‘Blood’ Releases Teasers and Stills


With Blood gearing up for a premiere on February 16, it’s no wonder there’s a bunch of stills and teasers released already for its main characters, played by Gu Hye Sun, Ahn Jae Hyun, and Ji Jin Hee. The teasers have a flair that is very reminiscent of Vampire Prosecutor, and if it follows a similar tone then I’m all down for it. I don’t mind copycats – as long as they do it well.


Ji Jin Hee is set to play Lee Jae Wook, a hospital director who ends up being the villain in this drama. And oh my goodness – Ji Jin Hee looks fatalistically sexy in his dark turtleneck and wool blazer. Oh my God, could he be the next Shin Sung Rok for 2015, who made the villains look devilishly handsome in suits?


And then we get Ahn Jae Hyun, who plays the vampire doctor in question Park Ji Sang. As a surgeon treating terminally ill patients, he’s constantly conflicted between his urges and his morals. Ahn Jae Hyun looks pretty bad-ass in the teaser, even without very visible guyliner like Yeon Jung Hoon had. But once he puts on the white doctor’s coat he looks like a little kid playing grown-up. Ahn and Gu Hye Sun headed to Romania late last year to shoot a few key location scenes. I’d venture a guess that we’d see flashbacks or an origin story for Ahn Jae Hyun there.


Gu Hye Sun plays Rita Yoo, a medical specialist who is the successor to the hospital. At least she can pull off the doctor’s coat and look professional. I’m hoping she is a character with more agency as her stills indicate, than a helpless female lead as the trailer makes her seem to be.

Blood follows Healer on KBS.


sources: edaily, osen, newdaily, youtube



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