PHOTOS: The 3rd Annual DramaFever Awards Red Carpet


The 3rd Annual DramaFever Awards was such a BLAST! It was really fun seeing the stars arrive on the red carpet and then watching them live on stage. I was sitting near the back of the orchestra level so I still had a great view of the stage, and felt so close to the stars. I could have sworn Lee Tae Hwan was looking at me!

I took quite a bunch of pictures, although of course there are more at the DramaFever news website. I was impressed that the red carpet this year was REALLY a red carpet, with a long hall that allowed the stars to walk down a long wall of DramaFever and Toyota logos, and had a space for every press outlet to stand on. It was quite amazing to see this after last year, since it was a lot smaller venue then.

The awards took place in Hudson Theater in Times Square. Super fancy.

The Red Carpet

Yuki Furukawa walks down the carpet first. Handsome, cute fella who looks exactly like you see on TV.

Yuki Furukawa Red Carpet

The 5urprise guys! Lee Tae Hwan is surprisingly taller than the rest, while Seo Kang Joon looks relatively the smallest. But they’re all quite tall in general. What an adorable group.

5urprise red carpet

The boys do an interview with a press outlet.

5urprise red carpet interview

It’s Kim Jong Kook!!

Kim Jong Kook red carpet 01

So handsome…

Kim Jong Kook red carpet 03

Kim Jong Kook red carpet 02

Host Arden Cho walks the red carpet in a stunning dress with co-founder Suk Park. She walked outside from the car into the building with bare shoulders. Brave woman, withstanding the cold.

Suk Park and Arden Cho

And her co-host, George Hu!

George Hu red carpet

For more photos, check out DramaFever News!




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