Hong Sisters’ New Drama: ‘Jeju-do Gatsby’


Oh boy. So, is he the Great Jeju-do Gatsby? What could this title possibly mean? Is the fact that it’s based on Jeju-do a reference to the fact that “The Great Gatsby” takes place in West Egg on Long Island? And that he could see across the bay to his lover’s home? Why must this title refer to another book!?

Okay anyways – there aren’t much details on this drama except that the Hong Sisters were originally going to write a time-traveling romance (ack! not again!) only to scrap that and stick to a straight-up romantic comedy. Of course there’s going to be some kinks, but at least hopefully it won’t be time-travel. It was originally going to feature the protagonist traveling between 1915 (with the Japanese occupation) and 2015. No flappers and jazz hands will be harmed during this drama.

The drama is set to air on MBC with Greatest Love director Park Hong Gyun at the helm in May. There are some concerns that this drama could fail (look at Big), but with the success of The Master’s Sun there’s more optimism than cynicism towards the project. Not my optimism though – I now watch Hong Sisters dramas with a wary eye and hesitance to get in too deep.

By airing in May, it will also go up against Doctor Frankenstein with Yoo Ah In. Another possibility that Doctor Frankenstein could lose in the ratings war: how could one possibly compete with the Hong Sisters?!

Book against book, who will win? The doctor or the millionaire?


source: star news, tv report


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