Fool’s Love: Episode 6 Recap


Something new happened in this episode: it was not narrated by Ho Goo. Instead, Kang Chul takes the reins and gives us his perspective on things, even though it doesn’t necessarily make me warm up any more towards him.

Gong Mi is stressing out in the office because she can’t book a hotel room in Jeju for Kang Chul when he attends his seminar. All the hotels have no vacancy because Kang Chul’s seminar occurs at the same time as a Bae Yong Joon fan meeting! So when she calls her picky boss asking if a condo would be a sufficient replacement for a hotel room, you can see why Ho Goo mistakes ‘condo’ for ‘condom’.

Ho Goo punches Kang Chul, and then tries to run away when the elevator doors open. Kang Chul manages to make Ho Goo fall, and the two struggle for a bit to be free of each other. Finally Ho Goo manages to get free and then throws all of his extra bungeoppang at Kang Chul. What a fight!

The following morning, Ho Kyung catches Ho Goo “going to work.” She knows for a fact that he has not been going to work as of late and that Chung Jae is ready to cut him off from the contract if he doesn’t show up anytime soon. That gets Ho Goo hustling over to the studio to find Tae Hee exhausted from dealing with a crazed Chung Jae all by himself.

Tae Hee double checks with Ho Goo that things are really over with Do Hee. He doesn’t think Ho Goo should be a “delivery shuttle” for Do Hee after years in high school as a “bread shuttle” (buying bread and other snacks for everyone else). After all, does Ho Goo even know who the father is? Tae Hee asks if it could possibly be Kang Chul, and that’s when it strikes Ho Goo: that guy he hit last night was Kang Chul! A quick look through the yearbook confirms just as much.

Meanwhile Kang Chul is having a hard time trying to place his ‘attacker.’ When Gong Mi suddenly is interested by the high school yearbook that he has on his bookcase, it finally hits Kang Chul that his attacker was Ho Goo!

We then get a glimpse of Kang Chul’s memories of Ho Goo. He knew that Ho Goo was a ‘bread shuttle,’ and couldn’t understand why a guy like him would be so happy or willing to be a slave for other people. Of course, since it’s Kang Chul he certainly has a high sense of self and would never subject himself to the whims of others, or let himself get beat up. Ho Goo on the other hand is slightly jealous of Kang Chul (though he stays far away from him in general) because Do Hee is clearly interested in Kang Chul. When Do Hee slips a four-leaf clover bookmark into a book she borrowed from Kang Chul, and he accidentally drops it, Ho Goo angrily returns it to Kang Chul with, “It’s yours. Don’t throw it away.” Ho Goo treasures, while Kang Chul discards.

So with this past, Kang Chul of the present doesn’t understand why Ho Goo would attack him out of the blue, while Ho Goo is even more pissed off that Kang Chul is as cocky as ever.

Interestingly enough, we cut to a couple of salarymen (whom I believe are also high school classmates of Ho Goo and Kang Chul’s) who are in the middle of day drinking. They too got a message from ‘X’ about spending Christmas with their family, and it’s affecting their guilty consciences differently.

Rumors are spreading rampant that ‘Athlete D’ is pregnant and/or had a child. Of course this leads to a bunch of worried calls from Do Hee’s coach trying to locate her. Do Hee ignores it all and checks out of the hospital, refusing to use insurance or a credit card (as it would connect her to her real name) to pay for her stay. She tries to divert some suspicion from the nurses by saying “Goodbye” in English, though it’s clear she’s not really from the States.

Coach So tracks Ho Goo down outside his house as he suspects Ho Goo of knowing where Do Hee is. He catches him just as Ho Goo is about to head to the hospital, and diverts him to a burger place to treat him with some food before asking where his athlete is. Ho Goo, smart boy that he is, claims that he hasn’t spoken to her in a while. Coach So launches into all his worries about how Do Hee is, saying he can’t sleep and is worried to death because he has no idea where or how she is. Ho Goo blurts out, “She’s fine!… I think.”

Hah, caught in the lie!

Ho Goo hurries off to the hospital, checking his back every so often to make sure Coach So isn’t following him. But he’s too late, as Do Hee just left the hospital with her son. He sees her across the street taking a cab and quickly gets in another one to follow her, unaware that Coach So is right behind him.

That evening, Ho Kyung heads to her date in Hamilton Hotel, which turns out to be a very generic meeting place for every first blind date for every young Korean. Gong Mi tries to warn Ho Kyung not to be late, as Kang Chul hates that, but Ho Kyung’s just playing the game. She arrives at the hotel at precisely 7 minutes past 6 o’clock, and then makes a call to Kang Chul in the waiting area of the lobby where so many other guys are sitting and waiting, wondering if Ho Kyung is his date.

