Fool’s Love: Episode 7 Recap


So the big question for me is, ‘Does Kang Chul really think he’s gay, or does he really not know about Ho Kyung?’ Because as an outside viewer of this drama, you just know Kang Chul mistook Ho Kyung for Ho Goo. You just don’t know why.

While we know that Kang Chul’s first love is Ho Goo (or so he thinks!), Ho Goo’s first love is Do Hee. That is, until he sees her adorable baby boy and can’t help but love the kid even if it looks like his enemy. He watches the baby boy wake up the next morning, and Do Hee catches him in the middle of his baby talk. Heh, it’s cute how the two revert to baby talk with each other because of the baby’s presence, and then have to remember to not do that.

Coach So stayed over in the motel room as well, and starts off on this hilarious bit of not understanding what a “webtoon” is, but only draws the important conclusion that Ho Goo is practically unemployed. He later takes Ho Goo out for burgers as a way of trying to buy his silence. Ho Goo understands Do Hee’s position as a celebrity and how a child born out of wedlock could ruin her reputation, so he promises to never speak of her situation out loud with reporters and other really nosy people.

Unfortunately, no matter how careful they may be, the sneaky Reporter Go has already tracked them down to the correct neighborhood. Coach So hurries back to the motel and calls up the agency to help them field the reporters away, but then hears that Director Park – the big boss – wants to speak with Do Hee immediately.

Meanwhile, Kang Chul reminisces on the day he fell in love with Ho Goo. He had been on his way to school after being dropped off by his chauffeur and saw Ho Goo step off the bus all covered up with his scarf and hood, and a bright red pair of headphones on his head. Now this we know to be the usual get-up of Ho Kyung, but it’s still a mystery why she’s wearing Ho Goo’s name tag. (Perhaps a mix up of blazers and pins in the morning?)

Young Bae and Ho Goo’s other classmates playfully attack Ho Kyung in the morning, which pisses her off and she sends them all flying in different directions with her roundhouse kicks and super martial arts skills. Kang Chul can’t help but stare in awe, rationalizing that “Ho Goo” must have reached his snapping point after being bullied all this time. He’s so amazed that he doesn’t even realize that Ho Goo’s kimchi lunch spilled over his shirt.

Ho Kyung, whom I guess I should refer to as “Ho Goo,” notices the stains and apologizes, and then offers to help him get it cleaned. Kang Chul, the ever obedient student, doesn’t want to be late for school, but “Ho Goo” taunts him, “Who cares? You’re the one who’s scared, you nerd.” Kang Chul doesn’t like being taunted or bested like that, especially by a classmate whom he looks down on. So he runs after “Ho Goo” and follows “him” to the dad’s manhwa shop.

While Yong Moo starts cleaning up the stain on Kang Chul’s shirt, “Ho Goo” reads the latest volume of the Elize manhwa. Kang Chul can’t believe that “Ho Goo” is such a slacker, but what’s worse is when he realizes that Yong Moo made the stain worse! As an apology, yet again, “Ho Goo” takes Kang Chul to “his” mother, where Ok Ryung works in a tailor’s shop. The other older ladies there can’t help but admire Kang Chul’s biceps and strong shoulders, inappropriately touching his arms. Keke.

Ok Ryung fixes up his shirt… by covering the stain with a dragon patch! HAH. As if it couldn’t get any worse! At this point Kang Chul’s furious at “Ho Goo” and himself for having followed “him” all the way here. The stain – which was so minor in comparison – was something he would have lived with.

Kang Chul goes out to catch a cab, but a random thief on a motorcycle steals his bag all of a sudden. “Ho Goo” sees the thief and starts chasing him on foot, leaving Kang Chul all alone in an unfamiliar neighborhood, penniless. He wanders around the streets, starving and staring at others having lunch, hoping to find “Ho Goo” again.

Back in the present, Kang Chul enters his office and sees Gong Mi with a newly-formed zit on her jaw. It forces him to do a double-take, because now he wonders if he’s seen Gong Mi before in their past. Flashback to the past, and we see Kang Chul sitting alone on the swings in a park, watching a group of tough looking high school girls trying to learn cool hip-hop dance moves.

One of the girls notices him smirking at them, and it’s… Gong Mi! With a huge pimple on her forehead! She confronts him, and Kang Chul (coward that he is) quickly denies ever laughing at them. She’s not impressed by his smooth words, saying, “What are you going to be when you grow up, an accountant?!” Clearly Gong Mi is not smart… She picks at her pimple for a bit, then starts flicking Kang Chul’s forehead. Disgusted, he’s quickly pushes her away and cries, “It’s not an accountant! It’s a lawyer!”

