Fool’s Love: Episode 10 Recap


This was quite the touching episode. I kind of wish it happened earlier than later, but at the same time I understand that there had to be a build-up to get to where we are now – both emotionally and plot-wise.

Kang Chul must know – he needs to know the answer that will will end all debates: does Ho Goo like Do Do Hee?

Yep. He does.

Kang Chul is taken aback, thinking that this is impossible (because in his head Ho Goo is gay). Ho Goo agrees that it is impossible (for how could he covet another man’s woman?!) but he can’t stop liking her. So Kang Chul asks more definitively: “So you like Do Hee more than me?”

It’s not time for us to hear the answer to that question yet, as we go back to Do Hee banging on the door from the outside, demanding to be let in. Kang Chul bursts through the door and stomps away, refusing to talk to Do Hee, and leaving behind the rattle and the four-leaf clover bookmark. He knocks on the van parked too close to his car to tell them to move… and Reporter Go emerges from the backseat. His eyes light up when he sees Do Hee holding a baby, and there’s no way she can hide her identity from him.

Reporter Go asks if that happens to be her baby, to which she denies and says it’s her friend’s baby. Well then, what’s the baby’s name? Do Hee struggles for a name, and Kang Chul remembers Ho Goo’s plea to name the child before it gets adopted. A cat meows in the alley, and Do Hee blurts out, “Geum Dong!” Heh, totally not appropriate name for a baby but okay. Reporter Go is totally skeptical but suddenly Ho Goo comes running over crying “Geum Dong-ah! Geum Dong-ah!!!”


Ho Goo takes the baby from Do Hee’s arms and apologizes for not having arrived sooner. He then tells Kang Chul to get in the car. Kang Chul’s all like, “Me?!” Suddenly he just got saddled into this messy business! As Reporter Go watches on, Ho Goo forces the baby in Kang Chul’s arms and the two of them in Kang Chul’s passenger seat. Then Ho Goo awkwardly drives away in Kang Chul’s car. It ends up being more dangerous than if Kang Chul just drove even with the baby in his lap, that’s how bad of a driver Ho Goo is!

Do Hee and Reporter Go then go to a cafe to chit chat, since they technically haven’t seen each other in a while. He gets her to promise him an interview when she comes back, and suggests that she get married instead of watching other people’s babies. Speaking of which, he has a single cousin! Do Hee declines: “Does he look like you? Oh but I care a lot about guy’s looks. Thank you! Will you look at the time, I must go!” So slick with her insults.

Ho Goo and Kang Chul end up at the observatory parking lot because Ho Goo had no directional sense on where to go. What’s worse is that now Geum Dong just pooped while on Kang Chul’s lap. HEEEEE! They hurry to Kang Chul’s apartment and Ho Goo tries to change the baby on the couch. But the finicky, neat-freak offers the floor instead! So Ho Goo changes the baby on his bed and carelessly throws the poopy diaper away! Next thing we know, Kang Chul is changing his bed sheets.

Do Hee meets with Coach So and learns that the adoptive parents will be picking up the child today as they need to leave the country. They hurry over to Kang Chul’s place and Coach So is super impressed that Do Hee has such a fine-looking and successful friend. All that awe goes away the moment Ho Goo adds that Kang Chul’s the father of the baby.

Look at his smug face as he watches So beat up Kang Chul.

Do Hee helps bandage up Kang Chul’s bruises while Ho Goo and Coach So watch him pitilessly. Coach So is so ready to interrogate Kang Chul once the baby’s parents come over and pick Geum Dong up. And yes, they’ll have to stay in Kang Chul’s home because it’s the only respectable looking house out of all three of them. If that’s going to be the case, Kang Chul restricts them to only “approved” areas, and forbids them from touching his trophies.

Meanwhile Ho Kyung is hurting at home, agonizing over the fact that she just got rejected by her first love. It doesn’t help when she learns from her mother that Ho Goo has a girlfriend who looks a lot like Do Do Hee. She sneaks into her brother’s room and picks through his stuff, looking for anything suspicious. That’s when she finds the rattle. And that’s when she texts Chung Jae and Tae Hee for an explanation.

