Hong Jong Hyun and a Title Change


The original title, Girl Who Sees Smells, is just too long and awkward to seriously call a drama. I mean, there have been worse and equally awkward titles, but this one is just… whaaa? It’s a good thing this drama is getting a title change. And, it might try to get Hong Jong Hyun as part of the cast.

Suzy was previously considered for the female lead of this drama, but has already said that she won’t, concentrating more of her efforts with her K-pop group Miss A. Meanwhile, Park Yoo Chun is still up in the running for the male protagonist, though it’s not quite sure if he will take the role just yet.

Now it’s being said that Hong Jong Hyun may step in as the villain of the drama, Seo Min Woo, a game company CEO. Again, under consideration. (Looks like no one wants to be officially attached to this project with a weird name.) Hong is no stranger to playing a villain, though it would be my first time seeing as a bona fide second male lead. In Wild Romance and Dating Agency Cyrano he was more of an ensemble cast member than an actual lead.

Within SBS, there are internal talks about what the title should be. The drama centers around a woman who survives a serial murder’s attack and develops extrasensory powers despite losing her memory surrounding the attack. You would want a title that kind of relates to that, no? Up for consideration is the title Sensory Couple. A bit better, and suggests a couple that is all about heightened senses… still strange, but okay.

The drama is set to follow Hyde, Jekyll, and I on SBS on April 1.

source: tvreport, star news, news 1



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