Gong Mi slowly rises from the ground and raises her fist. Kang Chul’s going to get it! But before she can punch him, “Ho Goo” returns to interrupt the scene. Such great timing! Kang Chul is so grateful he ends up hugging “Ho Goo” out of relief.

Back to the present and Gong Mi is trying desperately to pop her pimple. Ho Kyung arrives in the hopes of seeing Kang Chul but he’s currently not in his office. She’s feeling terrible because he hasn’t texted or called her once since their first date, and she’s trying to secure the second date. No matter how much of an expert Ho Kyung is, I guess she’s still susceptible to the game like everyone else. Gong Mi wonders if Kang Chul could be gay, but it’s impossible since he did have an ex-girlfriend come to his office once.

The two girls go out for lunch, and Ho Kyung confirms with Gong Mi that Kang Chul once went out with Do Hee in high school. That’s it – game over for Ho Kyung! That’s what Gong Mi believes at least. After all, how could Ho Kyung compare to the perfection that is Do Hee, especially since she was probably his first love and first kiss.

That could be true… if we hadn’t gone back to that night in the park. Kang Chul hungrily wolfs down instant ramen, and he and “Ho Goo” end up sharing an unopened bottle of beer. “Ho Goo” gets particularly tipsy while Kang Chul just gets sleepy. However, he does notice how nice “Ho Goo’s” hands are. He forces him to declare that he likes girls, since watching “Ho Goo” on the swings is starting to make him confused, but “Ho Goo” doesn’t seem impressed that Kang Chul made such a weak confession.

Eventually “Ho Goo” walks Kang Chul home, and even though Kang Chul is grateful he reminds “Ho Goo” not to act like they’re friends when they go back to school the next day. Because even though they spent the day playing hooky together, they’re not friends! “Ho Goo” turns away but trips over “his” own shoelaces. It’s a struggle to tie them up, and somewhat pathetic, so Kang Chul takes pity and ties it up for “him.”

That’s when “Ho Goo” kisses him. As a thank you present. Kang Chul’s heart beats rapidly, and because his heart never raced so much before for anyone else, it’s prevented him from dating anyone else. Because no one can top “Ho Goo.” It’s partly why he’s touched when the real Ho Goo gives him the 4-leaf clover bookmark that fell from Do Hee’s book, and why he’s kept it all these years.

Wow will he be in for a surprise when he discovers it’s Ho Kyung he kissed…

Now back to Do Hee and Ho Goo… Coach So wants Do Hee to go to the agency, and he’ll leave the baby to the motel owner downstairs to babysit. But when they go to the old man, he and Ho Goo are horrified to see how careless and unreliable the old man is. Can they really leave the baby with him?! Coach So and Do Hee think they have no choice but have to, especially since Do Hee has no family to turn to.

So Ho Goo offers to babysit in the meantime while Coach So and Do Hee do the things they have to do.

That also means that Ho Goo has to bring the baby to the studio. Tae Hee freaks out at the presence of the baby, and is especially annoyed that Ho Goo kind of got suckered into watching the baby. On top of that, Chung Jae hates babies, so they need to do something about the boy before Chung Jae gets back.

But you know how when you speak of the devil, he’ll always show up? Chung Jae arrives and is suspicious over why Tae Hee and Ho Goo are standing in front of the mattress. A quick look behind their backs and they’re in big trouble.

At the agency, Do Hee tries to find a way to apologize for not returning to work so soon after her surgery. She then overhears a news broadcast of her rival, Han Sung Shil, winning the gold once again. During the interview part, Sung Shil admits it is easy to win the gold even if her rival were around, and describes Do Hee as the “face” of the team rather than a real athlete.

Do Hee ends up talking to Manager Yang instead, who is NOT happy with her at all. Neither is Director Park, but he’s not in the country to tell her so. They tell her to lie low for now until they call her back. As she leaves the office, she bumps into Kang Chul, who happens to represent her agency and is present for a meeting.

The two of them have a quick chat on the rooftop and Kang Chul wonders what she’s done with the baby. Do Hee reminds him it’s none of his business since he didn’t want anything to do with the child, but she does reveal that she’s putting it up for adoption next week. Then, Kang Chul asks if she’s been in contact with Ho Goo lately.

