Kim Ji Hoon, Chae Jung Ahn Take on Blind Dates


Variety shows about stars living together is so 2014Now it’s about stars dating each other! Looks like Kim Ji Hoon (Flower Boy Next Door) is joining the cast for a new variety show about 30-40-something-year-old celebrities going on blind dates. I think the title is a mix of Kong-lish, and could roughly translate as Some Guys, Some Girls (썸남썸녀). Make what you will of the title, still sounds like an interesting premise.

Under the eye of Jang Suk Jin, who was the producer behind Roommate, about 10 celebrities – 5 men and 5 women – will be going on blind dates. I am assuming with each other. Aside from Kim Ji Hoon, it looks like Kim Ki Bang (My Lovable Girl), Han Jung Soo (Blade Man), Narsha from Brown Eyed Girls, singer Chae Yeon, Sun Woo Sun (A Hundred Year Inheritance), Kim Jung Nan (The Woman Who Married Three Times), and Chae Jung Ahn (The Prime Minister and I) are also part of the cast.


Shooting is to commence as the cast fills out. The two-part special variety show aims to broadcast on SBS during the Lunar New Year, which is on February 19 this year. It would be very interesting to see who hits off with whom. Could I predict that perhaps Kim Ki Bang will win over Narsha while Han Jung Soo sweeps Chae Jung Ahn off her feet? And then perhaps Kim Ji Hoon can take on Chae Yeon for himself?!

sources: the fact, mydaily


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