Fool’s Love: Episode 3 Recap


We jump back and forth in time with this episode, covering all the gaps from the end of episode 2 where Ho Goo just waited for months to hear from Do Hee, to the present when he finally sees her super pregnant.

Ho Goo is stunned that Do Hee is before him, very very pregnant. He doesn’t want to believe it, but when she admits to be coming from a hospital for a checkup on her baby, there’s no denying her current status. She gets off on the next stop, and Ho Goo garners enough courage to chase after her.

We flash into the future and see Ho Goo getting dragged away by cops, his hands and shirt covered in a bloody mess. He’s crying out that it’s so unfair, and the cops are yelling at him for committing a crime. He ends up in jail, and his father and sister come to pick him up, wailing that they can’t believe he could do something so outrageous. But what did he do exactly?

Flashback to six months prior and Ho Goo is still reminiscing over that day on the beach with the photos he took of Do Hee. Tae Hee catches him looking at those photos and realizes that the girl Ho Goo kissed was actually Do Hee. Ho Goo shuts his friend up by dragging him to a restaurant. As he apologizes for not telling Tae Hee anything, he sweetly stuffs some meat and veggies into Tae Hee’s mouth. Tae Hee can’t believe Ho Goo kept this secret – after all, they’re best friends!

Flashback to years prior, back in high school, and we find out that Tae Hee was bullied in the bathroom for being the new kid in school. Ho Goo chanced upon the act one day, and after pissing, he shakes his damp hand free of extra drops (take a guess of what), and starts pushing the bully away from Tae Hee. The bullies freak out over being touched by Ho Goo’s germ-y hands and start beating both of them up.

There’s no better bond than being beaten up together.

Now back to the day ‘six months prior,’ and as annoyed as Tae Hee is with Ho Goo, he can’t help but be proud of him. This means that Ho Goo is now on the same level as Kang Chul!

We then get a small scene with Im Seulong again… Kang Chul participates in the Polar Bear swimming festival where he jumps into the freezing cold water along with hundreds of others, and races to the finish line. Of course, perfect man that he is, he wins first place. We also get to see the egotistical side to him: when the race finishes, he takes a selfie of himself, but can’t stop shivering. A photographer offers to help him take a picture, but Kang Chul refuses to be constrained by another man’s decisions on framing. Pfft.

He takes a bunch of selfies in ridiculously awkward, but flattering I guess, positions, and posts them all on social media. What an attention hog! Some of his “fans” of sorts includes Ho Kyung’s friend, who ‘likes’ his photos just so he won’t be mad at her. Good thing Ho Kyung doesn’t fall for that ridiculousness.

Meanwhile Do Hee refuses to go back to her coach and her commercial shoot obligations. She continually snacks, hiding her growing belly behind her constant eating. A grandmother on the train recognizes her symptoms as that of a pregnant woman, even though her belly isn’t obvious. At first Do Hee denies being pregnant, but she is reassured when the grandmother says that constant eating is not a weird thing at all.

Finally it’s December, and we’re nearing the present day timeline. Ho Goo is still in a daze, living for nothing but the possible text message from Do Hee. Ho Goo’s father worries about him, and wonders if Ho Goo possibly still believes in Santa Claus! (Haha! Oh man, this father…) The mother correctly believes it’s because of that “girl,” that she could have broken his heart.

Hilariously, Ho Kyung uses her smarts about love to conduct an experiment about modern young people’s love lives. She tests her hypothesis that perhaps people nowadays have to have “something” with another person (possibly a spark or an interest) before you can decide on whether you’ll date that person. It’s a way of playing hot-and-cold with someone. She tested it on mice: the first mouse she gave it no food for three days straight and by the time she gave it a bait, it had no energy to go after it. The second mouse she gave it food three days straight, and then when she gave the bait he was so slow that he didn’t want to go after the bait. And then for the third mouse she would keep giving and taking food away, so that when the bait was presented the mouse kept chasing after it.

