Fool’s Love: Episode 9 Recap


Well doesn’t this get a little awkward. While Do Hee and Ho Goo’s romance heats up, Kang Chul gets a little hot under the collar as well. It’s amazing how we’ve only moved perhaps a week since the birth, and yet these characters have revealed so much to us and changed in many ways.

We rewind a little bit to find Kang Chul racing down the streets in his car, heading straight for Ho Goo’s house – with the help of his assistant getting him the address of course. He finds Ho Goo and Do Hee in the middle of a touching moment, where Do Hee wonders if she could ever love again. It’s a bit sad that she feels she’s a marred woman after all she’s been through, and not worthy of Ho Goo’s love when that’s really not the case at all.

It’s also amazing how neither of them hear Kang Chul drop a whole pot of seaweed soup.

Ho Goo leads Do Hee back into the house, where she can’t stop crying. The last time she couldn’t stop crying was during her parents’ 49th day memorial service. She couldn’t cry during their funeral, but on their 49th day memorial she bawled for three days. Ho Goo imparts some words of wisdom that his father said to him: “Tears are like urine. It’s bad for you to hold them back. You have to release them regularly so you don’t overflow.” HAAAA. Sorry I shouldn’t laugh at this moment, but you made me, show.

Do Hee’s tears wake up her baby and he starts crying. She pats him back to sleep, and so Ho Goo does the same for her, patting her arm until she too falls asleep.

This entire time, Kang Chul has been outside, pretty much stalking them by standing just outside of Ho Goo’s room. He kicks the pot aside, which Ho Goo hears. Curious as to who passed by and made that sound, Ho Goo checks it out and finds his pot. He misses Kang Chul just as the lawyer drives past him to go home.

The following morning, Ok Ryung goes to wake her son up for breakfast but is shocked to find that the door is locked! That’s never happened before! Ho Goo and Do Hee wake with a start and frantically try to figure out the best way to drive his mother away. Just before she can go find the key, Ho Goo warily opens the door, allowing her to push her way in. As she picks up his laundry, she unwittingly grabs a diaper under the pile as well! He reassures his mother that he only locked his door because of thieves at night, grabs the laundry pile (and diaper) from his mother, and dismisses the faint baby’s cry as that of a cat’s meow. She finally returns to the main house, but can’t shake off her suspicion that a girl was there, especially since she noticed a “scent of a woman.”

Ho Goo then lets Do Hee and her baby out of the closet, and the two share a moment of being relieved that they were not found out. But a cat – a really really cute kitten! – interrupts, and the two wake up from their reverie to get ready.

Meanwhile Kang Chul is having a very difficult time. He writes out all of his assumptions and conclusions to try and make sense of it: at first he believes that Ho Goo is gay because he kissed and liked him six years ago. But Ho Goo taking care of Do Hee indicates that he likes Do Hee as well. It makes no sense to him, as how could a gay guy end up going back to girls!? (Clearly, Kang Chul’s never heard of bisexuals…)

In any case, he calls up Do Hee and requests an urgent meeting. This means that Ho Goo needs to take care of the baby again, and he brings it to his office, much to Chung Jae’s annoyance. He can’t stand how he can’t even smoke and let off steam in the office because of the baby, choosing to use his new Do Do Hee cushion as a stress ball instead. Chung Jae insists upon knowing the baby’s identity, not realizing he’s hugging the mother’s cushion on his stomach right now. Ho Goo awkwardly asks if he could get childcare leave then so that he won’t have to be at the office. That gives Chung Jae an aneurysm-at-back-of-neck worthy reaction and he sends Tae Hee and Ho Goo off to clean the office as punishment.

Ho Goo ends up taking his anger out on the empty soda cans because he’s pissed that he’s taking care of Do Hee’s child while she tries to make things up with Kang Chul, the baby’s father. Or so he thinks…

Kang Chul is actually not the baby’s father! He makes it clear with Do Hee that she needs to set that misunderstanding straight with Ho Goo. At the same time he wonders what Do Hee’s relationship with Ho Goo is since the two were clearly too close last night to be “just classmates.” Do Hee wonders if Kang Chul could possibly still like her. Kang Chul wonders if Do Hee has a narcissistic personality disorder. Do Hee wonders if Kang Chul is jealous since there’s no way Kang Chul could possibly be liking Ho Goo. Kang Chul’s eyes bug out and he kicks Do Hee out of his car, denying the impossibility of him liking Ho Goo.

Do Hee heads back to Ho Goo’s studio to find Chung Jae alone with the baby (as the others are busy cleaning outside). When Chung Jae discovers that she’s the mother, he starts railing against her for being so irresponsible and leaving her child at someone else’s workplace. That is, until he realizes she’s his idol swimming champion, and suddenly all is forgiven. Ho Goo wanted that childcare leave? Go ahead! Take it!

Ho Goo brings Do Hee back to his home, encouraging her to stay until the adoption goes through. They don’t realize they got caught by his mother, who came home right behind them. She immediately tells Yong Moo and the two celebrate with some drinks and waltzing in the living room. They also stop Ho Kyung from entering his room to get her comforter again, as no one should disturb Ho Goo while he has a girl over!

Not that anything is happening in his room though… Ho Goo encourages Do Hee to get back together with the father and to name the child, as even the stray cats in his neighborhood were all named by his father. Do Hee takes the opportunity to tell Ho Goo that the baby’s father isn’t Kang Chul. So there’s no reason for Ho Goo to go looking for Kang Chul anymore. And once the baby is given up to its adopted parents, Do Hee won’t be bugging him anymore for help as well.