The two boys cower in fear before her, and are forced to explain that Ho Goo’s night out in Yeosoo and the squid incident were all because of Do Hee. Ho Kyung also figures out that Byun Kang Chul must be involved in the equation as she slowly pieces together the messy love triangle that she stumbled into as well.

A little while later, Kang Chul finds his new guests getting very comfortable in his pad. Coach So has stretched out across the entire couch playing games on his phone. Ho Goo is lying down on Kang Chul’s bed with the baby, because the couch is too small for the two of them to lie down together; Kang Chul can’t refuse Ho Goo at this point because his heart is pounding like crazy for this man. And Do Hee is lying in his bathtub because it’s been ages since she was in such a nice spacious bathtub. She rues the fact that she never got a chance to give Geum Dong a proper bath and suddenly Ho Goo appears in the bathroom, wishing the same thing.

Both of their sad, pouty faces do Kang Chul in, and he finally lets them give Geum Dong a bath. We flashback to earlier in Ho Goo’s house, where Ho Goo replies to Kang Chul’s question: He doesn’t know who he likes more because it’s hard to compare feelings for different people. Ho Goo knows that he’s stuck between Kang Chul and Do Hee (still assuming that the latter two are the parents), so he’s doing everything he can to just be able to see the baby because he loves Geum Dong so much too. Ho Goo’s answers are really really awkward and fitting for the situation that it’s making it so much more emotional for poor Kang Chul.

I can’t believe I am calling him “poor Kang Chul.”

Like new eager parents, Ho Goo and Do Hee gingerly wash Geum Dong up. And against his better judgment, Kang Chul goes to the bathroom to see how things are going. Ho Goo accidentally sets off the shower head and water spills on the floor, so Kang Chul jumps into action and helps warm up the water for the baby. Now all three are bathing the baby!

As Do Hee has never been to Kang Chul’s place before, Ho Goo scolds him lightly for never bringing his “girlfriend” over. Once again, Kang Chul insists he’s not the father, and Do Hee agrees. But because she doesn’t sound convincing, Ho Goo still thinks that Do Hee is covering for him. He makes Kang Chul splash Geum Dong’s weenie, and suddenly the umbilical cord stump falls off! Do Hee and Ho Goo are ecstatic, as they never thought they’d see the day when it would fall off. Now Geum Dong can grow up to be a healthy baby boy!

While Kang Chul freaks out over the “fallen belly button,” Do Hee wraps it up carefully, hoping to give it to the new parents as a keepsake or for the baby’s seal. (Apparently that’s a thing?) As Ho Goo and Do Hee change the baby, all the while singing nursery songs to Geum Dong, Coach So informs her that Director Park wants to see her. It’s time Do Hee put on a lot of make-up to look less like she just gave birth, heh.

Director Park is a formidable woman who is the head of Phoenix agency and makes all of her athletes huge stars. The meeting is to discuss the termination of Do Hee’s contract and to replace it with Han Sung Shil. One of the directors is a huge advocate for Sung Shil, and notes that Do Hee’s had too many rumors surrounding her that the agency had to deny vehemently on her behalf. Sung Shil also argues that “fresh faces” like hers are all the rage nowadays. HAAAAA!

Director Park has only one thing to say in response to the director’s push for a new contract: “As one of the directors of Phoenix, you’d rather trust rumors than your own athlete.” Ooooh. She asks Do Hee if she really gave birth, and Do Hee quietly says no. So Director Park states that if the rumor ends up being true, she will resign from her post. She will not cancel her contract with Do Hee, and she will not sign on Sung Shil. Woo!

Do Hee later visits the director in her office, and apologizes for putting her in a tight spot. But that’s not what Director Park wants to hear – no, she wants to hear Do Hee promise to work harder than ever and win the gold medal. Wow, Director Park is far more nurturing than others portrayed her, and it’s possible that she takes care of Do Hee because she discovered the swimmer in high school, soon after Do Hee’s parents died.

