Kim Jung Eun Makes Drama Comeback


Hair style really makes a difference on how one looks.

Kim Jung Eun is set to make her drama comeback in 2015 with the MBC drama Make a Woman Cry. Her last drama was Oohlala Couple in 2012, and she does seem to have been keeping a low profile since then. It would be quite awesome to see Kim Jung Eun as a detective this time around.

Make A Woman Cry is about Deok In, a former homicide detective who retired after her son died. She makes a new living by opening up a small restaurant right across her son’s school to help keep the memory of her son alive. Meanwhile she also tries to protect other children from harm and forgive her son’s killers.

It’s an interesting role because it’s like she’s the neighborhood Spider(wo)man, so it suggests a drama that’s full of crime, mystery, and some action. At the same time it could be a very melodramatic role since it’s about a mother losing her son. If it were anything like God’s Gift – 14 Days, I’d be really intrigued and willing to watch it for the story. As for Kim Jung Eun, I feel she does so much better as a comedic actress than a dramatic one, so I’m a little worried about how well she can carry off this drama. But kudos to her for being the actress to carry the drama; similarly to I Am Legend, the male lead is relatively inconsequential because the drama follows the female protagonist more than anyone else.

The director is Kim Geun Hong, who’s done Gu Am Heo Jun and Queen Seon Deok. The director is Ha Chung Ok of Pure Pumpkin Flower and I Summon You Gold. I’ve only seen Queen Seon Deok, and I quite liked it for it’s stunning visuals. But one thing I noticed that happened very frequently in this drama was the repetition of story arcs: the need to raise taxes leads to a threat from Mishil leads to some kind of war or fighting, and then peace. And then taxes again. It also led to repetitive shots for scenes. But it would be a good to see him paired up with a writer who seems to focus on melodrama. Hopefully the story keeps moving forward.

Make a Woman Cry will air in April after Rosy Lovers on Saturdays and Sundays, on MBC.

source: mydaily


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