The Winners of 3rd Annual DramaFever Awards!


It’s really awesome that every winner of the DramaFever awards managed to send a message through video to their fans, and a lot more came in person to pick up the awards! George Hu and Arden Cho did a great job hosting, although I feel that Arden was more on point with the hosting duties than he was. That’s not to say that their jokes and overly-forced flirting was not amusing. Poor Arden, George Hu was just not up to doing the Pinocchio toast kiss!

Yuki Furukawa flew in from Japan to accept the award for Best Couple and Best Japanese Drama for Mischievous Kiss 2: Love in Tokyo. He also read a thank you letter from his costar Miki Honoka, who could not come with him to accept the award. I love that both of their acceptance speeches were heartfelt.



Nutty Nomads present the award to Yuki Furukawa, and here he is reading Miki Honoka’s letter. 

There was a really entertaining moment where Yuki came onstage and said his entire acceptance speech in Japanese. Tim Lee, the translator, did not know any Japanese and said, “Sorry man, you’re on your own.” Then Yuki replies, “That’s okay, I know English,” and proceeds to recite his entire speech in English.

Seo Kang Joon arrived in person to accept the award for Best Bromance along with Joo Sang Wook, who sent in a video thanking fans, for Sly and Single Again. At least Tim Lee was able to translate that speech from Korean to English.



Kim Jong Kook accepted the award for Best Variety Show on behalf of Running Man, saying his entire speech in English. Woo! That man looks so good in person compared to on TV.



There were more winners that evening as well, including Arden Cho’s fabulous costume changes. After starting the night with the stunning pearl-and-red gown, she changed into a slinky black dress with glittering sleeves, and then finally a black mermaid-tail gown with a striped bodice.



The Nutty Nomads were also fantastic and funny as always. They presented quite a bit of the awards, from Fan Favorite (Jo In Sung) to Best Kiss (Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin), and Best Couple (Miki Honoka and Yuki Furukawa).


Gong Hyo Jin accepts the Best Kiss award.


Lee Jung Shin wins the Rising Star award for his work in Temptation.


Mr. Popo and Feii, Youtube stars with their own shows on DramaFever’s channel presented Best Movie to Secretly, Greatly, which was accepted by Kim Soo Hyun, and Best Chinese Language Drama to Fall in Love With Me, which was accepted by Tia Li. It’s nice to see Tia Li thanking for the award when I keep thinking of her as the mean second female lead in Office Girls. And, it was really cool that Kim Soo Hyun remembered that he won for The Moon That Embraces the Sun in the first DramaFever awards, and acknowledged his past win.



Song Ji Hyo accepted the award for Best Actress and Camry Boldest Moment for her work in Emergency Couple. The drama, along with It’s Okay That’s Love, was one of the big winners of the night. Both dramas won three categories each. Choi Jin Hyuk accepted Best Drama for Emergency Couple.

And Jo In Sung won for Best Actor. I personally think that was so well-deserved since It’s Okay That’s Love was one of my favorite dramas from last year. And I think I need to start watching Emergency Couple now.





One of my favorite parts of the show was watching the reel for what’s coming up in the next few months on DramaFever. Check out the video below. Are you excited as I am for Tazza 2?!

Stay tuned for a full video recap on DramaFever of the awards!


One thought on “The Winners of 3rd Annual DramaFever Awards!

  1. It’s interesting seeing whats popular in America. I heard fall in love with me was a train wreck but fun to hate-watch (and Aaron Yan was more gorgeous than ever in it) and emergency couple seems popular both in America and Korea but I didn’t think it was that great. I’m also trying to remember lee jung shin’s role in temptation but that drama was so boring and forgettable that I am unable. It’s lovely to see all the stars sending in messages and making appearances. I would have loved to have see Kim Jong Kook in the flesh – I’m such a big fan. I thought he was fluent in english too, I guess its confirmed!

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