CASTING UPDATE: Misfires and Hires


It’s like picking season in K-drama land these days because every other day is another person being offered a role or confirmed for something. It’s kind of hard to keep track, so here’s a guide on what’s going on for upcoming shows in 2015!


Dr. Frankenstein

  • Kim Soo Hyun was offered. He declined.
  • Yoo Ah In was offered. He finally declined.
  • It’s supposed to start sometime in May after Unkind Women on KBS, but so far it only has the writer, Kim Tae Hee, attached.

Who Are You – School 2015

  • Allow me to say that I don’t really understand the title. Why can’t it just be School 2015 if it’s following the School franchise?
  • It’s looking at an April broadcast on KBS and hasn’t even started casting yet, so now it’s in a huge rush to find available actors. It will air after Blood and before Hello Monster.
  • Two new screenwriters who only have drama specials under their names will be jointly writing this series: Kim Hyun Jung and Kim Min Jung. The director will be Baek Sang Hoon (Secret – the one with Hwang Jung Eum and Ji Sung).

Hello Monster

  • Lee Jin Wook has been offered the lead role as a criminal profiler with supernatural powers. He has not yet confirmed, despite conflicting reports.
  • Jang Nara has been offered the lead female role, which means she’s the one stalking Lee Jin Wook. She’s still thinking about it.
  • Lee Chun Hee has also been offered a role. He would play a team leader with the perfect credentials. Because he’s perfect.
  • Also this drama could be pushed to sometime in late May or June to accommodate for Who Are You – School 2015.

Ex-Girlfriends’ Club


  • Song Ji Hyo (Emergency Couple) and Byun Yo Han (Misaeng) are confirmed to star in tvN’s upcoming romantic comedy in May.
  • The drama is about a webtoon writer who writes about his ex-girlfriends, and then meets a female film producer who will turn his work into a movie.
  • Hwa Young, formerly of T-ara, has reportedly been offered a role as one of the ex-girlfriends but she has not yet confirmed to be a part of it.

Jeju-do Gatsby

  • Kim Woo Bin and Kang Sora are still huge maybes to join the cast in the lead roles.
  • What has happened though is that the Hong Sisters have changed the title to “맨도롱 또똣”. I don’t know how to translate this really, but it’s supposed to mean “Good warm feelings” in the Jeju Island dialect. There’s probably a pun in here somewhere. I liked the original title better – more straightforward.

Sensory Couple

  • After all the talks of Yoochun being paired off with SuzyShin Se Kyung has taken over as the girl who can see smells. That’s hilarious considering in Blade Man she was the girl whom Lee Dong Wook couldn’t stop smelling.
  • Hong Jong Hyun was under consideration. Looks like not anymore.
  • Namgoong Min and Yoon Jin Seo have been added to the cast as a world-class chef and elite profiler respectively.
  • Choi Tae Joon (Ugly Alert, Padam Padam) has been cast in a detective role as well.



  • Soo Ae and Joo Ji Hoon have been offered lead roles in this drama, but neither have yet confirmed.
  • Choi Ho Chul (Secret Love) will write and Bu Sung Chul (Heirs) will direct this May drama, which will follow Sensory Couple. It’s pretty much a melodrama about people who wear masks to hide their true selves, and how Soo Ae’s character somehow enters the world of chaebols.

The Scholar Walking at Night

  • Han Groo is in talks to star as the female lead.
  • And so is Park Hae Jin – he’s in talks to be the titular Scholar who happens to be a vampire.

Descended From the Sun

 That Time I Loved You, 7000 Days


  • Korea is remaking yet another Taiwanese drama, In Time With You, which starred Ariel Lin and Bolin Chen. This time it gives it a little more unwieldy title though.
  • The drama is looking to cast Ha Ji Won, and she’s reviewing the offer quite positively. That’s cool – I kind of find Ariel Lin and Ha Ji Won vaguely similar.
  • The drama will air on SBS perhaps in the summer of 2015.

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