That doesn’t change things very much though, as Ho Goo still goes over to Kang Chul’s apartment late that night. (He’s the second surprise visitor for Kang Chul that night, the first being his parents who wanted to have tea with him but he had changed the security password so that they can’t just come in any time they want. Papa Byun is so mad at his insolence that he wants to sell the apartment he bought Kang Chul, heh.)Ho Goo introduces Kang Chul to the baby’s rattle, a diaper, and rash cream. He even wants Kang Chul to hold the baby, because he just wants him to get involved with the child rearing even though he’s been told that Kang Chul is not the father!

Ho Goo believes that Kang Chul is still the father, and that Do Hee cares for him so much that she’s hiding his identity from Ho Goo. HAH! Kang Chul’s all, “What kind of imagination do you have here?!” Ho Goo is also making an effort to like Kang Chul because the woman he loves still cares for Kang Chul. That’s oddly sweet and sad at the same time.

Ho Goo also hopes that Kang Chul could give the child a name soon, and leaves the rattle behind. If Kang Chul decides to come visit the baby once at the very least, then he can bring the rattle with him.

We revisit Ho Kyung and see the memories of six years ago from her perspective now: back in high school Ok Ryung had bought her children matching pea coats in different colors. Ho Kyung got a red one, but she wanted Ho Goo’s black one. She threw a fit because no one would let her have it, and in the middle of the night, stole Ho Goo’s black one before going to school. She didn’t realize that she had Ho Goo’s name tag on though, nor did she realize that she would get mistaken for Ho Goo then, and that’s how she ended up in a fight with Ho Goo’s friends and spent the day with Kang Chul.

Thus, confirming all of our suspicions, Ho Kyung really is Kang Chul’s first love and the one who kissed him that night. And that is also why Ho Kyung is still hung up over Kang Chul.

Do Hee wakes up in the middle of the night to find that Ho Goo left with the baby. As she waits outside for them, Ok Ryung catches her standing in front of her house and invites her in. Do Hee apologizes for staying at her friend’s place when he’s not even around, but Ok Ryung is very understanding. After all, Ho Goo’s girlfriend has every right to be at his room! Heh.

Ok Ryung is also surprised that her son managed to get such a pretty girl like Do Hee for a girlfriend, especially since he hasn’t had a great past with dating. That just amuses Do Hee, and she admits that she likes Ho Goo because of his smile. Do Hee never smiles fully, 100%, because she’s always guarded and afraid of getting used. But Ho Goo smiles fully, as if he has nothing to hide, and she really appreciates that. Aww… the seeds of love!

It hurts Do Hee when she learns that his mother likes her, because she realizes how loving his family is and how lucky he is. She’s pretty sure the mother would like her less if she discovers that Do Hee had a child out of wedlock.

The following morning, Kang Chul throws away the rattle, not wanting to visit the baby at all. He bumps into Ho Kyung outside his office, as she’s been stalking him, and she grabs him for a coffee. Following the rules of dating, she tries to lead Kang Chul on to ask her for a second date, but he’s completely uninterested. Ho Kyung gives up all pretense of being ladylike and screams, “Shit, just go out with me!” Hahahaha!

Ho Kyung ends up chasing after Kang Chul outside the cafe. She knows him so well, and knows that he would never take public transportation because he doesn’t like being near other people. But if he continues to shut himself off then he’ll die a lonely man. So Ho Kyung is offering to be his companion, to just be beside him. She won’t bother him, but he still refuses her advances. So she calls him a coward.

Later that day in the office though, Kang Chul does ask if his associate ever takes the public transportation. Clearly Ho Kyung’s comments are bothering him because he doesn’t like being challenged in that way. Gong Mi laughs off Kang Chul’s interest in taking the subway because she too knows that he’d never submit himself to being with other people. He needs to have his own personal set of everything, and will probably die locked up in his own house.

Now he’s practically been insulted and called a coward twice. Kang Chul won’t have it! He hurries to grab the rattle out of the trash.

Meanwhile, Do Hee’s coach is returning to Seoul after his training sessions and the adoptive parents have also been decided. She packs up all the belongings and notices the rattle missing. Ho Goo wants to go out with her and meet the adoptive parents, but Do Hee doesn’t want him too. She seems to want a clean break, but Ho Goo seems to be holding on one last chance to keep the baby here instead of sending it away.

Suddenly Kang Chul arrives, and he’s here for Ho Goo. And he wants questions answered.


Well this isn’t going to be awkward. I’m hoping that the next episode just clears everything up because it’s about time they just end the confusion between Ho Goo and Ho Kyung. It’s getting a little crazy, and poor Kang Chul is going to have quite the identity crisis – not unlike Gong Yoo in Coffee Prince. 

In any case, I find it very interesting that Kang Chul is not the father anymore. Revisiting the dialogue from the hospital and it’s clear that the conversation could have gone two ways. The first interpretation that Kang Chul is the father makes sense, but it could have also been equally possible that Do Hee went to him for advice, and he told her to get an abortion. Why she goes to him for advice is still unanswered, especially since she doesn’t seem very friendly with him. But perhaps Do Hee recognizes that they’re very alike – loner types who shield themselves from the world. Perhaps Do Hee felt that Kang Chul would best know how to deal with the situation for people of their status. If she had gone to Ho Goo from the get-go, she probably never would have thought of having an abortion in the first place, and might have been encouraged to enter a loveless marriage with the father.

I really wonder who the father is now…

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