Do Hee is surprised he’s asking after Ho Goo since he is not one to keep in contact with anyone. Kang Chul tries to say that he’s just looking for another classmate, but Do Hee scoffs. She can see right through him. He is looking for Ho Goo because he got engaged and wants more monetary gifts at his wedding, doesn’t he?! That’s why he’s looking for every “friend” he can find! Hah – I like how this is Do Hee’s impression of him, and I like even more that Do Hee seems protective of Ho Goo that she won’t tell Kang Chul where her friend is.

In any case, her friend is having a hard time figuring out why the baby is crying. Ho Goo wonders if the baby pooped again, even though it pooped less than an hour ago, but they check anyways. One whiff confirms it all – the baby TOTALLY pooped. Tae Hee and Ho Goo frantically pull out the dirty diaper and clean up the mess. Unable to find a clean diaper, Tae Hee randomly grabs Chung Jae’s clean underwear hanging on the side table to use. HAH! Chung Jae gets so mad he finds the proper diaper and gingerly slips it under the baby’s tushy. Things are looking okay now…

… Not really. When the baby is finally cleaned up, swaddled, and sleeping, the three men are exhausted, surrounded by a pile of dirty diapers and random baby junk. Chung Jae has had it, and he orders the two of them to get out with the baby. With nowhere else to go, Tae Hee and Ho Goo wander through the streets finding someplace where they can stay warm with the baby.

Meanwhile, as Do Hee leaves the agency she bumps into Sung Shil, who’s tried to pretty herself with some makeup and a flower headband in her hair. Sung Shil was recently recruited by Do Hee’s agency because she’s been winning so many medals, so she’s here to sign a contract. Of course, she’s also heard rumors that Do Hee got fired and had a baby, but Do Hee denies it all. Sung Shil comments, “[Your child] should be a girl, because she’d be really pretty if she looked like you. But don’t let her swim because she’d be so popular, she’d do more photo shoots than swim.” Ouch.

Do Hee replies, “If you have a daughter, make sure she swims. If she looks like you, she has to swim because that will be her only way of making a living.” Sung Shil agrees with that, but only when Do Hee leaves does she realize that Do Hee just insulted her. HAAAA…

Also – kinda awesome to see Lee Chung Ah as volleyball star player Yang Eun Bi on the poster behind them. (Yang Eun Bi was Lee’s character in Flower Boy Ramen Shop.)

Tae Hee and Ho Goo nearly run into Ho Kyung at a squid restaurant, but they quickly escape with the baby before she sees them. Ho Kyung is wallowing in misery over why Kang Chul isn’t contacting her, and drinking her sorrow away. With nowhere to go, Tae Hee complains that it’s all Kang Chul’s fault for not taking responsibility. At that thought, Ho Goo gets even more angry with Kang Chul for being so irresponsible, and so he takes them all to find Kang Chul and leave the baby with him.

Ho Goo is so determined on his mission that he doesn’t even get Do Hee’s calls, wondering where he is so she can pick up her baby. She bumps into a very very drunk Ho Kyung, who trips over her untied shoelaces. Do Hee helps Ho Kyung up, and that’s when Ho Kyung says, “It’s all because of that wench, Do Hee!” Erm, awkward?

Ho Goo barges into Kang Chul’s office while he’s in a meeting with another lawyer, disregarding Gong Mi’s protests. Kang Chul is shocked to find that his first love has actually found him first, and even more so to see Ho Goo hold his hand outstretched and say with such hostility, “Nice to see you again Byun Kang Chul.”

Kang Chul shakes Ho Goo’s hands, dropping the 4-leaf clover bookmark.

Ho Kyung looks up to see her savior’s face and realizes it’s none other than Do Hee.


It’s the awkward foursome! I think it’s high time we hear Ho Kyung’s side of the story. She ends the episode by saying, “My name is Ho Kyung. Kang Ho Kyung.” It just underlines even further the theme of identity and how the two siblings are reaffirming themselves. I’m hoping that the ruse of the switched name tags is revealed soon. In fact, I thought it’d be revealed in this episode but I guess I’ll have to wait a little longer. While I don’t mind Kang Chul agonizing over his first love, I do want him to move on and learn that Ho Kyung is the one he’s been after all this time. He wants a woman who can challenge him, and I want to see more of the back-and-forth these two had during their first date.

It’ll just make for a really awkward family reunion if Kang Chul and Ho Kyung pair off, and Do Hee and Ho Goo raise Kang Chul’s son together.

Also – hoping this baby gets named soon. He’s so cute!

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