‘Producers’ Casts Cha Tae Hyun, Gong Hyo Jin Maybe


Casting rumors are just flying about! While we have Kim Soo Hyun in one corner debating on whether to take the lead role or not for Producers, we also have IU being thrown around as his female lead, Cha Tae Hyun confirmed to star, and Gong Hyo Jin perhaps to join the cast as well. This is really shaping up into a very interesting, solid cast.

Let’s go with what we do know for sure: Cha Tae Hyun has confirmed to star as an 8-year veteran PD of variety shows in the drama that’s all about the behind the scenes of variety show making. His current experience on 2 Days 1 Night should certainly come in handy! Cha has not been in a drama since 2012 with Jeon Woo Chi on KBS. He has done several movies though, including the upcoming ‘My New Sassy Girl’ opposite Victoria Song (f(x)), which is supposed to be a sequel to the original ‘My Sassy Girl’. (I’m internally “eeeek”-ing here.)

In any case, we now move on to the speculations. There are a few conflicting reports, but it’s safe to say that IU (Pretty Man, You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin) is being offered a lead female role as a celebrity who’s been in the business for 10 years already, and is nicknamed the ‘Ice Princess’ for her lack of kindness and inability to forge deep connections with other people. IU hasn’t confirmed taking on the role, though if she does she could be reunited with her Dream High co-star Kim Soo Hyun – who is still unconfirmed.

And finally we have Gong Hyo Jin, who’s been offered the role of a 10-year veteran PD on music programs. Her character is described as an unusual woman who seems to have undergone some difficulty early in her career that attributed to her change in personality to become a more prickly, disagreeable person. Gong Hyo Jin just starred in a play ‘Educating Rita’ after her successful It’s Okay That’s Love. That drama made me a fan of her again, and I’d love to see her with a similar spunk in her new drama role.

With this cast line-up it’s kind of easy to say that this will be a very interesting drama. You have two veteran actors as sort of second leads to the younger actors, which to me means that the drama will always be interesting: that even if we move away from the main actors in a scene, the supporting cast would be so strong that they’d keep my attention in the moment. The drama will potentially air in April (perhaps April 17th) and be a Friday/Saturday broadcast.

sources: mydaily, isplus, newsen


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