Lee Byung Hun Featured in ‘Terminator 5’ Super Bowl Ad


Lee Byung Hun is pretty (in)famous for those who know about his crazy, somewhat salacious personal life. In the States, he’s nothing but the token bad guy in blockbuster action movies. Not that that is a bad thing, as he is getting so much recognition and doing so well in Hollywood compared to some of his contemporaries. In any case, his new film Terminator Genisys (and no, I’m not misspelling it) is hopefully going to catapult him into greater stardom because it’s putting out a 30-second trailer on Super Bowl.

Super Bowl is this insane Sunday where everyone stays at home starting in early afternoon and gather around a TV to watch grown men bash their heads into each others’ bodies while throwing an oddly shaped ball down a field.

Clearly, I watch this sport. Not.

It is also the one time where people don’t switch channels during commercial breaks because the commercials are just as important as the game itself. The sport attracts millions of Americans, and double that during the halftime show depending on the musical act because everyone is just watching for the music performance, the legends onstage, or a possible wardrobe malfunction. Marketers and companies are not going to let up the chance to be in front of a captive audience, even if it means that buying an ad spot can cost at least 4 million dollars. And so usually the best commercials are aired; it’s a sport in itself to watch the commercials during Super Bowl.

So it’s no surprise that Terminator Genisys is having a Super Bowl ad since the film is going to be released in July 2015. Might as well get into millions of people’s minds now if they can, since the demographic watching American football would be the same as that for the film. But it is a big win for Lee Byung Hun and his star power to be featured so heavily in the trailer. He’s the main antagonist in the show, battling against Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones) as the young Sarah Connor, Jai Courtney (Divergent) as her love interest from the future, and the aging Arnold Schwarzeneggar as the original Terminator. Lee is also playing a terminator of the model T-1000 – the kind that is made of liquid metal and can’t be destroyed by bullets and remolds himself at will. Simply put – the terminator of my nightmares.


(I’m looking at you, Robert Patrick.)


He’s looking absolutely great in the stills and the 30-second trailer that’s to be released. That’s better than his personal life, which isn’t completely as rosy. He has been in the States for a while after being involved in a blackmail scandal with GLAM’s Da Hee and model Lee Ji Yeon. The two ladies had attempted to extort money from him by threatening to reveal a video of him making lewd comments to the women while drinking. It’s wrong mainly because he was married when it happened, and it was really inappropriate to be acting that “friendly” with these women who were practically half his age. His image soured, and he basically escaped to the States, with his wife Lee Min Jung (an innocent bystander in all this) joining him later. The two ladies were recently sentenced to jail for about a year each for blackmail. This is not the first time Lee Byung Hun’s personal life has been in the news in a negative way, so personally I don’t have a very good opinion of him. Or of Lee Min Jung for marrying him.

However! The fact that he can now bring attention to his new Hollywood film is great press for him, especially since it will be the center of a lot of people’s attentions for 30 seconds on the biggest day of the football season. The Super Bowl is tomorrow on February 1, so if you’re in the States, you can check him out sometime then.

And here is a longer trailer (with more of Lee Byung Hun’s powers and the movie’s plot explained):

sources: youtube, isplus, seoul tv


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