Ho Kyung recognizes Kang Chul (as he’s still hot as ever) but doesn’t let on that they know each other in the past. At dinner, she gets bored out of her mind listening to him talk about work, and amuses herself by looking at all the other couples around her to see what stage of the date they’re in: first date, second date, ready to strike out? It’s funny how she likens dating to a ping pong game, and how each question is like a serve. Serve too many times (or, ask too many questions) and the other player will leave. Ho Kyung’s goal is to always win the point when Kang Chul is serving, giving him a comeback or a response that will render him speechless.

When he gives her a compliment on her looks, Ho Kyung explains how looks stimulate the hormones. What is a lawyer going to say to that? Besides, she shows that she’s clearly smart. Kang Chul then says that she’s only the second most beautiful woman he’s ever met in his life, trying to knock her down a notch, so Ho Kyung asks who it is. His mother? His first love? When Kang Chul notes that she’s too curious about her date’s past, Ho Kyung returns the winning shot: “I’m only curious about your past since you’re not my man. But if you were, I wouldn’t be interested in the past because only the present and future is important!”

Ding ding ding! And Kang Chul just found a girl he might consider going on a second date with!

All this time, Do Hee has arrived at a seedy motel to stay the night with her son for now, hiding from the rest of the world. Ho Goo manages to get himself into the motel and hears a baby crying. Tracking it to the right door, he manages to find Do Hee – and so does Coach So!

Coach So starts wailing over how Do Hee could have done this to him. He didn’t raise her this way! (Do Hee: “I was an adult when we met.”) He couldn’t eat what he wanted to eat just for her! (Do Hee: “Since when did you starve for me?”) He didn’t even buy new clothes for her sake! (Do Hee: “That coat looks new.”) Coach So demands to know who the father is, and Do Hee refuses to tell him. It’s her baby, and that’s all that matters. They can just pretend that she’s like the Virgin Mary who managed to have a kid through immaculate conception. (That explains the posters depicting her as such.)

Despite all of the Coach’s protestations, he ends up falling asleep embracing the baby on the bed. Ho Goo wants to confront Do Hee about her having a kid with Kang Chul despite the two of them having “something” between them, but he doesn’t. Reliable Ho Goo doesn’t judge out loud, merely support.

Do Hee gets some fresh air outside and is joined by Coach So, who wants to know why she kept the baby when it would be more troublesome than to get rid of it. She admits that she had a change of heart on her way to Yeosoo because of Ho Goo, and because of the mother pickpocket who stole for her child’s sake. The mother was also a single mother who didn’t have the guts to get an abortion, and so she decided to go along with the birth and give him up for adoption instead. Do Hee has decided to go along that route as well, and plans to give it up for adoption. I wonder if she’ll be able to when Ho Goo is starting to get super attached to the baby (even though the baby looks like his worst enemy).

Kang Chul drops Ho Kyung off after their date. She slyly mentions that if they don’t have a second date, she’s going to do everything she can to find out who he thinks is the most beautiful woman in the world. Kang Chul knows he’ll never tell, because the most beautiful person in his life is the person he accidentally kissed on a swing back in the day in high school…

Kang Ho Goo.


What in the what?! Okay I know I’m being purposely misled here. There is no way that Kang Chul just turned gay on me here, though if he did that would be a remarkable and welcome development. But we have to also point out that 1) Ho Goo and Ho Kyung are twins, and even though fraternal they are supposed to look alike; and 2) the person that Kang Chul kisses in his flashback is wearing a scarf that covers the lower half of his/her face. That scarf is similar to what Ho Kyung wore in high school when we saw her nearly get hit by Kang Chul’s car. So either Ho Kyung tricked Kang Chul and called herself ‘Ho Goo’ while talking to him, or Kang Chul is confusing the twins.

I mean, I don’t mind if Kang Chul is secretly a gay character. It could explain why he is such a stickler to rules and morals, and perhaps why he’s such an egocentric fellow who’s always finding himself blameless. I just don’t know how that will develop for the rest of the series though, as it makes the development between Ho Kyung and Kang Chul less interesting. If it goes that way, I feel like the series overall might falter and rely solely on Ho Goo and Do Hee. And that means, Do Hee should not give up the baby at all to keep some conflict and tension in the series going.

In any case, it is certainly interesting to hear things from Kang Chul’s point of view, even if he can be quite annoying in terms of his morals. He doesn’t hold any grudges against Ho Goo, even in the past, and despite being considered an ‘elite student’ he does not force change upon Ho Goo. He merely observes and tsks, but seems somewhat in awe of Ho Goo’s ability to be patient and serve others.

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One thought on “Fool’s Love: Episode 6 Recap

  1. The final scene was a jaw dropping moment. I had to go back and play it again to understand it fully. What the **** ?

    I was so shocked I had to Google it (hence I’m here reading your comments). It’s interesting and I think it’s actually Ho Goo’s sister who kisses him.

    Looking forward the next episode.

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