Fool’s Love: Episode 8 Recap


Lots of confusion ensues for the characters, but at least some misunderstandings do clear up. In any case, I feel that this episode was just a set up for some more angst to come in the future episodes.

It’s to Ho Goo’s surprise when Kang Chul shakes his hand and remembers his name. To him, he can’t believe that the school president and most popular guy in his class actually remembers him. But it doesn’t matter because they have important things to discuss. Such as, what happened that night.

Oh boy – so how many ways can this get misunderstood?

First, Kang Chul shoos his assistant and colleague out of the room so that he and Ho Goo may speak in peace. Ho Goo can’t stop thinking about the night he overheard Do Hee blaming Kang Chul for not wearing a condom, while Kang Chul thinks he’s referring to the night they kissed. He can’t believe Ho Goo would have tracked him down to confront him about that “insignificant day from six years ago.” While I would have tripped up over the “six years ago” part, Ho Goo is more disturbed by the “insignificant day” part.

Ho Goo demands that Kang Chul take responsibility. Cue Kang Chul’s freaked out face of having to take responsibility over Ho Goo for a kiss. Angry, Ho Goo swings a punch at Kang Chul’s face, but this time his rival is ready for it and dodges. Ho Goo clumsily falls on the couch, and the ruckus attracts Gong Mi and Tae Hee’s attention outside. Holding the baby awkwardly, Tae Hee stands in front of the door, blocking Gong Mi from entering. (She’s clearly not that strong nor willing to push a man holding a baby aside.)

Kang Chul insists that he had no feelings that night (the night they kissed), which makes Ho Goo even more angry (because he thinks Kang Chul was irresponsibly having sex). They scuffle a bit more, each time Ho Goo getting more and more hurt as he falls and breaks all of Kang Chul’s things. Ho Goo then sees the four-leaf clover bookmark on the floor, and seeing it makes him believe that Kang Chul’s been cherishing that gift from Do Hee all this time.

Except, Kang Chul thinks Ho Goo will think that he’s been cherishing Ho Goo’s “gift” all this time. The misunderstanding seriously gets out of hand and finally Kang Chul lands a punch on Ho Goo’s nose.

Ding ding ding! The fight is over.

Tae Hee treats Kang Chul’s bloody nose at the pharmacy and tsks over Ho Goo’s inability to fight. But Ho Goo lost all will to fight when he saw that clover bookmark because it seemed to cement the idea that Kang Chul and Do Hee really cared for each other but just stubbornly won’t go to each other. He thinks back to the day when Do Hee first found the nude picture of herself and how he tried to apologize. But Do Hee wouldn’t let him because she didn’t want to talk to a “loser” like him. What a way to make a guy feel even more guilty. Distracted by the thought of her, he ends up filling his sketchbook with some more flattering drawings of her. He tries to muster up the courage to apologize to her, but never gets to because his friends call him away for a ball game. That’s when he witnesses Do Hee giving the clover bookmark to Kang Chul.

Ho Goo returns to the motel and finds Do Hee a bit distraught. She couldn’t locate them and was worried about where they went! Ho Goo is undeniably touched that Do Hee was worried about him, even though she pretends she was more worried about her baby than anything else. She notices his bloodied nose and doesn’t buy his story of having “fallen down.” “You picked your nose, didn’t you?” Do Hee assumes instead. Haha – she has such an innocent way of assuming everything.

Gong Mi informs Kang Chul that she can have the police look into Ho Goo and Tae Hee, since she believes they were hired to assault Kang Chul after the single-mother case he handled. But Kang Chul pulls the police off of it, as he knows the issue is more personal than that. He thinks back to what happened when he got back home after playing hooky. His father had hit him with a slipper and then started firing a bunch of questions on where he was all day. When Mr. Byun smells the alcohol on his son, he’s ready to give him a beating!

Except Professor Mok beat him to it: she splashed her drink on Kang Chul’s face. “Are you sober now? If so, go upstairs and listen to your lectures.”

Even Mr. Byun is scared of his wife. And that was the last time Kang Chul ever rebelled against his parents again. He made an effort to always ignore Ho Goo in school, and avoid him as much as possible. Of course, Ho Goo has no idea about this since he wasn’t the one who kissed Kang Chul! But it all works out more or less for the rest of their high school years together… until now.

Ho Goo and Do Hee take a break from the crying baby, who’s now asleep, on the motel’s patio. He tries to give her back her medal, but she lets him keep it. It’s her way of settling the debts between them, as she owes him greatly. She also doesn’t want it back because she wants to win the gold medal next time. That is when Ho Goo learns that she plans to give the baby up for adoption.

Coach So returns to the room with a lot of food, including more burgers and pig’s feet and more expensive meats. However Do Hee doesn’t get to eat them much because she spends most of the time dealing with her postpartum cramps. Ho Goo wonders if they’re not feeding her proper food, and the dimwitted So thinks that he’s doing the best for Do Hee.

With that, Ho Goo hurries home to make some seaweed soup for her.

Meanwhile his sister is still agonizing over her encounter with Do Hee the night before. She’s incredibly embarrassed, mainly because she saw her date’s ex-girlfriend when she was at her shabbiest (track suit and no make-up). Not that Do Hee knows who Ho Kyung is though, but that doesn’t matter to her.

