Yoo Ah In Out, Lee Jin Wook In


Yoo Ah In is no longer going to be in Doctor Frankenstein, as had previously been assumed. And he’s taking that May KBS time slot with him because now the production seems to have been pushed back in favor of another ‘monster-esque’ drama, Hello Monster. And that drama will star Lee Jin Wook.

I have no idea what’s up with ‘monster’ dramas of late, but in any case Lee Jin Wook is said to be confirmed (or, in some reports, unconfirmed) to star as a criminal profiler with superhero-esque powers. Somehow the fact that he used to be a consultant for the NYPD adds credence to the fact that he’s a top notch profiler; clearly Korean drama world doesn’t exactly follow international news since the NYPD doesn’t have that stellar of a reputation these days…

In any case, he’s supposed to fall in love with a woman who stalks him. That’s kinda scary, and on par for what we’d expect in K-dramas. But still scary. This romance thriller – if it veers more towards the side of thriller – kind of reminds me of the BBC show Luther starring Idris Elba. (Excellent show by the way.) In Luther though, the main titular character is more of a reckless detective who doesn’t abide by the rules, and finds himself entangled with a psychopathic killer who stalks him and is in love with him.

Maybe this girl won’t be a psychopath, although I think it’d be really cool if she were. More drama!

Lee Jin Wook’s lately been in more cable dramas, with The Three Musketeers, Nine Time Travels, and I Need Romance 2012 in the past three years. His last KBS drama was Spy Myung Wol. Meanwhile, Yoo Ah In is going to bide his time a little longer before he appears in a drama again. Guess we won’t see the Sungkyunkwan boys together on TV anytime soon

Since Doctor Frankenstein lost its lead and hasn’t secured a director just yet, Hello Monster takes its place on KBS and will follow Blood in May. Hello Monster will be written by Kwon Ki Young (All About My Romance, Protect the Boss – both decidedly more lighthearted than a thriller) and directed by No Sang Hoon (Queen of the Workplace).

sources: tvreport, osen, isplus



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