Yeon Woo Jin Confirms ‘Divorce Lawyers In Love’


Is it bad that I think of Yeon Woo Jin as a little kid every time I see him, even though he’s 30 now? Yes, he’s thirty, and look at that face! This baby-faced actor will star opposite Jo Yeo Jung in the upcoming SBS drama Divorce Lawyers in Love.

It was only confirmed today that he will star with the Haeundae Lovers actress as So Jung Woo. In the beginning of the drama he starts off as lawyer Go Cheok Hui’s office manager. Of course, they don’t get along because then it would be too easy. A turn of events leads to them switching roles – this time Cheok Hui the office manager, and Jung Woo the lawyer. This show doesn’t seem to be breaking any leaps and bounds in terms of K-dramas, and instantly reminds me of Sly and Single Again… or any drama with this sort of karma-switcheroo.

The last thing I saw Yeon Woo Jin in was When a Man Loves, which isn’t really a great drama to judge anyone on. Nevertheless I’m sure it’ll be better for him to take on a romantic comedy opposite Jo Yeo Jung, who’s so great in this genre. Directed by Park Yong Soon (Welcome Rain to My Life, 49 Days) and written by the untested, new scriptwriter Kim Ah Jung, it’s likely this drama will play it safe. Or, it should play it safe. I hope that despite all the court cases this drama does not lose sight of its story about two cynical divorce lawyers falling in love.

Divorce Lawyers in Love will air on Saturdays and Sundays after The Family is Coming on March 14, 2015.

source: star news


4 thoughts on “Yeon Woo Jin Confirms ‘Divorce Lawyers In Love’

  1. I loved, loved, loved, him in Marriage Not Dating. He was so funny and so heartfelt and able to do both, which some people cannot do. I think that might have been my favorite couple of 2014. I am now excited about this show, but I will probably skip the beginning (read recaps) before the switch. I often end up hating the mean person so much that I cannot buy the switch part when I am supposed to like them later. I am not a forgiving soul.

  2. You have got to catch Marriage, Not Dating before watching him here because he’s fantastic in it, as is his leading lady. When a Man Loves was a hot mess and he was an antagonist so not too many of us enjoyed his role (I’ve loved him since forever anyway). His comedic timing is impeccable and he is a wonderful pouter. Very few actors can act with their eyes and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how he excels at comedy. I’m so happy he’ll be on screen again. Enjoy this video if you can watch it:

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