Something Sunshine – A New Podcast about Something


So not sure if anyone knows what my real job is. Gasp, you don’t watch K-dramas all day?! I watch quite a fair amount of K-dramas, but I’m also an editor. Video editor, podcast editor, my family’s personal movie editor… And I’m really happy to say that I’m part of this new podcast team called Something Sunshine headed up by my friends Ahnmin Lee and Bobby Lin.

Yay podcasts!

‘Something Sunshine’ is a place where Ahnmin and Bobby wax poetic on a whole lot of random stuff – from their first love movies, to their second love TV shows, to music and video games. (I don’t know where those rank for both of them.) Anyways, their first podcast is up as they give a review on the best of 2014 in movies, video games, music, and TV shows. Every new episode – which would come out each month – would talk about a different topic.

I’ve proposed a topic on the merits of different types of french fries. Crinkle Cut > Steak Fries. Like Shake Shack’s.


So some questions:

1. How are you involved?

I edited their first episode, and hopefully will be the main editor for all future episodes.

2. Are you paid for this kind of work? 

Yes – through WAFFLES. And I mean good waffles. None of the Eggo stuff. I mean, Bobby’s gourmet waffles. This month it’ll be green tea waffles with red bean.

3. Was it good?

I don’t know! The only way I’ll know is if this podcast hits 100 listens. Once it does, Bobby will make his waffles! (FYI – he’s paying a bunch of us with these waffles, so if you listen, you pay all of us!)

4. How can I help?

Check out their podcast and give it a listen! Granted, it’s not about K-dramas or any Asian dramas, but it’s still an interesting listen for the entertainment sphere outside the Korean-entertainment-world. Most of the films they watched were also nominated for the Golden Globes and/or the Academy Awards, which means these are really good, solid films.

So again – give it a listen here, and stay tuned for the next episode in February!





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