Jung Gyu Woon Joins ‘Real Men’


And a real man he is! Looks like Birth of a Beauty star, and my favorite boy-toy, Jung Gyu Woon is going to take part in the reality show Real Men. He’s already part of another variety show called Eco Village, where celebrities build houses for those in need. Guess he just needs another place to show off those muscles!

Real Men has undergone some cast changes since its inception. Original members Seo Kyung Suk, Kim Soo Ro, and Sam Hammington have left the show back in December, with their last episode only airing last week. So casting is also underway to fill out more members. Aside from Jung, it’s looking quite definite that comedian and variety-show-fixture Sam Otswiri is joining the cast, as well as Han Sang Jin (also recently of Birth of a Beauty) as another possibility.

Right now Real Men with the ladies just aired, and features Kim Ji Young (Everybody Kimchi), TV announcer Lee Ji Ae, Park Ha Sun (Temptation, Three Days), Lee Da Hee (I Hear Your Voice), Kang Ye Won (Doctor Stranger), comedian Ahn Young Mi, APink’s Yoon Bo Mi, and f(x)’s Amber. 

source: star news


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