Sooyoung attends NY Fashion Week–in miniskirt


If no one is aware of New York weather right now, it is freaking cold. It’s in the low teens to single digits in Fahrenheit, and the worst part is when the wind comes and bites through your clothes to make your skin prickle. My hands without gloves will stiffen up in just one minute exposed to the cold air.

So how in the world does Sooyoung manage to walk around New York in a miniskirt!?


Okay, she’s a celebrity and only has a short distance to walk between her hotel to the car, and then heading straight down the Chelsea for the Coach Fall/Winter 2015 collection show.

sooyoung_NYFW2015_03 sooyoung_NYFW2015_04

Aren’t you shivering right now?!

Her outfit, which was all from Coach, made her look like a pink bubblegum. She stood out in the crowd for the color – but not her legs. Chinese model Shu Pei Qin and Taiwanese-Australian model (and the new Mrs. Jay ChouHannah Quinlivan were beside her to show off plenty of leg.


Look at that side-eye… does Shu Pei Qin disapprove of the pose?


Not quite sure what to make of Shu and Quinlivan’s shoes. Are you telling me that mules and chunky platform sandals are back!? Quinlivan’s outfit also makes no sense – it’s like she’s celebrating fall on top and summer on the bottom in the middle of winter!


Kudos to Sooyoung for being so brave in the cold. I would have died freezing. Still wishing I could have met her when I saw Jung Kyung Ho last year in New York…


source: dispatch


One thought on “Sooyoung attends NY Fashion Week–in miniskirt

  1. That’s exactly what i was thinking when i saw her pics! M over here freezing in my 2-3 layers of clothes and she’s wearing a miniskirt?! -_-

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