Yoo Chun, Yoo Ah In, Song Joong Ki Prep Comebacks


So the boys of Sungkyunkwan Scandal are making a comeback, starring in their own dramas this year. All three boys! On TV!

Yoo Chun is still in talks to star in the newly-renamed Sensory CoupleHong Jong Hyun is still up in the air, and it’s been rumored that Kim Ji Won (Heirs) will take on the female lead over Suzy, but she has denied all those reports. She claims that she hasn’t even reviewed a proposal for the role. I swear, that title is really turning people’s noses away… The drama is set to air in April and that will put him face to face against…

Yoo Ah In, who makes his return in May with Doctor Frankenstein. Yep – that drama that Kim Soo Hyun rejected. He’s been confirmed to star as the multiple-personality-ridden lead. No word on his leading lady, which is kind of interesting. I’m very curious who will “heal him” this time around. This drama will air on KBS after Blood. This is not the first time him and Yoo Chun have been sort of “against” each other on TV; last year the two starred in Secret Love Affair and Three Days respectively, which aired in March to May 2014.

As for Song Joong Ki, he’s set to come out of his military service in May 2015. He’s been getting a bunch of offers, but the one that he’s likely to do is Kim Eun Sook‘s drama Descendants of the Sun. Kim Eun Sook had previous written Secret Garden and Heirs, and is now writing about a U.N peacekeeper and a doctor’s romance in a different country. The drama is set to air late in 2015, so he won’t be on screen at the same time as the other two. 😦

All of them are taking quite melodramatic, angst-ridden roles that are very different from their roles in Sungkyunkwan Scandal. They’ve all really come a long way, choosing more serious roles after the comedy of Sungkyunkwan. Good for them! But I really don’t have much confidence in their upcoming projects’ success. From a drama with a really dark undertone but funny title, to another multiple-personality drama, to a straight up melodrama (of which I’m envisioning a poster not unlike Road No. 1, and for some reason I am reminded of the Angelina Jolie-Clive Owen film Beyond Borders)… what a crop of dramas!

sources: sports dongastar news



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