As all of this is going down in the office, the adoptive parents arrive at Kang Chul’s apartment. They want to know about the parents’ backgrounds, and Coach So lies that the mother is a university student who got knocked up by another student studying for his bar exam. Snerk. The dad is happy to hear that his kid has smart parents, while the mom thinks that a pretty face is enough for a girl.

Wait what?

Clearly there is confusion over the gender of the baby. The mother wanted a girl to help around the house, but the father wanted an uncomplicated boy that would be smart and easy to raise. So the father chose Do Hee’s kid without telling his wife! While the adoptive parents fight, Ho Goo pulls Coach So aside to express his concerns over them. He doesn’t feel comfortable giving Geum Dong to them when they treat the child as something like a pet or a work horse. Coach So dismisses his concerns, as it’s greater priority for him to get the baby off Do Hee’s hands before things get more complicated. He sends Ho Goo out to buy a nice big teddy bear for Geum Dong, as he does feel a little guilty now that he never got the child anything.

Ho Goo texts Do Hee to hurry on back, as he’s kind of concerned about the parents still. They bump into each other outside Kang Chul’s apartment just as Ho Goo returns with a big bear, and hurry inside… only to discover that Geum Dong is gone. With the parents. The adoptive parents decided to take him, and Coach So felt it was better that Do Hee didn’t see the baby go. After all, it wouldn’t help if the parents recognized Do Hee.

Surprisingly, even Kang Chul seems kind of disappointed with the way things turned out. He passes Ho Goo with his trash can full of used wipes and that’s when Ho Goo recognizes the handkerchief that held Geum Dong’s umbilical cord. Ho Goo runs out the door, chasing after the parents.

Do Hee is in shock, but she tries to move on by telling Coach So to get her back in shape. She’s worked things out with the agency, and she needs to start training again so she can win the gold as promised. But even though everything’s been restored to “normalcy,” it’s not really normal in Kang Chul’s house. Everyone is in some state of shock because having the baby around was actually kind of… fun.

It was for me at least.

Ho Goo returns that evening insisting that the parents are weird. And he doesn’t mean it in the “everybody’s got their quirks”-weird. He thinks there’s something shady with those parents and wants to look further into the parents, especially since they threw away something so preciious as the umbilical cord stump. In the meantime, he thinks they should also get Geum Dong back.

But Do Hee can’t accept that. It’s easier to get them adopted if they’re newborns. If she takes him back, it’ll be harder to find a parent for him, especially because no one wants boys these days. She can’t give up her future to be on the national team to take care of Geum Dong forever.

Ho Goo puts a lot of value in the umbilical cord though, and starts crying as he fears that they gave Geum Dong to a bad family. Do Hee hides her tears, while Kang Chul and Coach So listen on, heads down.

The guilt is quite the heavy burden.


I loved how this episode showed us what could have been for this dysfunctional family, and made me wish that it happened earlier in the series. I also wish that Ho Kyung found the nerve to go to Kang Chul’s place and confront him about Ho Goo and Do Hee, only to find all of them there bathing a baby instead of coming to blows with one another. It would have made this episode a lot more manic and comedic, and somewhat more fun.

But at the same time I understand the need for a touching episode. We need to emphasize how this baby has affected all these people, and how it has become such an important part of their lives even if they’ve only spent a day with it. It’s awesome that it’s the “fool” who understands the importance of the umbilical cord and truly values the child as a parent should. Others would dismiss the umbilical cord as just something to throw away, but the “foolish” Ho Goo understands the sentimental value.

I do want the series to return to a more zany tone, as I would like to see them finding the baby and all four of them raising it in secret without the reporters or Director Park ever finding out.

On another note – as much as I hated Kang Chul’s character before, he’s becoming more and more of a joke. And Im Seulong is really good at his role.

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One thought on “Fool’s Love: Episode 10 Recap

  1. Really liked hearing your comments. Its so hard to find a recap for this show. And thats a shame because I enjoy this show. It has really taken on a heartwarming tone over the past couple weeks. But its good. On another note, I would love to see more Ho-kyung ane Kang Chul scenes. Ep 9 placed more focus on them and I was loving it.

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