to believe it. It’s quite convenient to kill him off as you don’t have to cast an extra person for the role really, but it also makes things even more interesting. Who did Do Hee date and how did he die? Did he know she was pregnant before he died? Did he have any input on what she should do with the baby? It seems from Do Hee’s comments that her boyfriend’s parents don’t visit his grave often; did they disapprove of her? Did they disapprove of their son? It’s almost hard to believe that eleven episodes have gone by and no one has mentioned her boyfriend. Considering that she’s a celebrity, you’d think Chung Jae or Reporter Go would be spreading rumors or heard of her love life.

Nevertheless, the revelation about her still loving her boyfriend does not take away from her budding relationship with Ho Goo. With this recent flashback we realize that she really liked Ho Goo back then, even if only as a friend. It’s therefore not unbelievable that they could get closer as adults now. In fact, they could have been closer before were it not for that damn Misunderstanding That Ruins All Relationships.

In any case, I’m glad Do Hee realized that her baby deserves every ounce of love she can give and took him back. I’m looking forward to seeing a village raise that special little baby, and for everyone to have their awkward turn at changing his poopy diapers.

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2 thoughts on “Fool’s Love: Episode 11 Recap

  1. OOOoh!! Thanks for the recap!!

    Oooooh! The preview was very stingy with any hint of kiss aftermath.

    Love the fact that they are spending time back in HS. I never hoped we could see KC again wtih his full nerd on. The scene in the dukboki restaurant was one of my favs.
    I awwwed that DH carried HG’s book around with her, that she got upset it was smeared, and LOL’d at how clueless KC could be about OTHER PEOPLE’S THINGS when everything he has is precious to him.

    Do I wish KC is really gay? Half of me says, yes. It is about time we get a man falling in love with a man even though he thought a girl was a man and this time he really does like the MAN. The other half knows if KC is gay, that means his life will be that much more difficult for him in SK society where anything not typical is BAD. Mostly, I just want KC to be happy and at peace with himself. He has a long way to go for that!!

    I like ISO for taking this role – slowly but surely KC is worming his way into my heart. OK, I admit it. He has my heart already.

  2. Thank you for doing this recap. The way you write makes me revisit all the warm and fuzzy feelings I had while watching this episode.
    I really hope they make Kang Chul truly gay because now that he met Ho Go as an adult, he was impressed by his kindness and parental love. Isn’t that how people normally fall in love? But since this is a kdrama, it would probably be the typical trope where first kiss beats everything.
    But Ho Kyung with Kang Chul and Ho Gu with Do Hee will make for one seriously entertaining family. Their gatherings will always be epic.

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