Kim Woo Bin, Kang So Ra for ‘Jeju-do Gatsby’?



Looks like Kim Woo Bin may be cementing his status as hot rising star if he takes on the Hong Sisters’ drama Jeju-do Gatsby, a.k.a. Jeju Island Gatsby. And Kang So Ra looks to be back on board with finally a script and an offer on hand!

Neither have confirmed their casting (of course) but since Kang So Ra’s name has been thrown around so often, it’s likely she’s confirmed. Meanwhile for Kim Woo Bin… I think he could be a sure shot. Again, these two are pretty hot right now, and by being in a Hong Sisters drama they are just going to cement their popularity for another year or two at the very least.

Let’s just hope it’s not Big. 

The drama seems to be about a city boy who moves to Jeju Island and has to adjust to a different lifestyle there. I can now see where the ‘Gatsby’ part comes to play, as Jay Gatsby the character was also a rich boy – even if he did have a bit of a shady past. It would be interesting if the main lead pretended to have an extraordinary life back in the city to impress his new neighbors, only his leading lady would be apathetic.

The drama is set to air on MBC after Angry Mom, which comes after Kill Me Heal Me, on Wednesdays and Thursdays in May.

source: sports chosun, sports world


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