Top 7 Best Looking Villains

Top Villain Benedict Cumberbatch

Isn’t Benedict Cumberbatch so strikingly good-looking? I decided to look back and think about all those dapper looking men whose eyes have looked deep in my soul and charmed my pants off – except they’re evil as heck and should not be touched with a ten-foot pole. Note that these guys aren’t your average “second male lead who’s sole evil is stealing the main girl from the main guy.” No, these guys have crimes under their belt.

Warning – Spoilers abound! Mainly because not every villain in every K-drama is obvious from the get go. Sometimes it’s a twist, which makes it even more gut-wrenching when the actor just happens to be oh so hot. Or pretty darn good looking.

7. Choi Won Young – 3 Days


There’s not much redeemable in this drama other than Choi Won Young, who managed to be truly frightening despite playing such an affable father in Heirs previously. He has perfected the sneer, and I have to say that I did find him… captivating, to a certain degree. The amount of hate and passion that he had clearly showed, and I liked that he was evil through and through. It’s cool when the villain sticks to his guns and is just plain evil for seemingly no apparent reason. I mean, does there always have to be a rational motive to do criminal acts in every drama?

6. Uhm Ki Joon – Ghost


This was probably the first time I ever saw Uhm Ki Joon as a villain in a drama, and I have to say it was quite wonderful. He is very similar to the next guy on the list in that he manages to humanize his character just enough with his micro-expressions, but he’s still so cold-blooded enough to be willing to kill his girlfriend over a betrayal.

5. Kim Kang Woo – Story of A Man


One of the original dapper psychopaths. Kim Kang Woo was just so great in his role here. I think he was one of the best villains I had ever seen, period. I loved how he was cruel and calculating, but had a real soft spot for his younger sister. Added with his good looks, it just made it even more painful to watch him undergo a downward spiral into madness as his battle against Park Yong Ha intensifies.

4. T.O.P – IRIS


I’m a VIP. What else can I say? Give the man some eyeliner and he can rock your socks off in any scene.

3. Otani Ryohei – Hero (OCN)


A villain that just can’t be killed with the looks of Otani Ryohei. He’s such a fine, fine looking man. It’s kind of insane how Otani Ryohei doesn’t always have to talk to cut a formidable presence in a show. He’s that guy whom you can cast as a boss’ right hand man, and he will be more scary than the boss himself for the protagonist. I really enjoyed Hero, and seeing him fight off against Yang Dong Geun, whom you wouldn’t always expect to be quite a hero (insert punny laugh), was really incredible.

2. Sung Joon – Hyde, Jekyll, and I


Okay this one was a little surprising. First, I didn’t expect him to be a villain. Then, I figured out that he could be a villain but I refused to believe it. But when the odds were stacked against him and it just seemed more and more likely that he was one, I could only yell, “OH HELL NO.” Sung Joon – my baby Allen Joo from I Need Romance 3 – as a bad guy?! No. NO DON’T YOU GIVE THAT EVIL STARE! YOU BAD, BAD BOY!

1. Shin Sung Rok – Liar Game, My Love From Another Star, The King’s Face



This guy has the role of “super good looking villain” down pat. I hope he doesn’t get typecast now but he’s just so darn good at it. His smooth skin, piercing eyes, and strong jawline… not to mention the super slim and tall figure… He is so dreamy if only he didn’t try to kill people or steal people’s money or thrones.


I think he’s started up a new crop of bad guys – they’re no longer the scruffy or scarred older men of yore. These men are sharp, charming, and cute/handsome, and that makes them even more dangerous. It’s also no wonder to me that Sung Joon cut his hair short and looks quite similar to Shin Sung Rok. Even Jo In Sung sports the similar bad-boy look. (I didn’t add him to this list because his role in That Winter the Wind Blows speaks to me as a tortured bad boy than true, pure villain.)

I’m only judging based on the dramas I’ve seen, so not every criminal drama villain is going to get featured. So is there anyone else whom you’ve seen that is quite the villain but managed to steal your heart?


2 thoughts on “Top 7 Best Looking Villains

  1. Agreeing with your number 1. So much agreeing. I love how Shin Sung Rok performs his villain roles with such calculated precision. Every gesture, every glance, you just know he’s up to no good. Sometimes, he doesn’t even have to speak, and yet he can send a chill down your spine. He’s a gem amongst Korean actors of today. I’ve only started on Liar Game myself, but I loved every scene of his in My Love From Another Star.

    I think Sung Rok’s type of villainy may be akin to Cumberbatch’s type of villainy ala Khan in Star Trek: Into Darkness, and in fact, I do believe upon watching him in ‘Another Star’, he definitely reminded me of Cumberbatch’s controlled precision-villainy. There’s something about villains lately that makes them attractive despite the danger, and I feel it is part of their appeal. A sociopathic villain is charismatic, and audiences love it. We seek the danger. It’s sexier that way.

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