Ho Kyung spends breakfast moping about her situation, and she ends up asking Ho Goo what a guy means when he says a girl is the second prettiest girl in the world. Haaaaa… the love expert asking the love virgin. Ho Goo can tell that his sister really likes the guy and suggests that she pursue the guy for the second date. It’s better to act first rather than to leave the feelings to harden and crumble away.

At least for Tae Hee and Chung Jae though, things are looking up! Their second season of the webtoon just launched, and it’s getting a whole lot of mixed reviews from people loving it to people hating it completely. They get the dreaded call from the manager… who happily informs them that they’ve extended season 2! Chung Jae and team are still in business! And for that, Chung Jae treats his team and Ho Kyung to some fine sashimi at the squid restaurant.

Ho Kyung is surprised that she was invited when all she does is insult the guys (which Chung Jae calls a form of encouragement). Tae Hee then asks after Ho Kyung’s date (breaking Chung Jae’s heart just a little bit), and she asks them what kind of texts they’d like to hear from the girl they like. Tae Hee types out the message for her: “Kang Chul, I miss you. Ppuing ppuing!” Ho Kyung scoffs – what a cheesy message!

Chung Jae suddenly exclaims, “Why is this so spicy?!” and it scares Ho Kyung that her finger slips… and the message is sent. Woops…

She quickly calls Gong Mi to ask her to delete the message, since she knows Gong Mi usually has all of her boss’s cell phones. Except it just so happens that he’s working from home today so she has none of them! Aaaaand… he’s not impressed by her message.

Kang Chul then gets a visitor, and he’s flabbergasted to find that it’s Ho Goo! Carrying a huge pot! Ho Goo has come to the conclusion that for everyone to be happy, Kang Chul needs to make a sacrifice. He lifts the pot’s lid, and Kang Chul dives to the floor, thinking that it was a bomb! Hahaha! Everyone stares at him oddly, thinking that Kang Chul must really hate seaweed soup so much to run away from it.

At least the truth kind of comes out this time – Ho Goo tells Kang Chul to bring the seaweed soup to Do Hee, since she needs to have it after childbirth, as a way of making amends. Only now does Kang Chul realize that Ho Goo tracked him down because he knew Kang Chul was the father. Some more thinking that night brings him to the conclusion that Ho Goo must really like Do Hee.

It’s honestly kind of cute to see Kang Chul in complete denial over this. Ho Goo can’t like Do Hee, because he’s supposed to like him! Otherwise what was that kiss six years ago for?!

After his visit to Kang Chul’s apartment, he heads back home to find Coach So waiting outside with the baby. Reporter Go had staked out the neighborhood Do Hee was at, and Coach So deemed it unsafe to stay in that motel anymore. It was also a good thing that Do Hee had left for the market so she and Reporter Go didn’t cross paths. Since Ho Goo’s room is a basement, secluded from the rest of the neighborhood, it makes a really good hiding spot for the baby. Coach So leaves the baby there, as Do Hee plans to stop by and pick up her child that night.

That evening, Do Hee wanders around outside the house, unsure where to find Ho Goo. She nearly runs into Ho Kyung returning home and hides just in time before someone could recognize her. Curious as to why a girl just went into that house, she finally calls up Ho Goo, and he finds her standing outside his room through his window that shows the street. He packs up all of the baby’s belongings for her, and she notes how private and secluded his room is. It’s literally the best place to hide.

Ho Goo blurts out, “Do you want to spend the night?” After all it is late, and she can just rest up in his super-safe room. Nothing has ever happened in his room too! (Haaaa the double entendre there.) He sneaks into his sister’s room to grab her spare sheets, not that she’s really paying attention since she’s still thinking about Kang Chul, and gives Do Hee the bed to sleep on.

At first he plans to go to Tae Hee’s for the night, but Do Hee sets up his sheets on the floor next to her bed. Now it’s perfectly safe for the two of them to spend the night together! Late that evening, as she’s falling asleep, Do Hee thanks Ho Goo for going to Yeosoo with her because she gave him a really happy and fun memory to keep forever. She is also glad that he had no intentions of dating her even though they kissed because she feels more like a jerk now after having another man’s baby.

Ho Goo courageously replies, “I had no desire to date you because I wanted to love you. Because that’s what I wanted to do with you.” Do Hee isn’t exactly asleep, so she hears every word he says. She gets up to go to the bathroom soon after his confession, which makes him cringe over how cheesy he must’ve sounded to her.

But Do Hee only ends up right outside his window and starts sobbing heavily. Ho Goo goes outside to comfort her, wondering if she’s in pain or feeling lost at not being able to find the bathroom. But it’s not that at all. The guilt of it all is just crashing down on her, and she feels horrible for being terrible to a guy who does nothing but care for her.

Ho Goo crouches next to her and cradles her in his arms, letting her cry it all out.

And of all people, Kang Chul, carrying that heavy pot of seaweed soup, witnesses the touching scene. And he’s not happy.


This was a relatively slow week plot wise I feel, but we definitely get to learn more about Kang Chul and Ho Kyung. I think the love square is becoming even more complicated in a very interesting way, and while I can see the drama simply trying to untangle all the misunderstandings, I’m also hoping we see Do Hee compete to win the gold and decide to raise the child herself. After all, Do Hee and Ho Goo are forming stronger ties to the baby every day.

I don’t have much to say about this episode, as I feel not as much happens except to protract and clarify some misunderstandings. On to the next week!

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  1. Thanks for the recap^^ This kdrama is so funny.
    I cant wait for Kang Chul to discover who really is his “Ho Goo” XDD The OTP es sooo cute

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