WATCH: 5urprise Performs at 3rd Annual DramaFever Awards!


I loved that there was a show-aspect to the awards ceremony so that it wasn’t just a cut and dry, boring presentation of awards. Last year, Magnetic North made an appearance and performed a couple of their hits for the awards show. This year, newbie K-pop group 5urprise performed two of their singles, “Hey U, Come On” and “From My Heart.” I never heard them sing before – or perhaps I heard their song but didn’t realize it was them – and was pleasantly surprised to find out that they did songs with a slower pop beat. Also, Kang Joon does not really look the same in real life from how he looks on TV. Or maybe it was just his hair.

They really are full of ‘5urprises’…

5urprise performed during the first act of the show, in between award presentations, and then kicked off the second act after intermission with their second song. I didn’t get the video of the second song because my phone was running out of battery, so here’s their official music video.

I think it was a bit cute that they had a little bit of choreography, and not much dancing. It wouldn’t really suit their songs anyway to have too much dance moves. Tae Hwan was the cutest (in my eyes), especially because of the shy little smile he gave when they started their act.





You can catch them all in the miniseries After School Lucky Or Not. Tae Hwan appears in Pride and Prejudice, and Seo Kang Joon in Roommate on DramaFever.

(Even though I was watching After School Lucky or Not Season 2 at the same time as I was watching Pride and Prejudice, my mind did not compute that the clumsy and really weird Tae Hwan was the same as the serious Kang Soo.


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