The teacher applauds her experiment, and wonders if it’s possible to test on humans. Ho Kyung’s already doing that – with Tae Hee, Chung Jae, and Ho Goo! Chung Jae is mouse number 3: she introduced him to a bunch of girls, all of whom he liked, but then he now can’t get in touch with them. So now he’s desperately trying to get in contact with them through Ho Kyung. Meanwhile Tae Hee is mouse number 1: Ho Kyung did not introduce him to a single girl, and he has not actively looked for a girl. Ho Goo is mouse number 2 because he is still waiting for that call from Do Hee. The glut of being with Do Hee so wholly for that one night has made Ho Goo live only for the chance of seeing her again.

Ho Kyung thinks the girl – whom she still doesn’t know is Do Hee – is no longer interested in Ho Goo, and smirks condescendingly when Ho Goo and his friends try to explain that this girl is really special and different from others. It pisses Ho Goo off so much that she actually apologizes. Snarky Ho Kyung apologizes to her big brother!

But she is also disappointed in him for still holding idealistic notions about romance. He still believes that he had a spark with Do Hee, and that even with one meeting he knew they were special. Ho Kyung doesn’t believe in that anymore, stating that a kiss can just be a kiss with no strings attached anymore. Besides, Ho Goo’s girl must definitely be a player, which makes her a different “species.” Ho Kyung calls the girl a mammal (basically, a human) and her own brother a simple squid.


We cut to Do Hee, who visits the OB-GYN for another checkup. She’s overdue, as the baby doesn’t seem ready to come out yet. Do Hee really craves for some squid dishes, of which the doctor confirms is okay for her to eat and recommends a restaurant. (It’s also funny how the doctor can see through Do Hee’s weak disguise and knows that her patient is the national champion swimmer by suggesting Do Hee go swimming to stay fit, even though Do Hee claims to not know how to swim.) It’s when Do Hee rides the train to that restaurant that she bumps into Ho Goo.

So Ho Goo runs out of the train to chase after Do Hee. He grabs the wrong girl, but just when he thinks he’s lost Do Hee forever, she appears behind him and invites him out to eat. Ho Goo awkwardly sits as Do Hee munches on squid soondae.

After six months of no contact, the first thing Do Hee says to him is if he’s going to eat anything. Ouch. Ho Goo stands up and slaps her with a piece of fried squid. Does he not understand how he feels? After months of no contact, this is how she’s going to greet him: pregnant and wondering if he wants to eat?!

Too bad for him, that’s a dream sequence.

Ho Goo does start eating, and then asks her for simple facts: when is she due? when did she marry? Do Hee lies that she married earlier this year and that everything happened so quickly because it was fate. That really hurts Ho Goo, because how can one argue against “fate” if she believes in it? Why did she have to believe that her husband was her fated one instead of him? What’s worse for him is that she never said anything to him ahead of time and that it would make no difference to the situation if he got angry or said nothing.

He pays for the snack, as a wedding gift of sorts, and chooses to hang back and watch her leave first. That way he can forget about her a little more easily. Tae Hee later finds Ho Goo sitting by the curb in shock, and Ho Goo relates everything he did with Do Hee that afternoon.

Tae Hee is shocked that Do Hee could be so rotten, and he encourages his friend to drink more. In solidarity, he claims that he knew Do Hee was bad news to begin with anyways! And they’ll be each other’s dates on Christmas day, no problem!

But first – a big problem. Ho Goo gets blacked out drunk that Tae Hee calls up Chung Jae so he can help carry Ho Goo home. When Tae Hee goes to the bathroom, Ho Goo sees the live squid in the restaurant’s tank and decides to free them. Wouldn’t these squids want to be with their own kind out in the sea? Poor squids, stuck in a tiny aquarium! He starts putting them into his bag, while a freaked-out-Tae Hee tries to get him to put it back. Chung Jae joins in, and the two friends try to control Ho Goo while they battle with the restaurant owner and some cops. One of the cops falls on a bottle of gochujang… and that explains why Ho Goo ends up looking bloodied when he gets dragged away from the restaurant.

