MBC Gets Hong Sisters’ New Drama


The Hong Sisters are back! They’re gearing up for a new romantic comedy on MBC, which marks their return after four years to this broadcaster since Greatest Love. As I look at their past work, it’s funny how their work generally follows the pattern of going from KBS to SBS to MBC, and then repeat. Anyways, with their successes it’s no wonder every broadcaster would want a slice of the Hong Sisters pie.

The sisters will be reuniting with director Park Hong Gyun, who did Greatest Love with them four years ago. Rumors had it that Kang So Ra (Doctor Stranger) would be cast, but she refuted the casting news by stating that she wasn’t even contacted or received a synopsis.


Welp, there goes the possibility for this rising star.

It’s quite difficult to even know what the drama will be about, considering that the synopsis hasn’t even been revealed yet. In any case, the Hong Sisters’ dramas have been known to shoot their leading stars into greater popularity, so the mere talk of a drama even being produced has already got everyone trying to get in on it – from rookies vying for small parts to top stars hoping to get cast.

Their new drama is slated to air sometime in the middle of this year – possibly by June 2015. I used to be a big fan of the Hong Sisters, but now I am just willing to give them a chance and check it out for a few episodes. As long as their next drama is not scary like The Master’s Sun (can’t take ghosts – nope, nope) or as horrendous as Big.

sources: tvreportmydaily


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