Over The Garden Wall with Something Sunshine


It’s the end of February, and Something Sunshine is back with another episode! This time hosts Ahnmin Lee and Bobby Lin talk about a Cartoon Network miniseries called Over the Garden Wall.

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Casting Rumor: Kim Soo Hyun for ‘Producers’?


The elusive Kim Soo Hyun can’t seem to pick a project yet after his winning turn in My Love From Another Star. He’s yet again “looking favorably” at a role, this time in the drama Producers (프로듀사). The clinching factor is that Producers will be written by My Love screenwriter Park Ji Eun. So is a reunion of sorts in the making?!

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Yoo Ah In Out, Lee Jin Wook In


Yoo Ah In is no longer going to be in Doctor Frankenstein, as had previously been assumed. And he’s taking that May KBS time slot with him because now the production seems to have been pushed back in favor of another ‘monster-esque’ drama, Hello Monster. And that drama will star Lee Jin Wook.

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Fool’s Love: Episode 5 Recap


This episode was good, if not uncomfortable. I have to give it kudos for not being afraid of making Kang Chul a douchebag, and while he is a funny character, he makes me feel uneasy just enough to really hate him. Hilariously though, the episode is titled ‘Let’s Use Condoms.’ That’s just too awesome.

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Liar Game (tvN): Episode 10 Recap


I’m kind of glad they wrap up the Smuggling game in this episode. They cut out a lot of things compared to the Japanese drama version, which helps it be a little tighter and more focused. It does end up being a little ridiculous and convenient towards the end though because things get confusing when there are a lot of cards at hand.

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Top 7 Best Looking Villains

Top Villain Benedict Cumberbatch

Isn’t Benedict Cumberbatch so strikingly good-looking? I decided to look back and think about all those dapper looking men whose eyes have looked deep in my soul and charmed my pants off – except they’re evil as heck and should not be touched with a ten-foot pole. Note that these guys aren’t your average “second male lead who’s sole evil is stealing the main girl from the main guy.” No, these guys have crimes under their belt.

Warning – Spoilers abound! Mainly because not every villain in every K-drama is obvious from the get go. Sometimes it’s a twist, which makes it even more gut-wrenching when the actor just happens to be oh so hot. Or pretty darn good looking.

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