Han Groo considers ‘The Scholar Walking at Night’


Yet another vampire-based drama is coming to life – this time on MBC – with The Scholar Walking at Night. Because, you know, human scholars wouldn’t be walking around at night. Han Groo (Marriage Not Dating) has been approached to star as the female lead of this historical fantasy.

The drama is based off a web comic by Jo Joo Hee and Han Seung Hee, and will be written by Jang Hyun Joo, who did Coffee Prince and Paradise Ranch. Those were two very vastly different quality dramas, and so I’m really not sure what to expect on the writing for this drama. Set to direct is Lee Sung Joon (The Moon that Embraces the Sun), and the drama will be produced by Content K, which is a subsidiary of Keyeast Entertainment.

Should she accept the role, Han Groo would be playing the daughter of a former noble-class family who has fallen from grace, and she ends up dressing as a man to sell books. That’s when she meets an incredibly attractive scholar who walks around at night. He happens to be a vampire, and as the drama unfolds it is revealed that there are evil vampires in the palace – perhaps trying to take over the world!

Just kidding about the last bit.


At one point it seemed that Kim Soo Hyun would also be considering this drama, since he is also from Keyeast Entertainment, but it looks more and more likely that Park Hae Jin (Doctor Stranger) would be taking on the role. And honestly, I’d like to see Park Hae Jin as a vampire more than Kim Soo Hyun, as he’s quite a tall drink of water who’d look fantastic with some fangs.

The Scholar Walking at Night is set to follow Jeju-do Gatsby in July, so casting is pretty tentative so far. Hopefully Han Groo and Park Hae Jin will confirm quite soon, as that seems to be a pretty good cast to me. Just not too sure about the writing of the drama though…

sources: osen, tvreport


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