An Open Letter to Gu Hye Sun in Blood


Dear Gu Hye Sun,

I have a few problems with your role in Blood.

I just watched the first four episodes of Blood and I have to say you’re probably the most annoying character in the show. I actually like LUUVY more than you, even the annoying and dorky Gerrard Kim (Gong Jung Hwan) who tries to impress you and speak random phrases in English, more than you.

And yet I really enjoyed you in Angel Eyes, where you played an EMT. Granted, your character was very different there despite the similar medical career, but at least you knew how to scale down and control your emotions. It feels like we’ve taken 10 steps backward with this role. What happened?


Why did you become so annoying? In my opinion, you’re too emotional. Yes, there’s such a thing as over-acting. You can’t keep a lid on your emotions as someone who goes from petulant to overly attached to acting snobbish. You’re acting like a brat – but you’re not a brat, which is a crucial difference when it comes to having sympathy towards your character or cringing every time you come onscreen. Since you are the same spoiled Yoo Chae Yeon from years ago, you should be demanding but not so childish. You’re an adult now. And if you are supposed to act childish (per the director’s direction), then you have a terrible director and writer in your hands. But beyond that, I expected more from you, Gu Hye Sun.

Stop ending your sentences on a high note as if you’re constantly asking a question. Be forceful, and less cute, because then it shows that you’re used to getting your way. I have no idea how a girl who sounds like a spoiled Valley Girl and got her way in through nepotism earns respect in the hospital, other than if she had actual skills as a surgeon. And there are signs that show she is. But it’s hard to see that in her when you act like a kid all the time, as if you can’t reveal your true self or be comfortable in your character.


That’s really confusing for us viewers because we don’t know what to expect of you, one of the main characters who’s a normal human being in the show. (On a tangent, this could also be the writer’s way of saying that monsters/vampires are more predictable than the regular human person. But I doubt that’s happening here.) Try following the credo ‘less is more,’ similar to your costar and hoobae Ahn Jae Hyun. I’m kind of disappointed that you are the more experienced actor, but instead of setting an example or a higher bar for acting, Ahn is doing that for you. Meet his level! Stop showing just how bad you are at acting!

I’d like to extend my thanks to everyone else in the cast – particularly Ahn Jae Hyun and Ji Jin Hee – for being a strong supporting cast. I wish the music editor could be better (stop putting a ballad in inappropriate scenes!) and that the writing and directing find its groove in tone. It’s too weird and abrupt seeing the shift between Ji Sang’s hospital cases and his personal vendetta. And stop giving Ji Jin Hee more food and wine to drink – you’re making me unnecessarily hungry.

That is all. I hope you find your way, Gu Hye Sun.

Best wishes,

– Kaedejun


3 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Gu Hye Sun in Blood

  1. Totally agree and this is one of the reasons I avoid her dramas like a plague. Sometimes I wonder how actresses like her, Park Shin Hye and Shin Se Kyung are so highly overrated.

    Rewatching BOF a few years later, one can see this is her acting style since forever and at
    that moment her style did not cause conflict ’cause it was a “teenybopper” drama and the
    four guys more than made up for her lackluster performance as they were newbies also.

    I must admit she is a specialist in tantrums, but they seem forced and screechy.

  2. Well, At least you should know and understand every characters in every dramas you are watching…I don’t see any reasons why you’re criticizing the acting style of Goo Hye Sun…Well, I assume you have lack of understanding when it comes to characterization…Every one is unique…

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