The following morning, Ho Goo wakes up in Chung Jae’s studio with little memory of what happened. He discovers that he had managed to successfully bring home the squid he took from the restaurant, and then decided to tuck them in under the blankets next to him so he could keep them safe! Hahahahaha! 

Needless to say, Chung Jae and Tae Hee are sooooo embarrassed by him.

Ho Goo ends up bringing the squid home, pretending that he got it in bulk for cheap. His parents know that he’s still feeling dismal about Christmas so they invite him along on a trip to Donghae for some sushi for a few days. However Ho Goo declines, choosing to watch over the store instead. Sadly, this means he is given more time to wallow over his memories of Do Hee that night on the beach.

Ho Goo’s father tries to ask about the girl, but Ho Goo claims to have moved on as he thinks he was in another one-sided love again. His dad suggests that he should confront the girl about whether he was in a one-sided love or not. It’s not embarrassing to ask the girl whether something special was going on between them or not, but that it’s more embarrassing to not admit how you feel.

To Ho Goo’s luck (even though he doesn’t know it) Do Hee is thinking about him, and she still remembers the promise they made to meet on Christmas day.

Christmas rolls around, and instead of handing the book back face to face, Do Hee drops it off in the book rental bin. She barely avoids seeing Ho Goo, who comes out to clear out the bin. When he sees the comic book she had borrowed in the bin, he runs around the corner to see her crossing the street. Just in time.

Do Hee goes to the nearby swimming pool for a slow and easy swim, hoping that the baby can come out soon. She hides her identity from the caretaker of the pool, and offers to clean up and close up the pool so that she can stay a little longer past open hours.

Just then, Ho Goo finds her, and they finally have their talk.

First he returns the medal like he was supposed to on Christmas day. He gathers the courage to ask her the hard question: “You and I… what were we?” Do Hee replies that they were just friends, but Ho Goo can’t believe that she would go to the beach late at night with just a “friend,” would give things like a medal to a “friend,” or would forget to invite a “friend” to her wedding. Do Hee fires back that after they had kissed on the beach, they had both agreed not to date each other. So what was he expecting exactly? Besides, life doesn’t always work out the way you want it to.

That really riles Ho Goo up. He never once hated her for anything – even being pregnant and married – but her flippant attitude towards their relationship (whatever it was) has him calling her a bitch. He then realizes that she peed in her pants, and wonders if it’s because she got shocked at his outburst.

Nope – her water just broke.

And next thing we know, Do Hee’s being wheeled into the hospital, and she’s grabbing Ho Goo’s hair in pain from the contractions.

The baby’s coming!


Predictable ending, as we needed to find a way for Ho Goo to get permanently attached to Do Hee in some way. Of course he’ll be the one beside her when she gives birth!

A motif that runs through this episode is Ho Goo repeating, “My name is Ho Goo. Kang Ho Goo.” It’s as if he’s trying to reaffirm his identity for himself. It’s quite clear in this episode how Ho Goo is slowly losing himself because he only lives for a word from Do Hee. And his sister calls him a squid rather than a mammal, or a human. It’s as if Ho Goo doesn’t want to be defined by his relationship with just one girl, but he carries himself that way. His name also means ‘good truth’, as he explains to Tae Hee, which only emphasizes what a good and innocent person he is. It’s like he wants to live an honest life, but circumstances, like Do Hee, are trying to make him a more jaded person than he wants to be.

I found it interesting that Ho Goo is really trying to hold on to his self-worth in this episode, which makes me more appreciative of his outburst in the pool. He’s finally standing up for himself and being honest about his feelings. Choi Woo Shik does a great job in presenting Ho Goo as a quiet and meek guy, so it’s really a big win to see him yell at Do Hee for playing with his feelings.

As for Im Seulong, I don’t get why we don’t see more of him.

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