‘Memories of Murder’ Gets Drama Remake


Looks like the unsolved Hwaseong murder cases is getting another look, one year later. First it was Bong Joon Ho’s classic film Memories of Murder (2003), which focused on two detectives trying to find the serial murderer. Then last Gapdong, starring Yoon Sang Hyun and Sung Dong Il, was also based on the Hwaseong murder cases but gave it a different spin, pitting the son of the main suspect and the main detective on the case against each other. And now finally, master of crime dramas Kim Eun Hee is taking a whack at it by remaking Memories of Murder.

Let me just say that I love Kim Eun Hee in general, especially when she works with her husband Jang Hang JunSign and Harvest Villa are so wonderful, and Ghost was pretty good too. But Three Days was just so dismally disappointing. I’m hoping that she does a much better job with this remake, especially since her source is already Bong Joon Ho.

The remake, Signal, is set to come out on SBS in August this year. So far only Kim Eun Hee is attached to the project, and she has said that she will make Signal very differently from the style of Memories of Murder. Which is good – it allows for her to show off her skills as a writer and try to get out of Bong Joon Ho’s shadow.

Very curious as to who will be cast in this drama, but I hope it’s a solid one. I shall wait expectantly.

source: star news


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