Divorce Lawyers: First Impressions


I rarely get to check out Chinese or Taiwanese dramas these days, because I have no time for them generally, but I have to say I’m really glad I watched this one. Divorce Lawyers turned out to be fun and engaging, even for a relatively slow start. After all, the drama is 46 episodes long. It’s got plenty of time to burn.

One of the reasons why I like this drama is because it’s also pretty short at 45 minutes per episode. Yes, time is money. It keeps the episode moving so it doesn’t feel like there’s a dull moment. Then again, I only did watch four episodes so far and it is still in a bit of a set-up phase.

The Plot

DivorceLawyers_FirstImpressions_01 DivorceLawyers_FirstImpressions_02

The plot is pretty simple: two big-shot lawyers end up unlucky in love and in their careers. Chi Hai Dong (a quite dashing Wu Xiu Bo) is renowned for being undefeated in court. However all the hours he devotes to working bites him in the ass when he discovers his beautiful wife is having an affair. Meanwhile Luo Li (the unconventional beauty Yao Chen) is a newly minted lawyer who’s already starting out pretty strong career wise, and carrying on a romance with her boss. Little does she realize, she’s is actually the “other woman” when her boss’s wife and son come to visit him from the States. Luo Li leaves the firm, putting a halt to her burgeoning career, while Hai Dong tries to divorce his wife.


The problem is, Hai Dong’s wife doesn’t want a divorce and she hires Luo Li to defend her. Luo Li only hears it from the wife’s side, who’s obviously glossed over the fact that she had an affair. So Hai Dong decides that instead of drawing out the ugliness, he’ll just purposely lose the case just so he can end the marriage as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately this loss ruins his reputation as an “undefeated” lawyer, while propelling Luo Li to fame among divorce lawyers for defeating someone so formidable. While the two are restarting their lives, they also find themselves as new neighbors and taking on more divorce cases (which is relatively small) that pit them against each other.


It’s your typical set up – divorce lawyers at odds falling in love. However what’s nice is that it infuses a lot about Chinese modern culture with it, giving it a more interesting spin than what I’d see on American shows/movies. It also treats divorce in a very frank manner in the sense that there will always be two sides to the story, and neither side will ever learn the full picture. And even if the other side does learn the full picture, it’s not like that person is going to go to any lengths to apologize or clear up the misunderstanding. It is what it is, and what’s done is done. They’re professionals.

DivorceLawyers_FirstImpressions_05 DivorceLawyers_FirstImpressions_04

How Hai Dong’s divorce was handled was so frustrating, but at the same time I appreciated that the show didn’t give you the satisfaction of a happy ending. They didn’t have the wife’s adultery get revealed in court, and they let the lawyer with evidence-that-is-not-quite-true-evidence win just because she had something tangible whereas Hai Dong did not. And then when Luo Li learns that the wife was actually the party at fault, she is reminded that she is hired to defend her client no matter what misdeeds her client must have done.

It’s a sobering message for something that’s supposed to be a romantic comedy.

DivorceLawyers_FirstImpressions_07 DivorceLawyers_FirstImpressions_08

The actors are also pretty great. Wu Xiu Bo is top notch; I love how I can tell exactly what he’s thinking through his expressions and he never overplays it. He reminds me of a Chinese version of George Clooney somehow. Luo Li is really an unconventional beauty and called the “Angelina Jolie of China” partly because of her works for the U.N. She really gets me with her charm though, and so I look forward to seeing more of her. I want to say that it’s really the actors that pull me into this drama and keep me watching more because otherwise it’s easy for this drama to become a predictable and standard divorce show.


Now with the score at Luo Li: 1 – Hai Dong: 0, I am so ready to see a face off where Hai Dong wins and puts her in her place. It’s a typical underdog story, and yet since I have to like Luo Li too in the end, I hope that the two of them end up working together on future divorce cases.

You can check out Divorce Lawyers on DramaFever, with new episodes every Tuesday.


3 thoughts on “Divorce Lawyers: First Impressions

  1. Haven’t watched dramas coming out of Mainland for so long! Enjoy this drama much due to the chemistry of Wu Xui Bo & Yao Chen. He’s so charismatic…Recommend his movie with Tang Wei ‘Find Mr Perfect’ too

    Chi Hai Dong’s ex-wife is the most annoying! She doesn’t get why Hai Dong divorced her in the first place. Karma is a bitch, because the guy she’s with is super duper jealous and well, manhandling her as the drama progress.

    From what I remember

    1-12 Hai Dong divorced his ex-wife. Lou Li represent his wife. He purposely lose and walked away with nothing (cars, house, etc.,) He moved into FRASE RESIDENCE and guess who’s his neighbor – Lou Li.

    Lou Li has a boyfriend, but unknown to her for many years they’ve been together that he has a family of his own, a wife and a kid. YIKES! She broke up with him

    14-20 Lou Li learned that Hai Doing purposely lose to her in court (when she represent his wife case), so she feels sorry for him…..their friendship starts. His ex-wife somehow got a hold of Hai Dong’s address and pay a visit but then end up trashing Lou Li’s apartment. So Lou Li has to stay in Hai Dong’s apt for several months……….roommates

    21-30 Romance …. I’d say the best episodes are in this range.. ^^ They finally got together on NEW YEAR!

    31-46 Set back due to his ex-wife again … and also Lou Li’s boyfriend … But no worry. Happy Ending!

    Many sub-cases in between. Lou Li’s parents are funny. Oh, they’re not fond of Hai Dong cuz he’s a divorceee….

    Enjoyable drama … if you understand CH… the whole drama is available on YT. Just search 離婚律師

  2. Wu Xiu Bo, where have you been all my Asian drama watching life? Glad to meet you! (And I think he reminds me more of Robert Downey Jr, but I can see the George Clooney reference in the way he uses his facial muscles and eyes.)

    I love a confident man character where he is not too much of a jerk that he can’t admit mistakes. Very promising start! Thanks for posting on this because it made me take the leap!

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